Name: Chong Soo Sun

Date: 22/6/12

Title: Module 4.3 Early Formation of Zygote

Class: 5 S Akasia

The trophoblast will develop into foetal portion of the placenta.

4. By the 5th day, the morula is a ball of about 100 cells known as blastocyst or blastula. The developing embryo has reached the uterus with the help of cilia in the Fallopian tube.

2. The first division forms a two-celled embryo. 3. Further division result in the formation of a solid mass of cells known as morula.

Fluid-filled cavity

8-cell stage

4-cell stage
2-cell stage

Trophoblast The inner cell mass eventually develops into the embryo. Inner cell mass


1. Approximately 36 hours after the fertilization, the zygote begins to divide repeatedly by mitosis.

5. 7 days after fertilization, the blastocyst attaches itself to the endometrium. 6. The blastocyst with its inner cell mass becomes firmly embedded in the endometrium.

7. The fertilized egg is known as an embryo during the first 8 weeks of its development. From the second month until birth, it is called a foetus.
8. The foetus is enclosed in a membrane called the amnion. The amnion fluid protects the foetus by absorbing shocks and cushioning it from any physical damage.


Secondary Oocyte

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