1. Name of the Candidate And Address (in Block Letters) Dr. RADHA KRISHNA SHETTY K POST GRADUATE STUDENT IN M.D. ANATOMY VIMS, BELLARY. Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences Bellary. Medical, M.D. ANATOMY 18.06.2007

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Title of Topic : “A STUDY OF CORONARY ARTERIES AND ITS BRANCHES NORMAL ANATOMY AND VARIATIONS IN 50 CADAVERIC HUMAN HEARTS” BRIEF RESUME OF THE INTENDED WORK: 6.1 Need for the study: The coronary arteries have some features which distinguish them from the medium sized arteries, both in health and diseases. The Coronary arteries may present several anomalies in terms of both number and position. An anomalous origin and proximal course of the coronary arteries may be associated with myocardial infarction and sudden death. Thus the knowledge of normal and variant anatomy of coronay circulation is an increasingly vital component in the management of congenital and acquired heart diseases. Many congenital, inflammatory, metabolic and degenerative diseases may involve the coronary circulation. Increasingly complex cardiac surgical repairs demand the understanding the basic anatomy to improve the operative outcomes. The recent introduction of selective coronary arteriography provides an accurate localization of the anatomical variations and underlying pathology. The advance made in coronary arterial bypass surgeries and modern methods of mycordial revascularisation demands thorough, sound and complex knowledge of the normal and variant anatomy of coronary artery and circulation. With this aim the coronary arteries are studied with reference to the branching patterns and variations.

Righ coronary artery is the dominant artery in majority of the cases. Left coronary arises from left posterior aortic sinus. 2. For atrioventicular node it is 90% and 10% respectively. Last updated June 20th 2006. M.2 Review of literature: 1.N. Inderbir Sigh (2002) stated that right coronary is the dominant artery in 85% of the cases. 12. More than 62% of left atria are largely supplied by the left and about 27% by the right coronary artery. Henry Hollinshead (1956) described right coronary artery is that which arises from right anterior aortic sinus. the visceral pericardium and the roots of the ascending aorta and pulmonary trunk.3 Objectives of the study To study the normal anatomy & variations of coronary arteries & their branches by Gross Anatomical Study. K.6. eMedicine – Isolated coronary artery anamolies: Article by Jamshid Shirani. Rene Favaloro and Dudley Johnson (1968) performed 1st coronary bypass surgery and created further interest in coronary anatomy. Anat.D. Normal and anomalous coronary arteries : Definition and classification. 11. Anat. W. 9. 10. 5. 4. According to him right coronary artery is the dominant artery in majority of the cases. 8(1): 39-53: 2004. 7. A study on principal branches of coronary arteries in humans.. 3. Coronary artery dominance – Anatomica Karnataka. Venkateshu. Sahana (1962) described coronary arteries are those which supply the musculature of the heart. According to James (1961) Right and left coronary arteries supply the sino-atrial node in 55% and 45% respectively. Peter L Williams (1995) described right coronary artery as that which arises from anterior aortic sinus and left coronary artery as that which arises from the posterior aortic sinus. American Heart Journal (1989) Paolo Angelini. 8. Edward Jenner (1799) established the understanding of the relationship of coronary artery obstructive disease to angina pectoris and mycordial ischaemia. 6. From Hutchison’s results (1978) it is apparent that is over 50% of the right atrium is supplied only by the right coronary. Soc. . Houston : Teras. Right coronary artery is the dominant artery. 1. M. 13. 2. 6. J. Eur. FAC …. 11% being supplied by the both. S. the rest receiving a dual supply. J. Of India 52(2) 137-140 (2003) Kalpana R Department of Anatomy. by Dr. J Reig Villallonga Anatomical variations in the coronary arteries.D.V. Less prevalent variations: coronary anomalies.

