function [mag, phase] = bode_d(num, den, W, delay) % [mag, phase] = bode_d(num, den, W, delay) % % A poor man

's bode for use on computers without the Control Systems % Toolbox. This version of bode can also add a system delay, which the % MATLAB version cannot. The inputs are the same as for the MATLAB % version of bode except 'num' and 'den' must be coefficients of % decreasing powers of 's' and the 'delay' value adds a system delay in % seconds. % % Anil Aswani: 12-4-04 % regards to Prof. Grizzle for the plotting commands num_power = fliplr(0:(length(num) - 1)); den_power = fliplr(0:(length(den) - 1)); num_W = repmat((j*W), length(num), 1).^repmat(num_power', 1, length(W)); den_W = repmat((j*W), length(den), 1).^repmat(den_power', 1, length(W)); G_num = num*num_W; G_den = den*den_W; G = G_num./G_den; mag = abs(G); phase = (unwrap(angle(G)) - delay*W)*180/pi; subplot(2,1,1); h=semilogx(W,20*log10(mag)); ylabel('Magnitude (dB)'); grid on; set(h,'LineWidth',2); subplot(2,1,2); h=semilogx(W,phase); xlabel('Frequency (rad/sec)'); ylabel('Phase (deg)'); grid on; set(h,'LineWidth',2);

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