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3 British Indie Films

3 British Indie Films

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Published by siannugent

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Published by: siannugent on Nov 15, 2012
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By Sian Nugent

Never let me go is a British indie film. You can tell by the weather and scenery that this film is produced in Britain. The weather is dark, gloomy, dingy and also looks windy. The actors are all British starring Kiera Knightly and other unknown actors. Kiera Knightly also stars in ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ which is also another British indie film and low budget. The lighting is softly bright but also quite dark. The soft backgrounds make the characters look innocent and relaxed. The actors are wearing a typical vintage styled outfit which is worn in pastel colours. You can tell that this is also a low budget film because there is not a lot of editing to the scene and not a lot of background motivation. The camera shot taken is a mid length shot which allows us to see the what the characters are doing and there surroundings.

Bend it like Beckham is also another low budget movie. In this shot Kiera Knightly is also in this British indie film. Jules (Kiera Knightly) is playing football which is normally common in British films as it is a typical sport in Britain. In this film there are also a not many common actors and this is before Kiera became a Hollywood star. The surroundings and background is set on a football pitch with hardly any surroundings. The background seems to be partly blurred so that the main focus is on the actress and the text on the goal behind her is blurred out. The shot is an Pan shot which shows her movement about to kick the ball. The main focus is then set on her and the ball individually. There is not many edits to the background apart from the blurred out scenery and the lighting to be focused on the main individual. This shows it is a low budget film as there is not a lot of editing taken part.

Shallow Grave is a British indie film because it is low budget film. The actors are wearing a typical vintage English outfit this represents the 1980 century. There is not much editing to this scene apart different shadings of lighting. The screen shot shows us that there is not a lot going on. The camera angle of the shot is a high angle which is looking down upon the actors. This shows us a long shot of the actors and the background scenery. The lighting in this scene is shot in a forest, the front of the image shows darkness with a shade of lightness peering through. The shades could show that something mysterious has happened where they are standing and if the are standing in some sort of trap. The actors are English and they are unknown because it is a low budget film.

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