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Composition Piece[1][1]

Composition Piece[1][1]

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Published by David Fitzsimons

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Published by: David Fitzsimons on Nov 13, 2012
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Sounds and Symbols

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When you look at the weather forecast, you see loads of symbols which represent the kind of weather which may be coming. Weather is often represented with symbols, and so are sounds. Look at these symbols and make up a sound for each one. (Remember that a sound doesn’t necessarily mean an instrument! Sounds can be made by voice and body percussion also)

  ђ   Θ ‡  
Activity: 1) 2) 3) 4)

 Ж ¶  ¤ ∫ 

Get into a group of four. Pick a sound each. Experiment with these sounds – make them longer, shorter, higher, lower, louder and quieter. Now layer your chosen sounds – with everyone performing together, put the different sounds on top of each other and explore the effects created by combining them.

Perform your ‘sound collage’ to the rest of the class!  Congratulations! You have now written and performed your first composition. 

p (piano) = quie

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