Islamic Ethical Philosophy

GROUP 3 Mohamad Aiman bin Abdul Manap Hannan bt Jamaludin Nor Eliyana bt Che Mohd Fauzi Nur Awanis bt Mohamad Ali Nur Dina Khatijah bt Embong

• How.Q: 17 Jan 2004 • Discuss the four elements in the Nature of Man. when the animal forces are instigated by the Shaytaniyya. they revolt against the aql and the human self falls to the level of the animal? • To illustrate your answer use cases dealing with unethical business activities. .

According to al-Ghazali… .



Sage Shaytan Dog Pig .

Sage • Intellect (al-‘aql) • Repel the craftiness and cunning of the devil • Revealing devil’s deception through its piercing insight and radiant and clear light • Break the greed of pig by making the dog as its master. .

Pig • • • • • Appetite (al-shahwah) Greed Covetousness Avidity .

Dog • • • • Anger Voracious Hostility Mordacity .

.Shaytan • Devil • Stirs up the appetite of the pig and the wrath of the wild beast • seduces one by the other • presents to them in a favourable light.

Chan Govt Officer : Shaytan  pig Fifi : sage Boss : Shaytan  pig + dog Chan : shaytan  sage .Case: Mr.

Case : Recep Saleh Recep : Pig + Dog Abdallah : Sage Board members: Pig Govt. officer : Sage  Pig .

Thank you  .The end.