Presenting in English

Stating your purpose This morning I’m going to be ...... I’d like to So, I’ll begin with ..... And then I’ll go in to .......

Effective openings a problem to think about amazing facts a story or personal anecdote

I’m afraid it just isn’t good enough. The entire system needs rotating. There’s absolutely no chance at all of us going into profit in the first two years.

Typical emphatic expression patterns completely agree firmly oppose strongly recommend freely admit deeply regret sincerely hope utterly refuse readily accept honestly believe fully appreciate

Dramatic contrasts
Simple oppositions bad - good past – present rock - shifting sand

Parallel constructions. Repetitions.
For us in Latvia... We in Latvia... Hope. Hope for a better future It’s worth every effort to support it, to maintain it, to stand for it and to fight for it.

The new system is The new system is efficient and FAST FAST

The new system is foolproof, efficient and


The new system is economical, foolproof, efficient and FAST

Government of the people by the people, for the people. I came, I saw, I conquered.

Tell me and I forget show me and I remember involve me and I understand.

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