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Strepsils Final Case Study

Strepsils Final Case Study

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5 billion pounds last year. is a testament to the global strength of the Company's strategy and execution. This performance. It continues to be the no. surface care. 4 . FMS. Disprin. Possessed by his unending train of thoughts he was thinking: Here is a brand which is a global leader in its category and is perceived as a sore throat expert. Lizol. home care. It is certainly a matter of pride to manage a leader brand but at the same time it is hugely challenging to steer a brand into leadership when realities are at odds with the mission. 3 player in sore throat category in India and has miles to go to acquire top slot in the category. University of Delhi for Reckitt Benckiser India Limited) Saurabh Jain. He works for a company whose brands occupy nothing short of leadership position. Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd (RBIL) is a fully owned subsidiary of Reckitt Benckiser Plc. A total of nineteen power brands drive company performance including Airwick. Brand Manager Strepsils at Reckitt Benckiser (RB). Harpic.Strepsils: brand in search of game change (Case developed by Prof Harsh V Verma. Dettol. RB‟s brands stand apart from others by combining an irresistible combination of innovation and value for money. in a fast growing category. it has not been able to gain share. Four of the top amongst these in terms of revenue are fabric care (22%). Sitting in his office. Net revenues grew by 13% to £9. Mortein and Cherry Blossom.818 Mn. and the quality of its employees and their leadership. RB operates in a number of high growth categories considered to be at the core of its business strategy: fabric care. This merger created world‟s top house hold cleaning solution provider. Reckitt Benckiser (RB) came into existence after the merger of Reckitt & Colman and Benckiser in 1999. The year 2011 saw the company achieve very strong financial results despite not so positive economic conditions globally. Most of its brands consistently figure on the shopping list of customers worldwide. dishwashing.5 Bn. It has a much better formulation but still lags behind in consistent sales growth and market share vs. the market leader in the lozenges market. The company has distinguished itself for bringing innovative solution to meet customer needs. and adjusted operating profit was up by 11% to £1. RB has strategically built an impressive brand portfolio in the above categories. the brand has been growing at more than 15% CAGR. personal care and food. However. personal care (20%) and surface care (17%). Benckiser laid its foundation. With over 150 years of existence the company is founded on British and German heritage. These brands include iconic brands like Dettol. Harpic. Saurabh Jain has been vigorously trying to plot a path to leadership of his brand amidst the apparent market complexity. In India too. Lizol. has a huge challenge ahead of him. How can the game be changed in the sore throat category? The Company Reckitt Benckiser is a multinational corporation with presence in over 180 countries and has had net revenues in excess of 9. health care. health care (26%). Its origin dates back to 1823 when Johann A. Strepsils in Reckitt Benckiser‟s portfolio is a brand with a line of sore throat lozenges. following a number of years of strong growth. This brand was acquired by the company from Boots in 2005-2006 and is a global leader in sore throat category.

