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Veteran's Day 2012 Speech

Veteran's Day 2012 Speech

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Published by iraolynh
I wrote this speech for an Air Force Captain to present to military personnel on this year's Veteran's Day.
I wrote this speech for an Air Force Captain to present to military personnel on this year's Veteran's Day.

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Published by: iraolynh on Nov 14, 2012
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“To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who

died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations…" These were the infamous words spoken by President Woodrow Wilson when fighting ended between the Allied forces and Germany, bringing an end to World War I. Armistice Day, or a temporary cessation of hostilities, was set to be a day of rest and celebration—a day to joyously and publicly note the end of a war so devastating, so unparalleled, that it would forever change the way international conflict is resolved, much so, that it was coined the “war to end all wars.” November 11th wasn’t documented a national holiday until Congress passed an act on May 13, 1938, recognizing it as a day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace. The initial intent was to honor those who fought and died in World War I, but after World War II ensued, and then Korea, veteran service organizations began to urge The 83rd Congress to amend the Act of 1938, and change the name from Armistice Day to Veterans Day. With the approval of this legislation on June 1, 1954, November 11th became a day to honor American veterans of all wars for their patriotism, allegiance, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good of all American citizens. Our Veterans are the fragmented bedrock upon which our great nation is founded. From the American Revolution of the 1780s to the current War in Afghanistan, thousands of Americans have served and died to preserve the very freedom we hold dear today. Throughout history, men and women have borne the brunt of liberty, without faltering, to ensure that generations long after them never have to live in a broken, war torn society. Even during a draft-

according to Tecumseh Sherman. and valor. unfortunately. At times it can be a thankless job. Yet. We don’t get to choose when we go or where we go. we just go. we press on. We encourage our families to press on when duty calls us to be away from them for months and sometimes years at a time. our pledge to serve is often carried on the backs of those we value and love the most. war is hell. our troops met each call to duty with resilience and honor—gladly lying aside racial and socio-economic differences to protect our country against evil global alliances. but their sacrifice is still the same. in fact. Our idea of democracy is what makes us the great powerhouse and worldwide innovator we’ve always been. we are applauded for our bravery by our fellow citizens but they don’t know the anguish we experience as we kiss our sons and daughters goodbye knowing very well we may never see them. Service in the Armed Forces is a life of dedication and sacrifice for citizens whom we will probably never have the privilege of knowing. And. Fighting is never fun. or walk miles through dry desert heat. We selflessly place the greater advancement of our nation ahead of our own lives and our comfort because we believe in the commonality of a unified democracy. At times our wives are left behind to give birth alone because her husband’s troop has been called to deploy for the second time. A soldier’s hope in the commitment he makes to serve his country has to be built upon a foundation of longevity. However. Rightfully. Freedom costs.era America. charity. history has taught us that greatness costs. Military spouses and families may never live with the daily threat of suicide bombers. There may be a husband faced with the imposition of uncharacteristically having to teach their daughters how to become young ladies as . The oath we took to support and defend our nation at all costs demands this of us.

Many of them will return to active duty. The U. Though these numbers are surreal. the spending is necessary to ensure that our soldiers who have risked so much receive the proper care. government will spend an estimated $590 to $930 billion over the next forty years caring for the 2. The heaviness of loneliness and fatigue can make waiting for the return of a deployed loved one almost unbearable. The Obama administration recently revealed that more than $100 billion in spending cuts starting in January will ripple out across thousands of federal programs and projects. make the return home a moment of indescribable joy and passion.their spouse is away serving a tour of duty.S. soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. though many go on to face a lifetime of challenges. Our families are asked to silently serve with us at a price they sometimes cannot afford. In turn. Since February 2011. more and more of our troops are returning home as we get closer to complete withdrawal from Afghanistan. An expected $390 to $590 billion will go to disability benefits from the VA or Social Security. our relationships are stronger and more committed than ever. while up to $350 billion will be used to fund healthcare for veterans. military personnel and the Department of Defense will be exempt from these cuts. Luckily. . to say the least.S. Those who tarry with us and who are determined to weather the gale of deployment. Nevertheless. the future of spending on veteran care is projected to be astronomical. As new medical and military technologies have steadily increased wartime survival rates.3 million U. seriously injured soldiers who previously would have died on the battlefield now have a chance to make it home. over half of the returned Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have obtained treatment from the VA and a third were receiving benefits for servicerelated disabilities. while others will others may not fare as easily. Thankfully.

turning to a new generation of sophisticated systems to enable faster and more flexible communications. Smart phone and tablet apps will give troops the ability to perform control. as we enjoy our time of rest and relaxation with our friends and families. In fact. let us quietly remember why we are honored every year on this 11th day of November. analysis and other sophisticated tasks anytime. What we do know is that we will do as we’ve always done—continue to fight for what is right. sacrifices. while allowing commanders to instantly distribute essential documents directly to troops. Although network and device security concerns have hindered widespread smart phone deployment. nor can we promise there won’t be another war. . we can improve communication among our troops and command posts to eliminate some of the casualties and injuries that demand our government to invest these large pools of funds. Veteran’s Day is a time of reflection and celebration of the dedication. the military is beginning to embrace the communications revolution. We don’t know what challenges or enemies lay ahead. and even casualties of men and women throughout the history of our military. Our nation is and has always been a global paradigm of unbreakable fortitude and resolution. or foreign dispute to solve. with the advancement of technology. As a nation. victories.Going forward. and defend injustices both domestically and internationally. . anywhere. communications integration is now one of the top challenges facing military technology leaders. In closing. we’ve had many bittersweet occasions of simultaneously experiencing the valley of defeat and the mountaintop of victory.

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