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Movie Analysis of 3 Idiots

Name: Wong Chiok Ling (148679) Lecturer: Puan Rosta Submit date: 22 December 2011

1.0 INTRODUCTION 3 Idiots is a 2009 Indian comedy film directed by Rajkumar Hirani, with a screenplay by Abhijat Joshi, and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. It was loosely adapted from the novel Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat. 3 Idiots stars Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Omi Vaidya, Parikshit Sahni and Boman Irani. The synopsis is about 3 friends. Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan), Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi), Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad "Rancho" (Aamir Khan) are three engineering students who share a room in the residence of Imperial College of Engineering (ICE). Farhan is studying engineering to pursue his father's wishes over his own wish to become a wildlife photographer. Raju is studying to raise his family's fortunes. On the other hand, Rancho pursues the study of engineering for his passion in machines and devices. Rancho believes that the success in studying is not achieved by solely memorizing the materials and definitions given by the textbooks or professors, but by understanding and applying the concepts. However, this different approach is sneered by the faculties, including the dean of the college, Professor Viru "Virus" Shahastrabuddhe (Boman Irani). In contrast, Virus' favourite student, Chatur "Silencer" Ramalingam, (Omi Vaidya) believes in mindless memorizing over understanding, in order to reach his goals of corporate and social status. Meanwhile, Rancho falls in love with Virus' medical student daughter Pia (Kareena Kapoor) when he, Raju and Farhan accidentally crash her sister's wedding banquet in attempt to obtain a free meal, which infuriates Virus. Virus labels Rancho and his friends as "idiots" and attempts to break up Rancho's friendship with Farhan and Raju. Things further escalate when the three friends, who were drunk, broke into Virus' house at night to allow Rancho to propose Pia, and urinated on the front door before running away. The next day, Virus threatens to rusticate Raju unless he squeals on Rancho. Not wanting to betray his friend or let down his family, Raju attempts suicide by jumping out of the window and ending up paralysed. Following his recovery, Raju discards his fear of the future and takes a frank approach in an interview for a corporate job, while Farhan decides to convince his parents to allow him to pursue his love of photography with a Hungarian photographer. When Virus discovers that Raju successfully obtained an offer, he plans to prevent Raju from getting the job by writing an

exam that will fail Raju. When Pia learns his plan, she decides to help Rancho and Farhan by providing them with the keys to her father's office. However, Virus catches them and expels them on the spot. Pia angrily confronts him, revealing that his son, Pia's brother, committed suicide when he could not get into ICE, like Virus demanded, even though he had no interest in Engineering. At the same time, Pia's pregnant older sister Mona (Mona Singh) labor pain and want give birth to her baby. A heavy storm cuts all power and floods the streets, making it impossible for the ambulance to reach Mona, and Pia is stuck at her hospital, where she had fleed. Over phone and webcam, she instructs Rancho to deliver the baby in the college common room via VOIP. After the baby is apparently stillborn, Rancho resuscitates the baby by leading the students in saying "All is well." Virus reconciles with Rancho and his friends, and allows them to stay for their final exams. Their story is framed as intermittent flashbacks from the present day, ten years after Chatur bet to become more successful than Rancho. Having lost contact with Rancho, who disappeared during the graduation party and went into seclusion, after five years, Raju and Farhan begin a journey to find him. They are joined by Chatur, now a wealthy and successful businessman, who joins them, brazenly confident that he has surpassed Rancho and also looking to seal a deal with a famous scientist and prospective business associate named Phunsukh Wangdu. When they find Rancho's house in Shimla, they find a completely different Rancho (Jaaved Jaffrey). From him they come to know that their friend was a destitute servant boy "Chhote" who loved learning, while he, the real Rancho, disliked study. After seeing the boy's intelligence, the family agreed to let the servant boy study in Rancho's place instead of labouring. In return, the real Rancho would pocket the qualifications and after graduating, the servant boy will cease all contact. The real Rancho reveals that Chhote is now a school-teacher in Ladakh. At the same time, they find out that without Rancho, Pia decided to marry the same priceobsessed banker that Rancho initially talked her into dumping, and they go to rescue her from the wedding. Raju and Farhan find Pia and arrive in Ranchos school. Pia and the fake Rancho rekindle their love, while Chatur mocks Rancho for becoming a school teacher. He asks Rancho to

sign on a "Declaration of Defeat" document. When Rancho's friends ask what his real name is, he reveals that he is actually Phunsukh Wangdu himself. Chatur finds out about this and is horrified; he accepts his defeat and pleads his case with Phunsukh to establish the business relationship he was after. 2.0 PROBLEM STATEMENT Advanced education not only provides the platform for students to further and expertise their academic and profession, and it help to develop the student to become a person that can take his responsibility and contribute to the community. Educational programs also purpose at developing critical thinking in children and adult learners, individually or in group problem solving and decision making contexts. The original purpose of study is to gain knowledge, and then understand and apply it. An excellent university student should has the criteria not only the professional profession on their field, they should also able to distinguish right and wrong, can work independently or in team, with mature and critical thoughts, and can analyze and express their views bravely. However, we found that Malaysia or worldwide education system seen to have been distorted away from its original purpose. Higher expectations and a push for timely graduation have also made student less concerned about the value of the education they are receiving and more worried if their transcript will look good and does it better compare to others. These higher expectations and a stress on practically prevent learning for the sake of learning. With so many higher expectations, grades become predominant over self improvement via personal questing and individual study. For example, student try to get excellent grade and some students choose to memorize rather than understand the lectures. They rote notes rigidly, and if the knowledge is different from their lecture notes thus they will blank and dont know how to cope with it. This is because they are completely trust and depends on their notes without any reviews, even there is an error been found but they might believe that lecture notes is always right and doubt with their own views. This is not a good phenomenon since the purpose of higher or advanced education is not to produce university student that submissive to notes and cannot make critical and independent thinking.

