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Dear FDA,
I am writing to express my c
genetically engineered (GE)
policies be changed, and to
docket # OOP-1211/CPI, sp
All GE foods should beJ~&&l!$ I a6 informed -U-m A_-’

and have a choice. GE Food Moratorium

GE foods should not be assumedto be ?eeneral
l _ . . =, C_,P&i@on
. recognized as safe” and shoulrfh&&&d& -I~~~j-_4,i”-~ons”mers
pre-market safety testing. / -1 LI “l ~;ar‘rr
There should be a moratorium on GE foods and 9
Assoc iation *
crops until long term studies show they are safe 6114 Hwy 6-1
for human health and the environment. Little Marais, MN 55614
Additional Personal Comments: ?\ eocsc. g--rJ3.& Gc 5aod.J
Con O*\L-\ ;*a 0~~ P-YkT
OCc,C&Wc. C

City, SVdlC. Zip

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