Miss Pinkie (she dropped the title Mrs from her name ages ago) lay on the sofa and said take me if you want spank me if you will and he stood looking at her a glass of scotch in his hand the music of Mahler’s symphony number 4 coming through the door from an outer room she lay butt naked her amble flesh spread out her hands resting on her breasts who’s the orchestra on the Mahler piece? he asked can’t remember she said shifting slightly her blue eyes searching him

aren’t you going to oblige? she said he drank back the scotch and put the glass down on the small coffee table can I sit first? sure she said and sat up and moved over to allow him room beside her he gazed at her at her dyed blonde hair at her eyes deep like oceans of blueness knowing she had 19 years upward on him and all she wanted was a few hours of talk and laughter and a leisurely screw one of the old guys died at the home today he said out of the blue oh which one?

she asked the one who sat in his room each day and looked out the window and said next to nothing oh him she said think he was broken hearted she added he took in the beauty spot on her cheek like Marilyn used to have years ago so how about it? she asked are you ready for it? the Mahler piece softened some moving movement well? she said placing a hand on his thigh maybe you could put on Brahms for a change he said

sensing her hands move upwards maybe she said softly if you’re a good boy the lights were low the lights from the street added a different shade of glow ok he said and her hands moved and did their work and so did his bit by bit time over time the music playing on in the background that and flesh slapping and the sofa squeaking was the symphony of a sexual sound.

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