3.0 OBJECTIVE OF STUDY: a) To interpret the implicit notions in the film 3 idiots b) To analyze the personalities of the main characters in the film 3 Idiots. 4.0 SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY: Bollywood film 3 Idiots is an inspiring and life-revising movie and has received generally positive reviews. It shows the reality that happens at India. This movie indicates the flaws of the rigid and inflexible education system at the advanced education institutes which practice the law of jungle. High pressure from study has caused India becomes one of the highest suicide rates in the world and recent studies suggest about 40% are adolescents. Students are over-concern to their academic performance; choose to memorize and follow blindly what lecturer and notes said. Due to the fear of getting wrong, students are not dare to give self opinions and cant think independently. University or the advanced education institutes become factory that produce cannedtype university student that without critical spirit. Thus it is important to review Malaysia current education system to avoid it trend to rigid and spoon-fed style. From the film 3 idiots that reflect the real situation of Indias, we can learn the lessons to avoid similar mistakes and improve our education system which significantly will affect to student. 5.0 LITERATURE REVIEW: With many ideas of independence and freedom, the three idiots, as well as almost everyone else in the movie still live by these standards. When Rancho comes along, he disregards traditional standards, and does things because he loves to do them. Although he does value individual freedom above external dictatorship, Rancho respects the views of other people, yet refutes anything other than personal interest above almost anything, even above him. The movie introduces Rancho as an outsider who brought a locally unpopular belief and assimilated it into the hearts of his fellow. He was an individual who truly valued individual passions for the sake of benefiting society as a whole. In other words, the moral is to follow your heart. The three idiots, not to mention all the other

characters in the movie, never questioned tradition or values, which would be satisfactory had tradition not impeded their aspirations and goals and dreams. With the realizations of the compassionate oddball, Rancho, they discovered what was truly beneficial and valuable not only to themselves, but even society. As Rancho has always says, "Aal izz well." (Carlson, 2011) Overall, the film is a satire on the Indian educations system, where within the first few minutes after the birth of a child is decided that the child would be an engineer as is done in the case of Farhan (R. Madhavan) in the film. The film has some very meaningful messages to convey. Dont aim to be successful. Be a good engineer (can be applied to any profession) and success will automatically follow you. Fear is not good for grades. Choose the profession and course for which you are passionate. Dont be a machine. Rancho (Aamir Khan) in the film is someone who is passionate about machines but he is the only student in the college who is not a machine. The measure of success that was to be done on the fixed date (September 5) is mistakenly understood to be the wealth, palatial house etc. by the character teasingly called as silencer his classmates. Only bookish knowledge cannot be the mantra of success. Like we say, home is where heart is, similarly, we can succeed in that profession into which we put in our heart and soul. The situation of I QUIT comes only when the real talent goes waste, when it is lost somewhere in the crowd of people crying hoarse for better grades. We have to fool our heart and say All izz Well. Of course, very rightly mentioned in the film, this does not solve the problem but definitely gives us the hope and courage to face the storms of life. The moments from the film which I cherish the most are: the concept of astronauts pen, the interview given by Raju towards the end of the film, the success of Rancho as a great scientist at the end of story. (Amritbir Kaur, 2010) It is noteworthy that the movie appeals to almost all age groups. Why? The serious message given in the movie relates to the issue of career choices - should they be dictated purely by a pre-1990 mindset (that most parents still live with), or should they reflect the reality of a modern and economically liberalised India? The movie appeals to youth on its message of freedom to choose what they want to or are in love with. At the same time,

the movie appeals to parents and teachers through its message of "Chase excellence and success will automatically chase you." (Sandeep Manudhane, 2010) 6.0 METHODOLOGY: The methodology used in this study is film content analysis. Researcher will watch the movie, find and determine the implicit notions that want to pass on audience. Besides, researcher will determine the personalities of the main characters through the observation of the acts, words and body language of the characters. Important scene or plot will be downloaded and recorded for the reference. Qualitative analysis of films is a special qualitative psychological analysis of movies developed by Wilhelm Salber is practiced at the Psychological Institute of the University of Cologne for more than 40 years. This kind of film-analysis does not have an end in itself, but also aids as access to research cultural structures. In this respect movies are seismographs of cultural trends expressing general visions and images of future development. Viewers modify the story in a characteristic way while they are watching it according to the dynamic of the psychological process they are going through. A combination of joining in and maintaining an observing distanceas in therapy, in advertising or in educationis an integral part of this interplay. Because the significant factors work unconsciously, it is necessary to apply a specific qualitative method in order to be able to grasp this. (Gloria Dahl, 2004, Qualitative Analysis of Films: Cultural Processes in the Mirror of Film) As the name suggests, Content Analysis is used by sociologists (and other social scientists) to investigate the content of the Mass Media (, although it has applications across a wider range of spheres the analysis of historical documents, for example). In other words, its used to explore the content of various media (books, magazines, TV, film etc.,) in order to discover how particular issues are presented. In this way, content analysis helps us to build-up a picture of the patterns of behavior that underlie (and are usually hidden from view) the social interaction portrayed in the media.