One of its recent launches. disproportionately supported with high rates of innovation and brand equity investment. There is a clear 5 . The Category and brand The incidence of cough. It affects both old and young across genders. hygiene and home‟. Given the Indian population it has a vibrant market with a huge potential. Within this. shaving cream. Company‟s toilet bowl cleaner brand Harpic enjoys market leadership with a share close to 75%. Since these brands enjoy greater trust and consumer loyalty this focus will also be financially attractive and more sustainable over time. Dettol subtly and strategically moved away from being just an antiseptic yet leveraging its core benefit to become a brand embracing new product categories like toilet soap. future will now be in „health. especially when most other brands in your portfolio are leaders. For instance. and the brand stacks at no. went on to create and dominate the fabric stain remover category. Most of these brands are either number 1 or number 2 in their respective categories in India. The company is now looking to drive an above average growth in health and hygiene so that these categories become 72% of core Company net revenues by 2016 (currently 67%). Therefore. The market is poised to grow at an impressive rate of more than 15 percent rate. Like other brands he manages he wants to turnaround Strepsils brand completely to deliver growths ahead of the category: Since acquiring the brand from Boots. cold and resulting sore throat is a common ailment. we’ve been able to increase Strepsils brand share in pharmacies from 21% to 26%. Strepsils is one of the RB‟s Powerbrands in Healthcare & therefore is expected to deliver higher growth rates than in the past. plaster and hand wash. while past identity was based on „household cleaning‟. Sore Throat Lozenges market in India is valued at INR 5200 Mn. Nitish Bajaj. As a marketing manager it certainly is a big challenge. overall share (across all channels) has fallen from 10% to 9%. talc. It occurs frequently and to almost everyone when seasons change. Vanish. glass surface cleaner Colin tops the category with about 88% share and mosquito repellent brand Mortein dominates the market with about 20% share. 3. Lizol is a number one disinfectant brand in the US. The other brands that lead the category include Dettol (antiseptic). the company is now intensifying investment behind the Powerbrands in the higher growth & higher margin categories of health and hygiene. However. For instance a great marketing feat is achieved when an antiseptic brand like Dettol was completely transformed into to a health brand. Vanish (fabric stain remover). most of its brands are top performers in their respective categories. RB strategically focuses on its Powerbrands. And that raises the challenge to steward a brand which operates in a very attractive space but generates parity or less than attractive performance. For RB India like other countries where it operates. A good innovative product when combined with ingenious marketing methods creates a mix par excellence. marketing manager at Reckitt Benckiser does not want to hide behind the statistics and structurally imposed constraints.Mortein. and Cherry Blossom. on average an increase of 1% per year. Vanish a fabric stain remover. Harpic (toilet cleaner) and Cherry Blossom (shoe polish). The sore throat lozenges market is led by Vicks with a formidable 58% value share followed by Halls with a 20%. These are either number one or two in their categories. Most of these brands enjoy top positions in their respective markets.

Spontaneously the problem is not highlighted as a major one. Yet consumers do not seek out Strepsils brand. The 6 . the brand continues to be sold largely through pharmacies only. straddling the medicine and candy spectrum. The brand provides a remedy to a problem of sore throat. Strepsils is a superior medicated formulation clinically proven to provide relief. The consumer behavior and perception of the sore throat and remedy seeking behavior favors competition. However. Strepsils 26% and Halls 10%.opportunity to expand Strepsils. Why does this happen? Answer to this question requires gaining deeper understanding of sore throat problem. In terms of value share within pharmacy the top three brands have value share as follows: Vicks 40%. Strepsils‟ brand manager. It is not that all is bad for the brand. But key concern here is that lozenges category is dominant in non-pharmacy or general merchant channel. But people. as has been historically done with its medicated variants because the laws of the land do not allow medicines to be sold through general trade channels. it has managed a +15% CAGR since acquisition. Saurabh proudly claims that his brand is a significant #2 player in pharmacy sales with 26% market share (up from 21% share at the time of acquisition): Historically Strepsils was sold only through pharmacies. If Vicks is a formidable firmly entrenched leader brand then we must at least become a serious challenger brand. The sub ten percent market share has also been a point of contention for Saurabh Jain. Incidence and behavior A study commissioned to discover consumer insights related to the phenomenon of sore throat found the following: To people the problem of a sore throat implies uneasiness and discomfort and a very irritated and lethargic body language. There is critical consumer behavior issue here. Vicks Cough Drops is an Ayurvedic throat soothening lozenge. Strepsils Ayurvedic was launched in 2008 to make an impact in non-pharmacy outlets. Of the total sales 68% comes through nonpharmacy outlets. And this is not a random occurrence. And here Vicks and Halls manage to score points over Strepsils due to wide and convenient availability at general stores present everywhere. Strepsils is actually quite an efficacious formulation and enjoys a „medicinal expert‟ position. We need to be a brand of some reckoning in sore throat lozenge market. While Strepsils too had launched an Ayurvedic variant. However the Ayurvedic range has grown with the pharmacy channel itself. and even till date more than 90% of the brand sale continues to come from pharmacy channel. rather they buy a brand which could be reached at an ease. The good side of the story is that Strepsils is second player in this channel. And this probably is major contributor to our brand’s below expectation performance. when faced with sore throat problem do not go to the expert brand. There is a need to change the course of this brand. it is just that the competition between Vicks and Strepsils is defined by a unique aspect. And it provides an effective remedy. Since it only had a medicated (western medicine based) formulation it could not be sold through groceries and general stores.

