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Jackie Pace @jkpacer
Event Planner. Customizing Events For Small Businesses. (expose, brand or launch a product, artist or service) # entertainment # fashion # eventprofs

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Ivy @IvyNz
Never be afraid to live as there are so many chances @ life xXx # eventprofs

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Seventy EMG @SeventyEMG
The 70 Event Media Group is India's leading luxury specila events, experential branding and sponsorship management Agency. # EVENTPROFS

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Paige Buck @paigembuck
Paige Buck is a partner at Kennedy Events | # eventprofs event pro | Friend of Noe Valley | runner | pit bull lover | home foodie | aspiring minimalist

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Sanjay G D Dhrona @SDrona
Event professional with EMEA, USA and AU experience. Currently working with and EU Law Firm # eventprofs

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Melissa Jones @mljevent
Event Pilot. Giving Events: management | fundraisers | sustainability # eventprofs # givingevents # silverspringgirl http://pinterest.com/mljevent/

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Kisha - Royalti Inc. @kiroyalti
Royalti Inc. the premier party and event planning company. www.facebook.com/royaltiinc # TeamAries # TeamCeltics # EventProfs # RoyaltiInc

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Jeffrey Soh @jeffrey_bangkok
# eventprofs Provide # event suppor, event mgt, event production # Thailand and # Malaysia. Political Activist interest in tech, adventure travel, tech gadget and news

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Keya @RedPhoenixRise
# Non-profit Event Planner, Foodie @ihavefoodenvy, # naturalHair # Eventprofs

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Peter Bestebreurtje @digibest
# propulses crowds into communities hands central comms channel expo lead exchange measures engagement on events and m.i.c.e # pokenaut # mechanic # eventprofs

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