7.0 DISCUSSION OF RESULT 7.1 Discussion of Result (1): The Implicit Notions in the Movie 3 Idiots No 1. INVOLVED IMPLICIT NOTION / REMARK CHARACTER Farhan is in aeroplane and get an urgent call. He Farhan, pilot, This is an unusual method to make the aeroplane needed to go back but the aeroplane just take off. Thus stewardess turn back for you. Plot here shows Farhan has he pretend fainted. The aeroplane turns back for his intelligent, flexible and quick-witted to solve his medical emergency. problem. Farhan looks depressed on the way going to his Farhan This shows Farhan is dislike and maybe fear to the university, the Imperial College of Engineering. He coming cut-throat competition at university. mind remembers the quote From birth we were taught,. Life is a race, run fast or you will be trampled. Campus tradition, the freshmen must pay their respect Freshmen This show they are easily bowed to unreasonable to seniors by some ridiculous, insulting and except Rancho command by strong (seniors). They do not question disgusting ceremony. All the freshmen did not resist. or expressed their feeling even though the activities They accept and without questioned the correctness of are quite ridiculous and insulting. They take it as the practice. tradition, so this is a must. They did not think, and maybe no gut, actually they can resist if the request is unreasonable. Rancho refuses to follow the ridiculous request of Rancho and the Rancho is intelligent and flexible. The simple theory take off your pant the campus tradition. He run senior of salt water, every freshman knows it but he away to one room and locks himself in it. The head of applied it. the senior is shocked and angry, because he never met any freshmen stubborn and do not listen to instruction He refuses to follow the ridiculous instruction and like him. The senior threats if Rancho didnt come he gives response to resist it. He has the courage to out from the room, he will piss on his room. By using express himself. his physic knowledge salt water (urine) is great SCENE / DIALOGUE






conductor of electricity, he applied it by electric shock the senior by his temporary invention. The director, Virus, implant the mindset of Life is a Virus and the Enter to the greatest college just is the starting point, race, run fast or you will be trampled. freshmen there is a cruel competition awaiting them. Misconception is implanted from the beginning and everyone agreed with it. Virus shows a valuable astronaut pen. He said normal Virus and Virus stunned because even himself didnt think of fountain and ball pens cannot use at outer space so the Rancho this simple explanation, why didnt use pencil at scientists spend million dollars to invent this astronaut outer space? 32 years his in teaching, with this pen. Rancho asks, why the astronaut didnt use astronaut pen theory, no student has reverse pencil if pen cannot work at outer space and thus can thinking and question him for that. save millions dollar? Virus stunned and felt awkward. Rancho listen and absorb the knowledge, and also will think on its logic and contradiction. He points up the problem and ask for explanation and not just accept it without understand. He dare to question even Virus is the director of college shows him not fear to strong. On the lecture, Rancho gives a short and simple Rancho and the This shows that people follow the conventional definition. But the lecturer dislike and ask him should lecturer custom rigidly. The lecturer dislikes the simple give complete definition defined by the book. Rancho answer and prefer student that answer exactly the do not agree and refute. The lecturer angry and extrude same from textbook. Textbook purposed to help him away from lecture room, and insult him idiot. people to more understand, but there is no point of Rancho return to the lecture room and request to take blindly cramming a bookish definition without back his things, the lecturer ask back what is the thing understands the meaning. The lecturer pursue he forgot.. Rancho give a long and complicated complete definition by book but at last he also feel explanation of book and his act blur the lecturer and confused with Rancho long and complete ask Rancho to talk simply. Rancho reply, I tried explanation of book defined by book. Here entail earlier (means the previous simple definition), but it the contradiction of people act. Manufacture a lot of didnt work. frame, and limit their mind and act. Accept the



Joy is one of the final year students of Bachelor of Engineering at ICE. His project is late due to his worried to his stroke father. However, Virus refuses to give him extension and tell him he will not graduate on this year. Joy feels frustrated, upset and disappointed and sorry to his beloved family because he is unable to graduate successfully. At last, he decided suicide. At his funeral, Rancho tells Virus that Joy is killed by the mental pressure and torture for the past 4 years. This is not suicide, this is murder, he said to Virus. 9. Rancho has a good word Aal izz well represent All is well. This word come from an old watch man in his village and the old man will yell Aal izz well at his night patrol. Thus everyone slept peacefully. Then there was a theft, and they just realize that the old man couldnt see at night. The old man just yell Aal izz well to let everyone feel secure. That day Rancho understood that people heart scares easily, so they needed to trick and comfort it. By this, he thinks they can gain the courage to face the problem. 10. Virus interrogates Rancho how Rancho dares blame him on Joys suicide. Rancho explains that he not blame Virus, but blames the wrong education system that pursue grade and eulogize competition. Virus retort by said because competition and continuous efforts, the ICE becomes the greatest college at India for engineering instead if previously ranked number 28. Rancho refute said what the meaning of compete blindly for grade, without understand the real knowledge, and discuss new ideas and invention.