irritated and as a consequence avoids social participation and who is later on avoided by others. The mild stage does not affect a person and one continues to enjoy normal active life. A person with a sore throat is perceived to be dull in appearance with reddish eyes and nose.associated sentiments include: irritation. Our competition wins in this convenience driven impulse buying. split voice and difficulty in swallowing. Only those people who are very prone to the problem actually reach this stage. sore throat conjures up images like a cactus (thorn in throat). Although Strepsils enjoys a perception of ‘sore throat expert’ but yet people do not reach out to the expert rather convenience drives them. The full blown severe stage where problem gets worse does not affect many people. compete dryness. In order to tackle this challenge RB has launched Strepsils Ayurvedic version in 2008 to achieve presence in non-pharmacy market but this move has not allowed the brand to cut out a major share from competing brands because of trade dynamics. The full blown stage is characterized by blocking of ear. A person with a sore throat is likely to be quiet. In order to induce trials the brand vs the normal Strepsils pack of multiple lozenge strips. This stage is cautionary and people begin to take precautions. Three stages associated with the problem of sore throat can be summed up in words like: „Oh oh!‟. As a result of sore throat people do not want to do anything. social discomfort and lack of interest in things. its incidence is not generally perceived to be serious. Emotionally sore throat creates a feeling of crankiness. „Damn‟ and „Where‟s the doctor! The perceptions associated with three stages of sore throat problem are unique and hence consequent buying behavior. Ayurvedic range was made available in packs of singles which is also the standard industry product pack size. irritating feeling. burning sensation. Physically sore throat affects a person by itching. dull. pricking feeling in the throat. lathery. nose. constant itching. and just want to sit quiet and stay away from everyone else. Sore throat irrespective of the fact that it could escalate into to a major bodily and social problem. At the mild stage a mild irritation is felt („Oh oh!‟) which leads to blocked nose and pain in swallowing („Damn!‟). The sore throat has both functional or physical and emotional sides to it. and throat and accompanied by severe cough. Saurabh Jain feels that the brand operates in a condition of structural constraint: 7 . Sore throat is connected with bodily discomfort and social avoidance. feel dullness. Rani Mukherjee (cracked and hoarse voice) and a television with scrambling images and audio. thorns in throat. don‟t feel like speaking. Nitish Bajaj observes in this regard: In the absence of a perception of severity people reach out to first easily available remedy. This attitude causes a person to take recourse to an easily available remedy. It is here people look for a doctor. congestion and fever. Our brand is seen as a medicated product for serious ailment. dryness. Globally Strepsils is a number one brand in this category but in India it stands at distant third position after Vicks and Halls. In terms of imagery.

