Adapting Ethnicity

From Homogeneous Globe to Multicultural MixedMedia

These are the players

Henry Peacham’s (c. 1595) sketch of a play in progress

Elizabethan costumes

Actors on the Globe stage, wearing whatever they can get

Aaron the Moor

Is this the only evidence of ethnicity on stage?

The Merchant of Venice

Director John Juliani with Jon/Shylock (David Berner), 1996

The 3000-ducat money shot

Patrick Stewart (in town for the X-Men) talk shop with Shylock star


Orson Welles (1952) in the title role, with Iago (Micheal MacLiammoir)

the valiant Moor

Patrick Stewart (1997) as Othello in Washington, with Iago (Ron Canada)

The Tempest

European influence over native islanders came in a bottle


Civil war humour “American Tempest” courtesy of the 1863 Punch

A Maori Merchant of Venice

Jessica, Lorenzo and Portia in Belmont fairyland