Name Risk Assessment No.

1 2 3 4 5 Hazard Tripping Being robbed on street scenes Sharp objects Illness Broken bones Existing Control Measure All cables to microphones will be clipped into the stand to prevent frayed wires causing accidents. When filming there will be a number of people around and if a person is to walk by when we are filming we stop so are prepared to stop anything if needed. Any sharp objects are unlikely to be a hazard near the artist as they wont be put into any harm. Medication although if the artist is ill during filming then it cant be helped and will focus on shots that do not need the artist in them If during some of the scenes the artist was to fall and break anything then the appropriate people would be informed (although the scenes that this could involve are at the artists home and therefore parents are on hand) Risk Rating Moderate Low Low Moderate Low

Risk rating: High: Current controls totally inadequate with serious consequences, death(s), serious injury, long term illness, health. Or there is a very high probability of the hazard occurring. Medium: Current controls still poor but consequences less serious: Minor injury, short term ill health with no lasting effects. Low: Current controls are adequate to minimise the risk so far as reasonably practicable.

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