recommendation and hoardings. Vicks and Strepsils communication strategy differs in both idea and execution. Strepsils TV advertising has been unable to make an impact in Ludhiana. But Vicks lozenges GRP falls in the range of 2600-3000.4 million outlets) of the outlets whereas our brand has a much smaller distribution reach. The bigger portfolio of Vicks allows it to enjoy a greater share of voice. In Chennai. cough drops. and inhaler. The brand relies upon real life characters in real life situations and leverages upon the very contemporary events to communicate with its prospects. Vicks comes across as totally Indian brand. 8 . while the total awareness remains constant. A prospect gets introduced to Vicks brand in very early stage of life. where consumers are relying more on retail display. Shop display and WOM is high. This is reflected in their communication platform like „touch therapy‟ and „happy birth day‟ for VapoRub and „Haan bhai haan‟ for Action 500. The total portfolio TV GRP of Vicks sands at about 5000 compared to Strepsils‟ 3200. The brand even leverages social media like it ran a campaign in which people were asked to upload cheer song for the Indian team. What is worrisome is why the brand awareness is declining is two centers. Overall. In comparison Strepsils is a lozenges brand. Its presence is less at less than 15% of the outlets. Both key competition brands Vicks. In its way to achieving dominance the brand introduced the words „Khitch Khitch‟ and the once highly recallable slogan „Vicks ki goli lo Khitch Khitch door karo‟. Vicks Vaporub is a common remedy to get rid of cold related congestion in children (responsible for pioneering something called „touch therapy‟). Communication and character Strepsils is relatively a new brand in the Indian market compared to Vicks which has been present in the market for more than 60 years. The category leader has presence in close to 65% (1. But the good part of the story is.Our competition fares better in terms of availability. Each of its product‟s communication begins with a problem solving approach or functional oriented appeal as the starting point and then develops higher order emotional connections. there our communication plot appears to be limited & inconsistent on impacting the consumer behaviour. Some of the recent campaigns leveraged the cricketing fever („Cheers for India‟ T-20 World Cup). Our reach is constrained by the brand’s classification as a medicinal product. whilst TV. It is not only number one brand in the category but also rated as one of the most trusted brands. One thing that runs across all its campaigns is an effort to develop a strong consumer connection at the emotional level. recommendation by the retailer is low (Table 3). The brand offers a bigger portfolio of products including ointment. The consumer perception of the sore throat problem and resultant buying behavior works against us. Halls losing share of first mentions from last round with the gains going to home remedies (see table 1: Brand Awareness and Table 2: Brand Awareness Across Different Centers). These products deal with the symptoms of cold and the medicinal products include Action 500 and Formula 44. shares Saurabh: Strepsils has been steadily increasing in Spontaneous and first mentions across the years. Our OTC Ayurvedic variant has not been able to establish itself strongly in the non-pharmacy channel to give a serious challenge to the top two brands.

friendly. Soothing Honey & Lemon and Cool Menthol. Mr „T‟ (cartoon character) was used in brand‟s communication with the following objectives: to act as a brand device – associated with the brand. In terms of personality. from last year Strepsils has aligned its local range to Global range which is segmented on benefits of sensorial relief. Under the global campaign. Honey and Menthol. Probably due to commonness of their usage Mr. on-pack communication has undergone a change recently. interesting and energetic. knowledgeable.g. Ginger etc. The words used to describe are found to be fun. Mr. Tulsi and Honey. amusing. Ginger & Lemon.Pug of Vodafone or Juhi from Kurkure are both strong brand cues as well as add to the branding On the advertisement appeal issues such as likeability and suitability of Mr. The character is liked across all ad copies.Strepsils in India needs to follow the globally mandated brand campaign. T are likeable. brand uses a cartoon character (animation) in situations of sore throat and the brand comes to his rescue (see table 4). yet he has not been able to firmly establish itself as a dominant brand cue. “T” the study found the following: the ad format is found to contribute to likeability but format as a standalone is not strong enough to bring about enjoyment. A study of the brand communication carried out by a research firm reached the following conclusion (see table-5: Mr „T‟ in Communication): • • • Mr. However. Strepsils medicated range is now sold in 3 variants Warm Ginger & Lemon. T as a brand cue is weak…negligible mentions for the character in most of the copies. and Strepsils was selling in Orange. As per the global copy campaign. There are two important functions of Brand Cue – to derive association to the brand and to add to the brand linkage – none of which is carried through successfully ……Brand linkage seems to be coming out more from Strepsils‟ role in the story and not Mr. likeably. memorable. e. T scores high on a lot of advertising aspects. The same 3 variants are 9 . help in brand linkage. to add appeal/bring intrinsic likeability to the ad. and friendly. It depends upon the story of the advertisement. Even if we consider the “format” as a cue – even that is not an established device. The category sells on ingredient based strategy with packs focused on the ingredient to develop relevance which included ingredients like Menthol. optimistic. amusing and memorable. Ginger. Vicks sells in variants Ginger. T‟s……. T has not been able to develop a distinctive identification. T is associated with personality characteristics like energetic. credible and helpful. Although Mr. T is suitable for the advert but they fail to give clear reasons for its suitability. So on top of its largest selling ingredient based variant Orange. The personality characteristics are positive but lack distinction. Honey & Lemon and Menthol. interesting. There are mentions of the activities undertaken by the character and not “character” which are essentially format related. Meanwhile. A majority of respondents claimed that that Mr.. Various copy executions were tested and some also tried out in market during from 2008 to 2009. and to stand for certain personality characteristics which help consumers to understand the brand message. The top three traits of Mr. There appears be a missing link between the character and the brand. Halls in Menthol. Many brands use cartoon characters in their communications like Pillsbury and Michelin.

