info Fax 1-202-318-2406 November 1, 2012 Memorandum on the Admission of Vhavenda to the OEAS

Taking into consideration that the Vhavenda people represented by the Dabalorivhuwa Patriotic Front (DPF), agrees with the Declaration of Washington, the Vhavenda people are admitted as the 8th member of the OEAS with full recognition and privileges. Our goals for this year (2012) are the following: 1. 10 Member States; 2. Apply for grants and recognition from international organizations. 3. Consult with and assist our member states about raising funds via loans, resource leases, stamps and coins, passport programs, mining leases, legal matters, etc. 4. Provide e-government services to our member states’ citizens including travel assistance, insurance, communications, legal and financial services. 5. Help our member states obtain strategic services and actively pursue national self determination. 6. Plan for an international conference in 2013. The OEAS is an action based organization. We actively work on behalf of the struggle for national self determination and the end to neo colonialism in Africa. We know that to win we need more than well wishers and resolutions; we need funding, legal and material support, and above all deeds.

Yours in solidarity,

Ebenezer Derek Mbongo Akwanga, Jr., Secretary General OEAS President – Govt. of Southern Cameroons

Dr. Jonathan Levy, PhD Chief Administrative Office OEAS Ambassador at Large, Cabinda FLEC-FAC

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