knowledge rigidly without apply it flexibly. Rancho, Here indicate the high pressure of jungle game which means cruel competition at ICE (or India advance education system). The stubborn, grim and callous of the director refusal to give mercy to a student who face hardship, lead him to blind alley for suicide. Also indicate the fragile mentality of student (Joy) that cannot afford to blow, too disappointed but take a wrong decision that couldnt help but also bring sadness to beloved family. Rancho, Farhan, Here indicate the fear is come from people Raju heart/mindset. If the mindset feel secured, you feel brave and have courage to counter anything. If there is fear, you lose yourself and feel yourself must cant defeat the fear, and then lead to failure. Joy, Virus

Rancho, Virus, Here indicate the distortion of the purpose of being Farhan, Raju to college. The original purpose of college is to and the rest of teach knowledge, but it distorted as to get high students. scores, to get high salary jobs and so on. Frantic race has blinded people. People cant see the truthiness. Even Farhan and Raju cant recognize their name. Everyone did not think carefully the fundamental things but just remember fast, or else will lose.

Rancho ask back Virus, Here (ICE) teaching how to get good score, but not teaching engineering. Virus is annoyed and challenge Rancho to show what is good teaching. Rancho forced to stand at lecture podium. Thus, he imitate the ways the lecturer always do, give a question and ask them to compete who can define the words Farhanitrate and Prerajulisation correctly in 30 seconds. Everyone got into a frantic race, include Virus. Rancho asks back to everyone, Are you feel interest, excited and curious to the question I asked? You feel happy for learn new things? He ends the farce with here is college, not pressure cooker. And he give example that even a circus lion learns to sit on a chair in fear of the whip, thus we should call the lion is well trained or well educated. He reveal that both of the words his asked is not exist, it is the name of both his friends, Farhan and Raju. Even the friends, Farhan and Raju also didnt notice the words been questioned is their name. 11. Rancho met Pia at her sister wedding. Rancho Rancho, Pia. misunderstand that Pia is the bride and ask Pia dont marry to her boyfriend that snobbery which looks everything with price tag. 12. Chatur, Ranchos course mate, is the introductory Rancho, Farhan,

Here indicate that most of the people like to use money to measure a person personality, or mark price on other things. It is unrealistic and not reasonable. It shows people are materialistic. Here indicate mindless cramming or memorizing

speaker at the Teacherss Day Function. Chartur is Raju good student in lecturers eyes. He uses the study Chartur. hard method by memorizing. To impress Virus, he gor his speech written by the librarian in highbrow Hindi. Rancho want to show to Raju that deviate from them to Chartur because of Viruss threat, that memorizing blindly and rigidly will not bring advantage. Rancho altered some words in Chartur speech. Chartur memorize it mindless and thus bring to a big joke. Rancho advises Raju, Cramming may see you through 4 years of college, but it will screw you for the next 40 years. 13. Chartur is annoyed by Ranchos act to embarrass him. Rancho He challenge Rancho and to bet who will be more Chartur success for future. Rancho advises him to have correct mindset, Dont chase the success, become excellent for yourself and then the success will come chase you. However, Chartur refuses to listen. 14. Rajus dad is paralyzed patient and have medical Rancho, urgent situation. But the ambulance stuck in the traffic Pia and will come late. Rancho quick-witted to send him directly into (yes, he drive scoter inside the hospital) the hospital. Raju annoys and scold for Rancho rash act for sending his father to hospital by scooter. Then the doctor said they do the correct thing for not wait for ambulance

and without understanding will bring disadvantage.


Here indicate the misconception of pursue successful for successful, also shows the distortion the original purpose of being at university, from pursue knowledge to pursue successful.

Raju, Here indicate that luckily Rancho response is according to the conditions and not follow blindly for the current practice or custom (wait for ambulance), if not the consequences is they will lose Rajus dad life.

and send patient by scooter because Rajus dad will die if in a moment because too late for rescue. 15. The exam results been released. Rancho, the bad student in lecturers eyes is the best student for his academic results, instead the hardworking cramming style Chartur is the second place. 16. At the annual photograph session. Rancho, as the first best student, sits beside the director, Virus. He questions why the seating of photo session is according to the rank, this is because this looks like caste system with good grade is master thus at front, poor grade just like slaves and thus stand behind. Rancho feels weird why should do in such way and promote someones flaw. For him, grade cause divides among students. 17. Rancho is not the real Rancho. The Rancho that study with Farhan and Raju, real name is Chhote (But we will call him as Rancho at this report). Real Rancho is the son of a rich man but he dislike to study. Chhote, the fake Rancho, is the gardener son, has the passion for learning. The rich family let Chhote pretend as real Rancho and go to school, take test, do assignment for the certification of Degree.