Accordingly Strepsils has ginger variant for warm feeling. For example it would make sense for brand to do medical marketing to Healthcare professionals behind its differentiated range e. It is quite evident that Strepsils suffer on account of non-trial of the brand. Lack of familiarity.also available in its Ayurvedic range. These include lack of depth of awareness. This has been adopted in many European countries via detailing to pharmacies and even to Doctors with successful results. and preferred flavour availability. Many barriers obstruct a movement from awareness to trial. perception of being expensive. The non trialists also perceive that the brand is not fit for consumption under severe conditions. Brand must adopt a benefit orientation. Brand trial is one of the first steps in establishing creditability through performance. brand visibility at the shop. This has been implemented very recently and any learnings are yet to be concluded. we also run the risk of making brand too serious and hence consumed only in case of severe sore throat occasions. And this strategy is only relevant for pharmacy outlets as these variants will require pharmacy license and hence would not provide an opportunity to gain from competition dominance in non-pharmacy outlets. brand communication adopted in past? Further. outside India Strepsils has a range of hard hitting or highly effective variants which include Sugar free for diabetic & fitness conscious. advertising. satisfaction with current brand used. competition despite accessibility issues and thus merit a communication strategy behind sensorial relief variants vs. availability. flavors. Strepsils Pain relief formulas or Strepsils for Children. Information and availability at the store trigger brand trials. All Strepsils users have used Vicks but all Vicks users have not used Strepsils. The brand has also suffered on account of lapsing on account of issues like high price. Problem solution is essential but is not a sufficient condition in the present day environment. and flavour appear to be the reasons preventing the trials. it does not taste good and is not effective. But current approach has been to focus on building a minimum threshold level behind existing variants rather than adding new variants. Nitish Bajaj articulates the problem as follows: The brand faces a clear challenge. and perceived effectiveness. Pain relief formulas to treat swelling and pain and Strepsils for Children. But with current medicated and specialist imagery. price. Trial generation reality A relationship between brand awareness and trial is shown in Table 6. Now the brand communication instead of focusing on ingredients is shifting to the consumer benefits. There many things that prompt use of Strepsils. The triggers to trial include brand newness. honey for soothing effect and menthol for a cool sensation.g. Nitish Bajaj spells out the new pack communication orientation as follows: It is now essential for any brand to strike an emotional connect with its prospects. flavor unavailability and lack of availability (see Table 7). Saurabh sees another dilemma in launching the global range in India: We could brand drive differentiation and equity via these variants. Could a differentiated range increase loyalty and drive consumers to choose only Strepsils vs. 10 .

