Descartes criticism Descartes doesn’t doubt public language. He presumes there is a public language.

Rationalism video “The Examined Life”: Rationalists claim that we can understand the world through pure reason in our own mind. Maths is the universal language from which we can understand the universe. Rationalisms main witness to their cause is mathematics. Galileo theory of gravity, mathematics applied in reality. Practical application comes from prior theorizing. Where do we get our theories from? Rationalism: we can work out everything through logic, theorizing For 2000 until rationalism belief was in religious text. Rationalism gave factual knowledge Wax example: the eyes will only see change, the only thing sense impressions will tell us is changes. The true form of the wax can be understood through mathematics. Intellect that grasps The wax example is very rationalist. Descartes’ main point was in proving the workings of the mind, not the external world. Matter -> mass Size: extension in space Mind v Matter separate entities Mind = soul to Descartes Soul = true human being How does the mind interact with the matter Necessary truths : something that MUST BE true / RATIONALIST Contingent truths : EMPIRICIST Is reason a truth finding faculty of its own Mathematicians understanding the language of nature

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