➢ Who are the health personnel in the health center?

Dr. Richard A. Dolleton (Medical Officer – V)

Dr. Almaver T. Delos Santos (Dentist)

Alaner C. Gutierrez (Dental Aide)

Francisco A. Mendoza Sr. (Sanitary Inspector – I) Erlindan M. Roxas (Public Health Nurse – V)
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Rachel R. Macatunggal (Nurse – II) Iniceria S. De Mesa (Midwife – V) Ma. Theresa A. Ilagan (Midwife – IV) Mary Jane M. Bernabe (Midwife – II) Maria Rose B. Maga (Midwife – I) Maria Theresa B. Casalla (Midwife – I) Gloria H. Rongavilla (Utility Work II) Catalina B. Bulos (Utility Worker I-B) Marilyn C. Acabado (Administrative Aide – IV) Teodoro M. Vontado (Administrative Assistant – I)
Librada P. Pagsisihan (Barangay Health Aide)

Merlinda M. Protacio (Medical Technologist – III)

Amelita E. Terazon (Nutritionist-Dietitian I)

➢ Majority of your clientele. What age group do they belong? They come from all ages, from newborns, teens, adults and elderly patients. Both female and male.

➢ What are the top leading diseases in the community? 1. Cough/Colds 2. Diarrhea 3. Pulmonary Tuberculosis 4. Tuberculosis 5. Measles, Diabetes, Hypertension (Rare) ➢ Causes 1. Unsanitation 2. Pollution

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