The consumer perception of sore throat. But consumers do not feel the same. But the real issue that hinders success of Ayurvedic pack is how to ensure jar rotation in non-pharmacy outlets. As a result. 2 closer to competition. In a grocery outlet. Jar turnover for Strepsils is about 90 days but Vicks achieves the same in 30-45 days. The grocery stores resist stocking the brand because of the perception of it being a medicinal product coupled with slow movement. Strepsils brand is perceived to be slow moving by the grocers. Because of superior ingredients the brand is priced almost twice the competition per Lozenge. the grocery store behavior. Single lozenges and in Strips pack. The single pack was found to perform well on account of variety. Driving & maintaining distribution in nonpharmacy outlets is a problem for the brand. currently Strepsils sells about 50% each in packs of both. there is a gradual and steady shift of users from Strip to Singles pack. In order to tap into non-pharmacy segment an Ayurvedic variant was launched with a single tablet pack. and visibility (see table 8). In order to solve the jar rotation problem a smaller jar of 50 sachets is created. Ginger-Lemon and Honey-Lemon. Thus. This is a significant premium vs. 16. On Crossroad Strepsils is stuck in a unique conundrum. convenience. A superior formulated product with better ingredients is stuck at the third market position. Nitish Bajaj points at the problem faced by the brand at the non-pharmacy distribution front: At an aggregate brand level. The trade could sell this pack in multiples of 2 Lozenges at price point of Rs. The medicinal formulation ties the brand to the pharmacy channel. competition price points of Re 1 (Vicks) / 50 paise (Halls). the compulsions of medicinal formulation and brand perception together create a cocktail of market reality that has left the brand at the lower end of category share. The „Singles‟ came in a variety of flavors like Orange. Consumers look for symptomatic relief in throat soothing and not for problem solution. Consumers take the incidence of cold lightly and approach the solution on convenience considerations. But being of small size the visibility of the brand is compromised at the point of sale. given same pricing for single and strip pack. For the grocery channels the sachet packaging was created to give it an attractive price point of Rs. Saurabh observes: Here is an effective product for sore throat problem. Purchase per customer is just about two tablets for an amount for which he gets four Vicks. Hence they walk up to grocery not 11 . There has been a good growth in Singles pack. our jar gets rotated almost at twice the time of competition. The pharmacy variant was historically packed in strip format with 8 lozenges priced at Rs. As a result lozenges are reduced to the category of candy. 4.Strepsils today is sold in pack of Singles lozenges and packs of two to eight tablets and is largely sold through pharmacies. Further in order to achieve brand visibility at the store counters Strepsils „Singles‟ were packaged in transparent jars of 110 units.

pharmacy. Quantitatively the price point difference is almost double. T. Strepsils conveys the core idea through an animation character Mr. There are believers of the theory that high price puts Strepsils in disadvantageous position.one rupee for the competitive brand and two rupees for Strepsils. Brand enjoys a differentiated perception on critical aspects like efficacy and trustworthiness. But it is unclear how to do this. The attributes at the top of the hierarchy are longer relief from sore throat. Vicks on the other hand uses real people in real life situations. Nitish Bajaj looks at the price issue differently: 12 . As a result our brand suffers. Price differential between Strepsils and competition is often debated as one of the reasons why people opt for competitive brands. Nitish spells out: A significant proportion of those people who use Vicks most are positively disposed towards using Strepsils. For both sets of consumers the brand is unfavorably affected. But for a medicinal product a cartoon character or animation can create a situation of ambiguity. Strepsils is differentiated from other brands in terms of its stance in the consumer‟s mind. But Vicks is differentiated on account as a product recommended by doctors. easy availability. People can relate with communication which shows people in real life situation faced with real life problems. Across centers people emphasized the fact that Strepsils feels more of a medicine than just an ordinary tablet. On the other hand people who prefer Strepsils have wider repertoire of products available to them in terms of competitive brands and home remedies. An overall picture of attributes and their importance in provided in Table 9. RB follows strict quality policy and all products must adhere with that. Brand mascots and characters used consistently can improve recognition and recall. Does this creative treatment affect our performance in delivering the brand message correctly? One independent industry observer opines: How brand’s core proposition is expressed can affect brand perception. But the brand does not have the freedom to play around with the price because it uses superior ingredients which cannot be compromised upon. It is seen as proper medication. The perception of severity and seriousness may get compromised by communication involving animation. Strepsils and Vicks use different copy executions in their communication. soothing effect. The brand can fly off pharmacies only if consumers are made to walk a little extra to chemists. Animation is fine for products that are typically low involvement. Data on brand perception amongst different category of users is given in Table 10. provision of effective relief. It is not seen as a tasty tablet to pop in. So attitudinally the brand is favorably placed but it suffers on account of its inability to convert attitude into action. The Vicks users must move from disposition to action and those who prefer Strepsils their window of acceptable solutions needs to be narrowed down. The dipstick survey reveals that Strepsils is differentiated as an overall good solution for the problem and dealers who stock it also push it. This quite palpable that with the increased interaction with the brand the key proposition of Strepsils emerges as a differentiating aspect among trialists. starts to work immediately and value for money.

