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Support Staff Strike

Support Staff Strike

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Published by: slavkornik on Nov 14, 2012
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Catholic School support staff may be heading back to school as early as Tuesday.

On Monday, support staff workers will vote on a Memorandum of Agreement which was reached on Friday between the Catholic school district and the union representing support staff. Both the union and the district have agreed to support and recommend the terms of the settement. The agreement addresses all of the issues the union brought forward including wages in the second contract year, job security, and secretarial workload. “We’re quite confident that a number of the barriers have been addressed. Both parties have agreed to recommend this Memorandum of Agreement, so that’s very encouraging. And so, we’ll have to wait until the vote has been taken,” said Edmonton Catholic Schools spokesperson Lori Nagy. The vote will be taken Monday at the Santa Maria Goretti Centre. Members will have until 4 pm to vote. The union hopes to have the result by early Monday evening. Nearly 900 workers walked off the job on September 10th.

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