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101 Amazing Ways to Say I Love You!

101 Amazing Ways to Say I Love You!

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Published by godlev
Great book helping you to say i love you...
Great book helping you to say i love you...

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Published by: godlev on Jan 24, 2009
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Spontaneity is something that’s not really celebrated in this world anymore.
But love really isn’t meant to be planned out in detail. To help bring the love
and excitement back into your relationship, you need to do something wild
and crazy every once in a while.

Like getting lost with them.

All you need is a day or two as well as a car with a full tank of gas. Head in
the opposite direction of your home; just drive until you come upon a new
city or a new place that you’ve never been before.

• Take pictures.

• Try local restaurants.

• Hike in the local parks.

• Buy small trinkets.

101 Amazing Ways To Say I Love You!

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• Talk to the locals.

When you feel like you’ve seen enough of one town, move onto another one
and another one until you want to go home or you find a cheap little hotel to
spend the night at.

You can bring a map with you of course, but the point is to try new things
together and have an adventure.

Don’t have a plan – just head out the door.

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