ORM Mid Term BM-A Movie – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Akash Tekchandani b12007

Lesson 1 – Time and Resource Management

Hrithik Roshan tries to optimize his effort at the workplace within time constraints, given his limited resources.

Lesson 2 – Non Value Added Work

Abhay Deol and Kalki are sitting in the same room and rather than packing, Abhay spends his time live chatting with Kalki.

Lesson 3 – Planning

As soon as Farhan Akhtar reaches Spain, Abhay and Hrithik conclude the plan and they brief him (Farhan) on the same, based on everyone’s needs and requirements.

Lesson 4 – Reduction of TAT (Cycle Time)

With Hrithik as the bottleneck in the system, he takes a call on the way rather than waiting to reach the hotel for the same – thus reducing the Cycle Time for this interaction.

Lesson 5 – Eliminate Distractions for Focussed Efforts

Farhan eliminates the distraction, Hrithik’s mobile phone so that he can focus on more important things during the trip.

Lesson 6 – Importance of Signs and Signals

Katrina Kaif teaches Hrithik, Abhay and Farhan the bare essential Signs for communication under-water.

Lesson 7 – Safety

Katrina adheres to safety norms by wearing a helmet while riding on a two-wheeler to meet Hrithik.

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