Here show that what Rancho belief study for fun, become excellent and you will successful show it is working compared to cramming for notes. and Here indicate the realistic of the cruel rule in high competitive college environment, with the metaphor of caste system which point out good grade students deserved for good treat and poor grade students deserved for poor treat.

Rancho Virus

real Here shows that the unfair of the education system. Children from rich family have the opportunity for school but do not appreciate the chance. For the children from poor family, study is sumptuous request because they needed work early to support the family. Here show the contrast as, rich has chance to study but not appreciate the opportunity, compared to poor grab the opportunity to study with high passion. 18. Rancho, Farhan and Raju are chatting for their future. Rancho, Farhan Here indicate that we only can do our work Farhan and Raju are worried because their poor grade and Raju excellently with the passion on it, or else if been and they are envy to Rancho good result. Rancho asks forced to do so, the works bring boredom and we back them Know why I come first? He explains to cant do a quality work on it. Here also indicate that them he can get good result just because he like people should develop their talent and involve in machines (for engineering). He stresses that passion is what they are interest. Follow selfs dream but not the important element to make their works excellent. follow to people foot step.

Rancho, Rancho

He reveals Farhans passion is on wildlife photography but not engineering. He advises and encourages Farhan to follow his dream and talent. He also reveals Raju failure is due to his fear to future. With such fear to tomorrow, howll you live today? he said to Raju. 19. Rancho enters to Pia room silently at night to confess Rancho, his love to her. But he accidently said it to Pias sister, Mona Mona, while Pia is beside Mona. Mona is pregnant and will give birth within few months. Mona tells Rancho that her father, Virus, asks to astrologer that they will get either engineer or doctor. Engineer represents boy while doctor represents to girl.

Pia, This shows the high requirements from elders to wish their offspring to become excellent. They decide the future for their offspring and believe this is the best choice for them. This also indicates that at India or maybe for whole of the world, only the occupations of engineer or doctor are considered with bright future. They exclude the good development for other occupation. 20. Raju annoys Virus and been threatened choose either Raju, Rancho, Here indicate the despicable of Virus to alienate the rusticated by ICE or change the person be rusticated to Farhan, Pia and friendship between Raju and Rancho by threaten Rancho. This is hard decision for Raju. Raju is in Virus him choose either the devil or the deep sea. dilemma for his family hope on him to get away from hardship and the friendship between him and Rancho. This scene also shows their friendship is intimate Raju is completely discourage and tired of his earthly and close. Real friends always be there when for the life. He commits to suicide. Luckily, he not died but predicament. his body is paralyzed with shock, but his mind is alert. His best friends, Rancho, Farhan and Pia always accompany, speak, motivate and joke around Raju to make him back to conscious. 21. Rancho helps Farhan send the letter to the wildlife Rancho and Here indicate we should decide the direction of their photographer that he really adore. Make your Farhan life based on own passion and interest. We will not passion your profession, Ranchos belief. And the happy and enjoy for the future that decided by other photographer replies the letter by request Farhan to be for us. his assistant. Rancho encourages Farhan to tell truth to his father that he dislikes engineering but photography. Farhan confession to his father and get his father Rancho advises Farhan to give some courage to chase approval for his dream at last indicate that

for own dream or else he will regret someday on his deathbed. Farhan confess to his father that he like photography and wish to become photographer. He tells his father he will become a terrible engineer because he doesnt like engineering at all. And he rather to regret for him decision to chase dream compared to curse him father decision for join into the engineering field he dislike at all. Fatrhan also reveals that he would not suicide as what Raju did previously, and he tells his parents that Ranchi they detested has put their picture inside his wallet to remind him dont do silly act such as suicide, because this will hurt to his beloved familys feeling. First his father is upset and disappointed to him. At last, his father is convinced by him. His father agrees to his aspiration to become photographer by asking him how much the cost of a professional camera?, so that he can buy one to Farhan. 22 Farhan give up to become engineer and follow his dream to join in photography. Raju continues his engineer ambition by take Farhans job interview. He hasnt fully recovered from the suicide injuries. The panels feel curious with his injuries. He confess to the panels that he suicide because of cannot withstand of the high pressure of the mad race and his parents hope on him to end familys poverty. He discourages by the dilemma, and the fear affects his academic results. He wanted to be good, but the stress brings him opposite effects, his result get worse. However, 16 broken

everything has the opportunity to reverse dilemma, as long as we give courage and try to make a different. Farhan life will end in frustration if he becomes engineer that he not interest. However, because he dares to try and make the changes thus his life will be happy because he chooses his life path himself. Even might not that wealthy as others, as least he will not regret for that decision. Here also reveal the family love to their children. No parents will wish their children feel regret and unhappy, they will try to satisfy them. They give every the best of the can contribute to their children And even though their children may choose different path way of life, out of the parents expectation. But in the end, the parents will respect to the children decision because they love them and want them be happy. Fear will bound people life and limit to the development of thinking and action. Here indicate the mindset of holding the right attitude towards life always is a advantage and will attract the successful to you. Raju new states of mind of liberal, open-minded, direct make him become an unusual person compared to other candidates, and thus bring him the job offer.

