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Health--- Better health for the local population and work force through decreased mortality and morbidity,

leading to increased productivity of labor in their economic activities. School buildings --- Higher enrollment rates and lower dropout rates, increase the number of children with additional years of schooling, who will be able to realize higher future income as a result of higher education Road --- cost savings to transport agriculture produce to market. Cost saving s to transport agriculture inputs to production site. Reduction in post harvest losses due to shorter marketing periods, better access to technology, and extension services. Day Care centers Benefits from longer schooling by reducing drop-out rates in elementary school because of better readiness for school. Direct gains in future earnings because of enhanced child ability, Women have free time that can be used for productive activities. Learning center:objectives To raise the priority position of education in rural economic construction in line with the national policy of "Vitalizing the nation through science and education"; l To promote the development of literacy education; l To upgrade the quality of labor force in utilizing science and Technology; l To raise the science and technology content in local agricultural production; l To increase the income of local farmers; l To enhance the farmers ability to maintain the sustainable development