But it is unclear how. Price actually does not seem to the real problem.Our brand does not have any price flexibility. Is a migration from rupee one to two really a big thing for people seeking a remedy? There may be other things at play here. Here is a superior product locked is low performance trajectory because of what can be called „grocery store bias‟. Superiority of ingredients makes our product better. Sore throat is problem and it needs medicated formulation not a candy. Both Saurabh Jain and Nitish Bajaj agree that Strepsils as a brand needs to be turned around and catapulted on to a higher level. On the contrary high price can signal good quality and effectiveness which can work in our favor. Appendix Table 1: Brand Awareness 13 .

Table 2: Brand awareness across different centers Table :3: Sources of Awareness (Brands) 14 .

T in Brand Communication 15 .Table: 3: Sources of Awareness (Center-wise) Table 4: Mr.

Table 5: Mr. ‘T’ Performance in Communication Table: 6: Brand Awareness and Trial 16 .

Table 7: Barriers for Trials and Reasons for Lapsing out of brand Aware Non Trialist 256 69 54 43 38 32 28 28 Aided Base : All Lapser 192 42 39 29 36 16 18 I don't know much about it I am satisfied with the brands I use regularly It is expensive Flavour I wanted was not available in the shops where I buy Brand was not available It is not suitable to be taken when the condition is severe It does not work well on cold and cough It does not taste good It is not effective on sore throat It doesn't come in flavours I like It is too strong It is too medicinal It doesn't refresh the mouth It treats the symptoms not the cause It doesn't give soothing feeling to my throat I can not eat it too frequently 26 22 21 21 19 14 13 13 - 34 17 18 32 31 15 12 24 I did not feel the need for it - 15 2 Table 8: Triggers for using new Strepsils single pack 17 .

Table 9: Attributes driving overall opinion IMPORTANT ATTRIBUTES Relieves the sore throat for longer time Gives effective relief Is easily available anywhere Soothes the throat Starts working immediately Gives good value for money Retailer / shopkeeper recommended this brand for sore throat Also relieves sore throat associated symptoms like cold/ cough Works on various throat problems Has no side effects Gives relief from severe sore throat / throat pain Is a brand I trust Is a well known brand Has a cooling effect on my throat Available in convenient to use packs Doctors recommended this brand for sore throat It has natural ingredients Comes in a variety of flavours Contains medicinal ingredients 18 .

Table 10: Brand Perception | Strepsils Usership Aware Non Triers (620) Lapsers (294) Trialists (723) Average Endorsements Overall good solution for ST Has a good taste Gives effective relief Is easily available anywhere Relieves the ST for longer time Soothes the throat Is a well known brand It has natural ingredients Ayurvedic / herbal ingredients Can feel working as soon as I take Works on various T problems Comes in a variety of flavors Can eat as candy/confectionery Shopkeeper recommended Has no side effects Has a cooling effect on my throat Relieves ST associated symptoms Gives relief from severe ST Available in convenient packs Contains medicinal ingredients Doctors recommended for ST Gives good value for money Is a brand I trust All random listings 26% 42% 56% 19 .

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