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A Critical Review

A Critical Review

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Published by: yusuf hidayat on Nov 11, 2012
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Submitted to Fulfill an Assignment of Critical Thinking Lesson Lectured by Ahmad Sofwan, Ph.D

By: YUSUF HIDAYAT NIM: 2003512120


The text was aimed at reporting better schools for better education. education minister. Besides better teachers. In this case. and better education needs better teachers.INTRODUCTION The text entitled “For Better Schools Focus on Teachers”. To gain better teachers. the government’s control to its policy . SUMMARY Regarding to the text. Better teachers are not only a single aspect that is able to make better education in Indonesia. the writer would like to discuss that education will determine the nation’s future. The good education needs better teachers. Indonesia needs better teachers. I would like to give some criticisms that the text still consists of some weakness points. the education minister’s policy has appropriated to be implemented in Indonesia. the government represented by education minister conducted test for teachers across Indonesia to measure their competency to determine whether they are fit enough to continue their job or not. Although this statement arises much debate. has the hypothesis that education will determine the nation’s future. Through this program. first of all the text does not mention the other aspect that support better schools besides better teachers. With this budget. As the reader. It means that the writer wants to explain from the general idea. the writer wrote the text with deductive organization method. it makes the government endorsed to allocate 20 percent of its budget to education. all teachers across the country sit for competency test to determine whether they are fit enough to continue their job or not. it normally has positive and negative point of view. Mohammad Nuh allocates 20 percent of the government’s budget to education. CRITIQUE With regard to the text being discussed entitled “For Better Schools Focus on Teachers”. If Indonesia needs a better education. then followed by the specific ideas to support the general idea as the main idea of the text. Referring to the text being discussed.

This fund also aimed to motivate teachers to be more active. the text also has positive point to discuss that the government has allocated 20 percent of its budget to fund education. CONCLUSION In conclusion. and discipline in implementing their duty. the reader recommends that the writer should also explain the weakness of government’s control in monitoring teachers’ work in their field after they get certification fund. besides the extra salary provided by the government. entitled: For Better Schools Focus on Teachers. In addition. curriculum. good parents and conducive environment are also imperative aspects to make education success in Indonesia. REFERENCES Article Workshop 3.is also important thing to support teachers to be the competence ones. In this case. to have better schools. Reader Response. the government needs better teachers. On the contrary. While to have better teachers the government needs a fit and proper test to measure teachers’ competency whether they are able to continue their job or not. . particularly giving certification fund to teachers who has competency. innovative.

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