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Injectible and hypnotic agents and effects on QTC prolongation

Injectible Long Acting Medications

Haldol Decanoate - up to 100mg / Q 4wks Prolixin Decanoate 50mg / Q 2-4 wks Risperdal Consta 2nd gen up to 50mg Q 2 weeks

Short acting injectibles

Prolixin IM 2.5 to 10mg IM for acute psychosis Haldol IM 2-5mg dosed every hour based on response. IV form known QTC Zyprexa IM 2.5 to 10mg IM / max 30mg Geodon IM 10mg Q2h / max 40mg/day Abilify IM 5.25-15mg Q2h / max 30mg/d

Hypnotics Benzodiazepine
Act on GABA receptor Flurazepam long acting, H40-250h 1530mg QHS Temazepam- interm, H 8.8h, 7.5-30QHS Estazolam interm, H10h, 1-2mg QHS

Hypnotics Non BZ
Bind BZ receptor subunit of GABA-A rxptr Zolpidem interm H 2.6h, 2.8 ER, 10 QHS Zaleplon (sonata) short H 1h, 5-10mg QHS (up to 20) Eszopiclone (lunesta) interm H 6h, 2-3mg QHS Rozerem MT1,2, H 1-2h, 8mg QHS *Chloral hydrate- GABA, H7-10h, Insom 500mg 1g PO QHS (max 2g / day)

Other Hypnotic Agents TCAs

Other hypnotic agents

Trazadone 5HT2A/C antag, H 0.5-7h, 25-100mg QHS Diphenhydramine H1 Blocker H 2.59.3, 50mg QHS Hydroxyzine H1 blocker H 20-25h, 2550mg QHS Cyproheptadine H1 and 5HT antag, H 14h, 4mg QHS max 32mg/d