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ASSOCIATE JUDGE JANET SUTTON 7 TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT COURT OF MISSOURI Division 7 11 SO WATER ST LIBERTY, MISSOURI 64068 web@circuit7.net 407-3970 fax 407-3971 Judge of the Court 7 th or 16th Judicial Circuit of Missouri I am providing felony complaints comprehending both Clay and Jackson County venues against two Kansas City, Missouri Police officers and two Judges, one in Clay County and one in Jackson County in comprehension of RSMO 544.020 and expect same to be vigorously pursued in comprehension of RSMO 575.020. 1(1) AND (2). I am faxing only the Frazier complaint to the division and emailing all said complaints to the clerk/secretary for judge and by certified mail # In view of the fact that the complaints involve government men I expect all actions thereon to be copied to me for audit and documentation at the above address without exception. In addition, I demand to be present at any indictment proceedings herewith associated and transcripts therefrom in that it is reasonable to presume that it is possible a prosecuting attorney, also being a government man/woman, may be tempted to fail intentionally. If you have any questions concerning any of the complaints or the probable cause thereof you may contact me through email or at one of the phone numbers as above referenced. Please be advised that all my contact information is subject to change momentarily so please try all provided phones and email when attempting to contact Should action not proceed upon these complaints within 30 days of you receiving them I will copy them to the U.S. Attorney’s office for investigation.

Thank you in advance William Duff

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