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The Individual Good, Autonomy, and Individual Ethics

A Tract Book Essay


Anthony J. Fejfar, J.D., Esq., Coif

© Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar

Plato argued that the end of man, both as an individual and as a

society, was the Good. Aristotle, on the other hand argued for the Common

Good as did Thomas Aquinas. In the Treatise on Law, in the Summa

Theologica, Thomas Aquinas argued that the end of law is the common

good. I argue that Plato was right and that the end of law is the Good.

The problem, is, however, that some people tend to conflate the Good

with the Common Good. For those using conventional morality, the only

Good is the Common Good. So, to clarify, I argue that the Good is an

Individual Good. The Individual Good starts with you (or me) the

individual person and works outward from there. The Greatest Good is my

Rational Self Interest. The second Greatest Good is my Autonomy. The

third Greatest Good is my use of the ethics of the Ethical Matrix.

Now it may appear that in choosing the Individual Good that I am

being egoistic and selfish. This, however, is not the case. The Self, of my

Rational Self Interest, is, the True me, The True Tony, and, at the same time,

the Holy Spirit in me. This is a type of Spirit Mysticism. My True Self is

totally and completely me and totally and completely God, at the same time.

So, for John Doe, for example, his True Self is the True John, in him, and at

the same time, the Holy Spirit, in him.

The Common Good, on the other hand, can only be pursued with

caution. Unfortunately, the Common Good is typically interpreted as a

matter of Conventional Morality, based upon inauthentic authority, not upon

some type of metaphysical Good.

Autonomy is similar to Rational Self Interest. Literally, Autonomy

means to be Self Directed. Once again the True Self of Autonomous Self

Direction is both simultaneously the True me, and the Holy Spirit. In this

sense I can be Selfish and ethical but not selfish and ethical.

This leads to the final notion, ethics over conventional morality.

I argue that morality must give way to individual ethics. The ethical

principles of Reciprocity, Utility, Proportionality, and Equity found in the

Ethical Matrix should control.