bones from his suicidal make him reflect and get new state of mind. He learnt fearless to problem, brave for tomorrow and open-minded. He used to superstition previously because he wish those Gods can help him counter all of his problems. He is liberal and can accept his fate even if rejected in this job interview. He believes he still can do something worthwhile with his life. The panels shocked and interested with his openminded mindset. Firstly the panels request him, if he could control his attitude that so straight forward, then the company might consider to take him. However, Raju refuses to change his new attitude because this is the new him, and he learnt the lessons paid by his life. At last, Raju direct and honest personalities make him so unusual from other candidates and impress the panels. He gets the job offer successfully. 23. Virus remains resentful for the idiot student (Raju) in Virus and Raju his eyes get job offer. Since he bet with Rancho that they will not get any job offer due to their bad reputation. He decided to set over hard question paper to fail Raju so he cannot pass the exam and get the job offer. 24. Pia is getting married with her ex-boyfriend that Pia, Farhan, realistic. Farhan and Raju hold back her from marry Raju and tell her should marry to the guy she love, Rancho. Pia refuse at first because she will get embarrass if run away from wedding. Raju advise her and said that people gossip briefly and then forget, but she will regret on her deathbed if she marry to a wrong guy.

Here indicate the power is not easy to admit defeat and might do bullying to strike back.

Here indicate we often afraid to others view and gossip and thus give up what we really want. We might regret for why not following our heart decision formerly at our deathbed. Since that is our life, the decision affect to us and irrelevant to the people who gossip. Thus, there is pointless to mind too much on others view.

25. Mona wants to give birth for her baby. Only her father, Virus beside her. Pia run away from home because quarrel with Virus. The ambulance cant get t them because the heavy rain submerge all the roads. Rancho, Farhan and Raju who just expelled by Virus pass by. They bring Mona to the store room and help her delivers her baby. They face constraints which Mona is too tired to give birth and she needs the help of baby vacuum cup. Besides, there is also power failure due to the flood. Everyone help by apply the physic knowledge that they learnt on class such as use car engine to generate the electricity. Rancho exert his leadership and talent in engineering, he use the material they have and create the temporally baby vacuum cup by modified the vacuum cleaner. Finally, they successful deliver the baby and save the baby from mortality. At last, Virus admits that Rancho is a extraordinary student and confirm his excellent. Virus presents the astronaut pen that symbolize excellent to Rancho. Virus also change his harsh attitude by praise his new-born grandchild, What a kick! Want to become a footballer? Be what you want to be..., instead he principle that only engineer or doctor only is the life success. 26. Chartur satirize Rancho and claim himself is more successful than him. Finally, Rancho tells he is the famous scientist Phunsukh Wangdu that Chartur chases for cooperation.

Mona, Rancho, Farhan Virus

Pia, Here show again the intelligence and flexible of Raju, Rancho, response according to situation and not and only follow the practice and custom blindly. Monas baby cannot be delivered and alive if they follow the practice by wait for the ambulance. Here also indicate the importance of the knowledge is we understand and can apply and modify it flexibly to our needs. Besides, the cooperation of the students tells us nothing is impossible if everyone is work together. Last, Virus present him reflect and views and student. changes his attitude to Rancho by the valuable astronaut pen shows his rehabilitation. He admits to Rancho avouches him as his extraordinary

Rancho Chartur

and Here indicate versus between learn for knowledge and for the passion (represent by Rancho) and learn for success (represent by Chartur). With the right attitude and follow to excellence, the success will chase for you.

7.2 Discussion of Result (2): Personalities of Main Characters a) Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad / Phunsukh Wangdu From the beginning of the story, Rancho show he is not afraid to the strong (seniors) and dare to refuse to their ridiculous requests of take off the pants for campus tradition. The seniors threatened him and thus he uses his intelligence and applies his knowledge flexibly and punishes the senior for his rudeness. He is calm and relax when face to any problems. He has a good word Aal izz well represent All is well. This good word gives him brave to confront any constraints and encourage him to have positive thinking attitude. He will question if he find contradiction of error, even the person been questioned is someone power, like their director, Mr Virus. Unlike others accept the knowledge without question, he will think and review the knowledge. Rancho shows his reckless personality by suggest the school servant slip into classroom with a set of uniform if he really wants to gain knowledge. If get caught? the school servant asked. Then, buy new uniform, slip to new class or school, he replied. He is different, he dare to challenge conventions at every stage, even in lectures. Lecturer requests for definition that are sounded complex and exactly from the book. He question why they cant explain it in simple language and must blindly cramming a bookish definition. For him, learning is meaningless if without understand. Rancho maverick and unconventional style make him as a bad and unruly student in lecturers eyes. Lecturers kept Rancho out, seldom in the class for his disobedient. However, that is nothing for him because when thrown out from one class, he will slip into another class. He is happy to learn any knowledge. He have a lot passion on machines, he practice it everywhere by spot, open, combine those machines such as refrigerator and so on. His belief is study is for the fun and knowledge, but not for the grade. His favorites quote Follow excellence. And success will chase you, pants down. He advises to his friend to make the passion as their profession. This is because with the interest and passion, then only we can do our work with excellent.

