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Manfest 2012 Ozone Event Guidelines

Manfest 2012 Ozone Event Guidelines

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Published by Vinay Purohit

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Published by: Vinay Purohit on Nov 13, 2012
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Ozone will test your basics in an online quiz in the first round.Tata Steel presents ‘Ozone’ – The Operations Challenge “Where marketing grey must sort itself into manufacturing black and white.Swati Kaushal on operations in Piece of Cake Ozone. So. where each and every sales projection must be squeezed through the fine apertures of filling machines. get the slide rules out. collect your charts and make sure the proverbial pencil-behind-the-ears is positioned just so! For. “Without manufacturing. where gut feelings are forced onto weighing scales and crushed between slide rules. one day we’ll all be selling hamburgers to each other”. a company that specializes in constantly reinventing itself through operational expertise. Presented by Tata Steel. . This will be followed by an online case study and an on-campus final round that will require a sound knowledge of ops concepts. as David Glass of Walmart puts it.” -. the flagship operations event at Manfest 2012. is a challenge that promises all of the above. as well as creative minds driven to effectiveness and efficiency.

January 2. The exact details of the round would be given to the qualifying teams.iimlmanfest.com Final Round(s): Top 6 teams will be shortlisted for the final On-Campus Phase.Rules & Regulations Event Details: The event will be held in 2 Phases • • Phase 1: Online prelims will be conducted on January 2. Participation & Registration Guidelines • • All post-graduate students from business schools across India are invited to participate Participating teams must consist of a maximum of 2 from the same institute. 2012 . • • • There is no limit on the number of teams registering from each institute Teams are required to register for ‘Ozone’ at http://register.iimlmanfest. 2012 at 20:00 hours on http://prelims.com Registration for the event will be open till 18:00 hours.

January 2nd .iimlmanfest. .Phase I • • • • Teams are required to attempt an online quiz at http://prelims. for a series of on-campus rounds testing their skills in the field of Operations.com at 20:00 hours on January 2nd.com by 18:00 hours. Shortlisted teams will be invited to IIM Lucknow campus on 21 st January 2012.iimlmanfest. 2012 The quiz will be based on several disciplines in Operations Further rules and details about the quiz will be made available at the assessment center portal when the team attempts the quiz All participating teams must register at http://register. 2011 Final On-campus Rounds: • • 6 teams will be shortlisted for the next phase on the basis of the Phase I results.

000 Please reach us at ozone@iimlmanfest.com/events/ozone. January 2. 2012 January 21. January 5. 2012 23:59 hours. or contact: • G S Sankeerth: +91 9005658749 | Gowthami Kanumuru: +91 7897180958 *You may also visit http://www. 2012 Prizes: Winning team: ` 40. January 2.Additional Event Details Timelines Launch of Ozone Registration closes Online Prelims Prelims Results Confirmation of participation On-campus rounds January 2. 2012 18:00 hours.com for queries.000 | Runners-up: ` 20. 2012 20:00 hours.iimlmanfest.php for regular updates . 2012 January 3.

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