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2012-11-16 Mike Bloomberg City Hall - Hurricane Sandy Relief Rally Flyer

2012-11-16 Mike Bloomberg City Hall - Hurricane Sandy Relief Rally Flyer

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Published by: Connaissable on Nov 15, 2012
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Doctors and Nurses Invite You to Join

a Rally at City Hall: Friday, Nov 16, 12 PM Health professionals and advocates ask Mayor Bloomberg:
Request adequate assistance from FEMA and the Department of Health and Human Services to address urgent post-Sandy health concerns
Two and a half weeks after Hurricane Sandy struck, the affected areas continue to have urgent, unmet medical and public health needs. FEMA and HHS officials have told volunteer doctors, nurses and health advocates that the federal government’s hands are tied until the city government requests more assistance from Albany, which then requests assistance from Washington, D.C.
(Left: Scene in Far Rockaway, photo by Michael Premo of Occupy Sandy)

Let’s join forces to tell Mayor Bloomberg: as health professionals, we do not accept the conditions our patients are forced to live in. We ask that the city immediately request resources from the state and federal governments to: • • • Send assistance to Staten Island—to this date the city has not requested FEMA’s presence there Provide life-saving medications and supplies such as portable nebulizers, glucometers… etc. Provide financial and human resources to rebuild existing community health care infrastructures

Clinicians: please wear your white coats and scrubs! To volunteer as a clinician or public health professional: www.pnhpnymetro.org For more info: info@pnhpnymetro.org

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