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Sonia and You and the Promise

Sonia and You and the Promise

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Published by Terry Collett

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Published by: Terry Collett on Nov 12, 2012
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Sonia closed the door behind her and leaned against it you go out with me? she asked her Polish/English grated on your ears look I can’t I have other things to do you said running a hand to smooth Mr Dubbin’s bed she looked around the room and said what if someone come in and see you here with me? what if they think you been having me?

but it wouldn’t be true you said standing up and moving away from the bed you know that and I know it but others they do not she said her voice crisp and cool what if I undo my uniform and show my breasts and say you did it? you blushed at the thought look just leave me be you said she stood firm against the door her hands on the lapels of her uniform

you could say yes she said you could take me out to cinema and then it would be good huh? you watched as she undid one button at a time you watched her fingers undo each button with deliberate slowness if I say yes you’ll stop this folly? you asked if you mean it I will walk from the door and we can leave and I do up the buttons before others see she stared at you

her pale blue eyes on you her lips parted just so you could see her small white teeth where do you want to go? you asked cinema is good she said in the dark we can kiss yes? the buttons were undone to reveal her compacted tits ok ok you said the cinema it is promise? she said coolly you make promise and keep? yes I make promise and keep you repeated she began to do up the buttons

her eyes looking at you and she smiled and said good boy we have fun no? you breathed out the held in breath sweat dampened the back of your shirt and trouser legs but if you do not show up she said brushing her uniform I’ll say you make love to me on this Mr Dubbin’s bed and I make bed look all untidy and they believe me yes? I’ll be there trust me you said

just let me go I need to get the other beds made before lunch she moved aside and opened the door her perfume filtering your nose off you go she said and be good you went off to make the beds and show up that night as she knew you would.

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