He is a helpful person, like to mind to others business. For example, he met Pia because want to advise her to leave her materialistic and realistic boyfriend for her sake. But sometimes his willfully acts hurt other feeling even he didnt mean it. He makes a fool on Chartur to show to his friend, Raju, the consequence of cram blindly. But, Chartur is not deserved for the shame they bought to him. When Rajus dad is in medical urgent situation, Ranchor sends him directly into hospital by scooter.. Again, this might show he is reckless. But with his help, Rajudad has been rescued. If they follow the practice and wait for the hospital, they will lose Rajus dad. He is not reckless, he just give response depends on the situation, and not follow the rules and custom blindly. He is loyal and sincere to friends. He concerns to Raju even Raju has misunderstanding to him. He willing to do something he prohibit steal exam paper, not for his own purpose, for Raju because he dont want Raju to be defeated and discouraged. He has good leadership and talented in what he like, the engineering. This shows at a plot he lead everyone to cooperate to help Mona give birth to her baby. b) Farhan Qureshi At the beginning, Farhan is cowardly and obedient to his parents will. He parents help him decide his future since he was young. He also been taught that life is a race, however, he is pacifist and hate to compete. Besides, he is gentle and friendly. In the movie, he is the one who make friend with Rancho at first. He longed for dream and freedom, but in fear of his dads dignity. Compared to Raju, he is more open-minded. At last, he bravely voice out his wish to become a wildlife photographer to his father. At first, his father is annoyed and disappointed. However, Farhan convinces his father to let him develop his passion on photography. Farhan grows up and has the courage to express his views and thoughts. Besides, he is also a loyal and faithful friend. He did not give up looking for Rancho and willing to let go his flight just because he get Rancho news.

c) Raju Rastogi Raju comes from poor family that really in dilemma, his father paralyzed at home, mom retiree money finished to pay his father medical cost, her sister cannot marry because dont have enough dowry. His family put hope on him to bring the family out of poverty. The source of the pressure comes from his family predicament. Despite the family has burden him, Raju definitely is a filial piety son and obey to his family. He want to become engineer is for the sake for his family. Maybe too much pressure and stress on him, Raju is very superstition and God-fearing. He wears many holy rings on his hands. He begs the pity from Gods to help him confront all his problems such as good results, dads medical cost, sisters dowry and etc. He is fear to tomorrow, because it is tired for him to support all the burdens. At the beginning, Raju advise Farhan to stay away from Rancho because Ranchors recklessness displeases seniors and their college director, Virus. He is afraid to getting involved or related to Rancho. Besides, Raju believes they should not bother to others business, because there is not enough time for their own. Raju very respect and love to his parents and family. Even though he is unbearable to his mothers nagging, he prohibits anyone that takes his parents as joke. Raju asks Ranchor why his life is full with failure. Rancho awakes him by says Raju is coward that scare to future; he failed because he cannot manage today well if he is fear to tomorrow. Because cannot withstand with the high pressure of competition in college, family dilemma and been threatened by director, Virus to betray his good friend, Rancho, Raju decided to suicide. Luckily, he not died but his body is paralyzed with shock, but his mind is alert. 16 broken bones from his suicidal make him reflect and get new state of mind. Raju new states of mind of liberal, open-minded, direct make him become an unusual person compared to other candidates, and thus bring him the job offer. This also showed in the scene that Raju refuses to read the exam questions that bought by Rancho and Farhan to him. If I pass, itll be on my own steam... , said by Raju.

d) Viru Sahastrabuddhe (Nickname: Virus) Virus is the director of Imperial College of Engineering (ICE). The students describe him as the most competitive man they had ever seen. He couldnt bear anyone getting ahead of him. He is over punctual and discipline. For him, time is gold. His shirts has no buttons but with Velcro for the save time purpose. His ties had hooks. Hed trained his mind to write with both hands simultaneously. Everyday exactly at 2pm he will take 7.5 minutes power nap. Virus hires a servant to help him carry out all unproductive tasks such as shaving, nail cutting and etc. In short words, he is mad, daffy but excellent. He is firmly believes in life is a race. He requests students compete for the first because nobody remembers the man who ever came second. Besides, the ambitions that will bring life success are only engineer and doctor. He rejected the possibility of success of others ambition. This is showed by the scene Mona, his daughter tells Rancho, Virus already decide if his grandchild is boy then will study engineering and if is girl and thus will become doctor. He has a valuable astronaut pen, which is millions dollar invention for astronaut to use at outer space. This pen is given by his supervisor to him and ask him to pass to someone he admit extraordinary. He has been waiting for that student for 32 years show that is not easy to fulfill his over-high requirement. Virus refuse to give mercy to a student who violates the deadline of the projects because family urgency. He refute that student with his own example, he works as usual even his son died before the day. Here shows he is a cruel, inhumanity and strict person. He dislikes Rancho for his reckless and disobedient. He uses despicable means to alienate the friendship between Ranchor, Farhan and Raju. This indicates Virus is narrow-minded and stingy, He not easily admits defeat and bad hearted want to fail Raju because he dont want lose his bet that Raju can get job offer. At last, he reflects and turn over after seeing how Rancho lead everyone to help her daughter, Mona, give birth to baby. He happy to get his grandchild and wish his grandchild can be what he wants to be.

