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Gazelles in Ancient Egypt

Gazelles in Ancient Egypt

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book about gazelles and their appearance in the Egyptian environment during the ancient times
book about gazelles and their appearance in the Egyptian environment during the ancient times

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Published by: Mohamed Abd El Latef on Nov 13, 2012
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The aim of this study is to present a comprehensive overview of the depiction
of the gazelle in ancient Egyptian art and to define its status as a cultural
expression. This is achieved by reviewing the distinctive images of the
gazelle, referred to here as “motifs” and the contexts in which they occur.
Depictions of the gazelle are found throughout ancient Egyptian civilization.
It is portrayed with a consistency in form over the thousands of years covered
by this study. Specificimages of the gazelle are often exclusive for this
species, indicating that there are important conceptions associated with its
representation. One of the main questions is why the gazelle, an animal found
on the geographic margins of the culture zone, was selected to connote
certain ideas and associations. In order to understand the background to the
waythe gazelle is represented, it is necessary to have a rudimentary
understanding of its‘zoology’(Chapter 2).Knowledge of the behaviour of
the gazelle in its natural surroundings facilitates a comprehensive of its
presentation in pictorial form.

A ‘two fold’ pattern emerges when tracing the representation of the
gazelle in Egyptian art. The depiction of the gazelle, while naturalistic both
in form and context, is also aligned with concepts that give it the role of
“symbol”. With the emergence of this double trajectory follows another main
question, namely what distinguishes the different depictions of the gazelle
and what do they convey. This work aims to delineate the role of the gazelle
as a naturalistic bearer of meaning.

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