Water  Heat  pump  is  a  product  that  is  specifically  designed  to  heat  water.   It  provides  hot  water  at  a  maximum  efficiency  in  extreme  operating  conditions.  The  unit  can  operate  with   existing  high  or  low  pressure  geysers.  The  unit  is  essentially  plug  ‘n  play  with  minimal  plumbing  and  power   connections.         General  Specification:     Model         LSQ015RC   Capacity       4.7  kW     KW  input       1.3  kW   COP         3.6  (@  15°C  WB  Ambient)   Running  Current     6.2  amp   Refrigerant       R417a   Maximum  water  temperature   60  °  c   Power  supply       230/50/1   Compressor  type       Rotary   Weight         70  kg   Dimensions       900  x  750  x  285  (mm  L  x  H  x   W)     Features:  
  Large  evaporator  coil   This  increases  the  evaporator  pressure  at  low  ambient  temperatures.    Specifically  designed  to  operate  with  refrigerant  R417a.    This   refrigerant  has  a  much  lower  discharge  pressure  and  temperature  than  R410a  and  R407c.  Reduced  pressure  and  temperature   prolongs  the  operating  life  of  the  compressor  and  provides  a  stable  performance.   The  large  evaporator  coil  gives  increased  heating  efficiency  at  low  ambient  temperatures  and  high  altitude  conditions  while  at  the   same  time  reducing  the  energy  consumption.     Two  speed  Evaporator  fans   The  fan  runs  on  high  speed  at  low  ambient  temperature  conditions  and  low  speed  at  high  ambient  temperatures.  This  setting  is   programmable  on  the  microprocessor.  This  provides  a  stable  and  efficient  refrigeration  cycle  at  the  varying  operating  conditions.     Matsushita  (Panasonic)  Rotary  Compressor.     This  compressor  is  recognised  as  the  industry  standard  for  performance,  reliability  and  efficiency.     Brass  housing  energy  efficient  Circulator  Pump.   Ceramic  shaft  and  bearings,  carbon  thrust,  stainless  steel  water  jacket,  Composite  impellor  and  EPDM  gaskets.   IP44  enclosure.  With  brass  easy  to  remove  swivel  unions.     Separate  anechoic  acoustically  lined  compartment  for  the  compressor.   Acoustic  sound  attenuation  makes  the  unit  suitable  for  use  in  noise  sensitive  areas   Separate  sound  insulated  compressor  enclosure  makes  sure  that  the  compressor  sound  is  not  transmitted  through  the  fan  housing.     Dual  Temperature  controller.     Manages  the  two  speed  fan,  provides  close  temperature  control  with  diagnostic  tools  and  error  messages.   Backlit  Display  displaying:   Evaporator  Temperature.   Discharge  Temperature.   Ambient  Temperature.   Inlet  Water  temperature.   Outlet  Water  Temperature.   Three  programmable  timer  settings  per  day   Error  signal.     Plastic  Drain  connection.   Allows  the  condensate  to  be  piped  away  from  the  unit.    

    Internal  flow  control  Valve   The  SIRAC  Domestic  Heat  Pump  is  factory  fitted  with  a  Flow  Control  Device.  This  control  device  varies  the  water  flow  through  the   heat  exchanger  to  maintain  a  constant  gas  condensing  pressure.  The  gas  pressure  is  directly  related  to  the  gas  condensing   temperature.  Controlling  this  pressure  at  a  specific  set  point  insures  that  the  water  leaving  temperature  is  maintained  >50  deg.  c.   This  allows  the  hot  water  to  be  connected  directly  to  the  geyser  hot  water  outlet  pipe.  No  water  connections  are  made  to  the   actual  geyser.  This  prevents  temperature  mixing  in  the  geyser.     Internal  circulating  pump   Reduces  on  site  labour  and  additional  fittings.     Automatic  air  bleed  factory  installed     Protects  the  pump  against  operating  with  an  air  lock.  The  heat  pump  can  be  installed  above  the  geyser.  Speeds  up  commissioning   time.     Large  electrical  panel.   Easy  connection  terminals  and  good  access  to  the  electrical  components.  Separate  electrical  panel  cover.     Attractive  strong  protective  evaporator  grille  that  reduces  vibration  and  coil  damage.     Heavy  Gauge  Epoxy  Coated  Galvanized  Steel  Casing   Removable  panels  allow  good  service  access  to  all  components     Separate  easy  access  compartment  for  the  circulating  pump,  Flow  Control  Valve  and  Air  Release  Valve.     Ultra  thin  SIRAC  Proprietary  hot  water  sensor  provided  as  standard.   This  sensor  can  be  installed  in  the  existing  geyser  thermostat  pocket  while  still  retaining  the  standard  geyser  thermostat    


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