Besides, Virus reconciles with Rancho and admits he is the extraordinary student that impress him. Virus presents the valuable astronaut pen to Rancho to symbolize his praise on him. e) Chartur Ramalingam (Nick name: Silencer) Chartur comes from Uganda and thus he is not familiar with Hindi language. He is study hard by cramming the notes. He has good memorizing skills. He eats unknown traditional medicine to enhance his memory, and thus he always fart silently that has bad smell. However, he likes to shirk and rogue to others for the fart. This illustrates his realistic, egoist, like to blame others and self-centered personalities. He is extremely petty and vengeful. He cannot forget the experience he fooled by Rancho. Thus, he bet and challenges Rancho to see who will more successful after 10 years. And Chartur still remember the bet and want find Rancho to compare the richness and social status. He is also vanity and love to show off. He is proud of his salary, pretty wife, nice car and luxury house. Cramming and memorizing is Chartur study style. He crammed 18 hours a day. Besides, he is crafty and deceitful by distract others on exam eve, such as distribute porn magazine to his course mates. His belief, there are 3 ways of topping, elevate your own grades or shrink opponents grades. He memorize and cramming without understand. For him, this is enough for him to get good scores. He resist Ranchos thought that they should study for fun and knowledge. He underestimates and concludes those ideals dont work in the real world. At last, Chartur is a hypocrite. At first, he thought Rancho has poor development on his career and ridicule Ranchor. But when he knows Ranchor actually is the famous scientist that he looking for, his change his arrogant attitude to humble immediately. f) Pia Sahastrabuddhe Pia is the second daughter of Virus; she is beautiful, intelligent and excellent. We can see how Virus cultivate his children to be outstanding as he wish. Maybe because she is

good, thus she is a bit proud and strong self-esteem at the beginning of story. She feels grievances when Rancho advises her to leave her materialistic boyfriend when their first met. She teases back Rancho when she knows he was her fathers student. She is filial piety and respect to her father. When she knows Rancho did something that embarrasses her father, she gets angry on him. She is intellect person. This showed by the plot even she dislikes Rancho at first, she take Ranchos advise to leave her materialistic boyfriend after Rancho shows her the real characteristic of her boyfriend. She is helpful and kind because she is willing to help Rancho to save Rajus dad even that time she is get mad on him. Besides, Pia is honest and upright person, she oppose his fathers act that purposely set hard exam paper to fail Raju. 8.0 CONCLUSION: Life is a race, run fast or youll be trampled. This is the famous quote that appear from the beginning the movie. This quote reveal the high pressure cruel competition that eliminate the weak, that happen at ICE, maybe India or maybe all over the world. People forced and requested to compete for the best of the best, because as Professor Virus said in the movie nobody will remember the second. Healthy competition will bring progress, but vicious and inhumanity competition bring pressure and stress and lead to recession. As normal human being, the toughest people also cant withstand the pressure beyond his line. In the movie reveals India is one of the highest suicide rates in the world and recent studies suggest about 40% are adolescents. This data might mean the fragile heart and soul of the adolescents is unbearable with their study environment. The study should be fun. Knowledge is used to bring welfare to people but not used to compete for the fittest. What is the point to become the fittest? Maybe just one second of the sense of vanity and then become the blast of the past. There is distortion of the original purpose of study inside the movie, and it also becomes trend in our world. Study for the grades; try your best to memorize what the book said, good grades bring you good job, salary and social status. This is a misconception! We should not study for success, study for grades. Study id for knowledge and it is fun to gain the new knowledge. With the new knowledge, we understand, apply, modify bring welfare and create another new knowledge. This is the endless route to generate knowledge.

Aal izz well (All is well). This is Ranchor favorite quote. Humans heart or mentality is easily be frightened. When the heart fears, we lose our gut to confront the problems. We go off into wild flights of fancy, and become pessimistic. Every problem has the solution. The fear itself enlarges the problem and tries to defeat us. The fear is come from ourselves. We will get the courage to face it when we disappear our fear. Follow the excellent, and the success will chase you. This quote has great meaning. Most of the people pursue success, thought with success they will be excellent. This is specious and ambiguous. How to become excellent? As Ranchor said in the movie, the key is passion. Most of us experienced, we are particular strong and go into the work when we interest on it. And when we have been forced for something we dislike, we feel bored and cannot make a quality piece of work. There is a funny but appropriate describe analogy in the movie. Imagine If Michael Jacksons dad forced him to be a boxer and Mohammad Alis dad pushed him to be a singer, both of them will become terrible boxer and singer, and the world lose a great singer and a great boxer. They are excellent in their profession, because they love to their profession; they have high passion and put themselves fully to enjoy their career. Make the passion your profession, and the work will become play. 9.0 REFERENCES: 1. Danny Carlson. 2011. The 3 Idiots Rhetorical Analysis. Retrieved on 20 December 2011 oat Goldberg 150 website: 2. Amritbir Kaur. 2010. 3 Idiots and Indian Education System. Retrieved on 20 December 2011 at literary jewels website: 3. Gloria Dahl, 2004, Qualitative Analysis of Films: Cultural Processes in the Mirror of Film. 4. Sandeep Manudhane (Educationist). 2010. Success secrets the 3 Idiots case study. Retrieved on 20 December 2011 on the website:

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