Ethical clearance has been obtained fro I. Cardiovascular system in Gray’s Anatomy. of VIMS.no. Cardiac Surgery 2nd Edn. 6. Div. describe briefly. 5. Hoeber Med. India 52(2): 137-140: Kalpana R 2003. Bellary and (10) from the dissected cadavers in Anatomy Department . 7. 11th Edn. 7. dissected & taken out.E. 7. 38th edn.2 Method of collection After opening the thorax in the postmortem bodies (age and sex noted) in the department of Forensic Medicine.1 Source of data For the prospective study of two years duration from Jan 2008 to Dec 2009. Prian G.Anat. A. 3. The organ collected will not be used for any other purpose except for my study. After cleaning. 4. MATERIALS AND METHODS 7.3? Yes. Anatomy of Coronary Arteries. A study on Principle branches of coronary arteries in human J.68-73. . Harper & & Row Newyork (1961). VIMS.K. the pericardial sac is opened to expose the heart. Bellary.. Later on specimens are studied by dissection method. (40) specimens shall be brought from the unclaimed post mortem bodies in the Department of Forensic Medicine. Principles of Anatomy & Physiology.3 Does the study require any investigation and intervention to be conducted on patients or other humans or animal? If so. 7. No. Tortora. VIMS.N.. Barrawt Boy’s. John W.. 1st Edn. (Georgio Gabella) London 1995: Churchill Livingstone p. Derrickson. Datta.4 Has ethical clearance been obtained from the Institution in case of 7.1505-1510 2. Human Anatomy (Thorax and Abdomen): Arterial Supply of Heart: p. Sudden death due to coronary artery anomalies: A case report & clinical review: Forensic science 39(1): 246-256. Soc. the specimens are kept in 10% formalin. James T. The heart with proximal part of great vessels is identified. VIMS. 1993. Bellary.no.7. LIST OF REFERENCES: 1. 8.C. Kirlin. Utmost care will be taken to treat the cadavers with due to respect human body. Bellary.

1. PROFESSOR & HOD Department of Anatomy .6 Signature 12 12.1 Remarks of the Chairman & Principal 12. 11. Bellary 11.4 Signature 11.2 Signature DR. VIMS.2 Signature . VIMS. Guide 11. Name & Designation of (in block letters) 11. Remarks of the Guide 3.1. PROFESSOR & HOD Department of Anatomy. Bellary. Signature of Candidate 2.5 Head of Department DR.3 Co-guide (if any) 11. RAMAIAH. RAMAIAH.

RADHA KRISHNA SHETTY K POST GRADUATE STUDENT IN M. The Principal. . PROFESSOR & HOD Department of Anatomy.D. Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences. RAMAIAH. VIMS. Dr. Yours faithfully. Bellary. To. Subject: Acceptance.” Under the guidance of Dr. RADHA KRISHNA SHETTY K Signature of the Guide DR. Bellary. I request you to kindly forward the synopsis in the prescribed form to the university for approval. In accordance with the above cited subject. Department of Anatomy. Registration and forwarding of dissertation topic reg. Thanking you. THROUGH PROPER CHANNEL Respected Sir. Bellary. ANATOMY VIMS. Professor & HOD. Anatomy has been allotted the dissertation topic “A STUDY OF CORONARY ARTERIES AND ITS BRANCHES NORMAL ANATOMY AND VARIATIONS IN 50 CADAVERIC HUMAN HEARTS. RAMAIAH.. I undersigned studying Post Graduate course in M. BELLARY.Place: Bellary Date: From. VIMS. Dr.D.

Dept. RAMAIAH.D. DR. Thanking you. PROFESSOR & HOD Department of Anatomy. Bellary. Bangalore. K Post Graduate Student in M. & Head of the Department. The Professor. The Registrar. Department of Anatomy.D. Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. THROUGH PROPER CHANNEL Respected Sir.” DR. Bellary. Bellary. PROFESSOR & HOD Department of Anatomy. VIMS. VIMS. Therefore. RAMAIAH. I kindly request you to communicate the acceptance of this synopsis allotted to the PG student at an early date. Bellary.Place: Bellary Date: From. NAME TOPIC GUIDE Dr. Anatomy has been allotted the dissertation topic as follows by the Official Registration Committee of all qualified and eligible guides of the department of Anatomy. . To. RADHAKRISHNA SHETTY. Yours faithfully. “A STUDY OF CORONARY ARTERIES AND ITS BRANCHES NORMAL ANATOMY AND VARIATIONS IN 50 CADAVERIC HUMAN HEARTS. the following Post Graduate in M. of Anatomy. As per the regulations of the University for registration of Dissertation topic. VIMS. VIMS.

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