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Long, Long Road

Long, Long Road

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Published by thebluelucky
Words and music by Johnny Blue
Words and music by Johnny Blue

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Published by: thebluelucky on Nov 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Long Long Road

Intro: G Verse 1: G G C A7 B A D7 D7 D D D G Em D C D7/A Em C G C D7/A Em D Em

I chase the wind, I ride alone Through dark and light on my way home Driving that highway through the night Counting headlights out of sight
Verse 2: / G

My only map is old and faded. Memory always takes control White lines running through my head. So many lifetimes left unsaid
Chorus: C C C A7 C / G G7 C G G7 D7 D7 G D7 G G7 D D7 G G D Em D Em Em

But there’s been too many exit signs along this highway Too many dangerous turns where you could loose control Too many places to turn around, Too many places you gotta go Ah, but there’s something you really should know And it’s a Long Long Road
C C G D7

And It’s a Long Long Road and

And it’s all the same where you may go You say goodbye you say hello
Lead break: G D Em C D7/A X 4 Verse 3:

C B A D G D Em D X ? C B A D7/A


Can’t seem to find out where I’m going Can’t seem to remember where I’ve been I drive and drive but it’s all to no avail I think I’ll just turn down this trail
Verse 4:

Didn’t I see you in my mirror, Wasn’t that you there on my mind Wait a minute, wait a minute, I missed my turn I tell you I never saw the sign
Repeat chorus

I wish I could show what I know You say goodbye you say hello
End jam: G D Em D C X?

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