A full-length play, 90 minutes Characters: Jacob Bridges: man, early 40’s, brown skinned, African-American.

Louisa Bridges: woman, 29, very beautiful French Creole, born in New Orleans, very fair could pass for white. Bessie Green: woman, late 40’s-50’s, African-American live-in maid and cook for the Bridges. Queenie: woman, must look 14, brown skinned African American. William Jeffers: man, 30’s white police detective. Setting: A large, ornately designed and tastefully decorated Victorian home in Buffalo, New York. A vegetable garden can be seen through the kitchen window and back door, another door in the kitchen leads to maid’s bedroom. The dining room table and chairs are near the kitchen door, a staircase leading to the bedrooms and upstairs bath are between the dining area and double parlor. A beautiful piano and settee are in the parlor near the front door, there is also a door leading to the study. Time: Mid and late summer 1924 Synopsis Jacob and Louisa Bridges are part of Buffalo, New York’s new Black middleclass, living in a beautiful home with Bessie, their cook and housekeeper. When Bessie discovers Queenie, a young homeless waif disguised as a boy stealing from the vegetable garden, she can’t resist the urge to protect the girl, but the frightened Queenie is hiding a truth that brings the white police officer, Lieutenant Jeffers, to the family’s doorstep. Now Bessie must confront Jeffers to save her new family with a truth he can only deny -- at a terrible cost. History: Following development in the 2006 workshop at the Road Less Traveled Theater in Buffalo, New York, A Little Bit of Paradise was reworked in the 2007 workshop, and slated for full production, and opened the 2008-2009 season on September 12, 2008. The four-week run garnered 3 stars in the Buffalo News, 10 standing ovations, and the 2009 Artie Award for Outstanding New Play A Little Bit of Paradise By Annette Daniels Taylor Directed by Tim White, for Road Less Traveled Theatre

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