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I lOsT OVER 60 lBs! MaxFORM
The Ups & Downs Winning Workout Delicious Recipes
T Old M e! he

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Mentally Fit: Overcoming Frustration
in Your Weight Loss Journey



a and er Am Ov t Los bs

l 6/0merge! E

Amanda Freeseman Champlin
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I lOsT OVER 60 lBs! MaxFORM
The Ups & Downs Winning Workout Delicious Recipes
T Old M e! he

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Mentally Fit: Overcoming Frustration
in Your Weight Loss Journey



a and er Am Ov t Los bs

l 6/0merge! E

Amanda Freeseman Champlin

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pg. 56

I lOsT OVER 60 lBs! MaxFORM
The Ups & Downs Winning Workout Delicious Recipes
T Old M e! he

pg. 44



Compliments of:

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Mentally Fit: Overcoming Frustration
in Your Weight Loss Journey



a and er Am Ov t Los bs

l 6/0merge! E

Amanda Freeseman Champlin, MN


One of the hottest & most exciting new weight loss products to hit the market is Emerge Body Slenderizing Drink Mix. Developed by a sports nutrition company that has specialized in weight loss for over 20 years, this delicious new fat-burning drink has already helped thousands of women from all over the country lose weight by stimulating fat metabolism and promoting appetite suppression in addition to enhancing mood, alertness and focus. Not only is Emerge Body Slenderizing Drink Mix helping women shed the pounds, it's also helping them feel better and have more energy to get through their day. Amanda Freeseman from Champlin, Minnesota lost over 60 lbs.* with the help of Emerge Body Slenderizing Drink Mix and feels better than she ever has before. Emerge Body Slenderizing Drink Mix comes in 10 mouth watering flavors and is available exclusively at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Stores across the country or at www.maxmuscle.com! Let the New You Emerge Today!

AMANDA BEFORE • 219 lbs. • 34% body fat • Dress Size 18

AMANDA AFTER • 150 lbs. • 22% body fat • Dress Size 8


*Amanda’s results are not typical. Amanda used EMERGE Body Slenderizing Drink Mix as a part of her overall Nutrition Plan.


Franchise Opportunities Available!




18 Don't Be Alarmed
Seems like every day there is a new scientific study coming out with alarming headlines. How to wade through the hype.

32 Mentally Fit
With every weight loss journey inevitably comes frustrations. Here are five common frustrations and how to overcome them.

36 Strong & Fit at 50
This Max Muscle franchisee not only has a physique most men wish they had, but he has a heart just as big to help others get fit.


22 A Fitness Journey

Max Muscle's newest MaxForm Life Challenge winner shares all her challenges and triumphs that have made her into the strong, confident woman she 40 Splash of Color is today. This season's most versatile accessory comes in a variety of styles and colors to give your wardrobe a boost. 28 Work It Baby! 42 Winter Weather Wear Amanda Freeseman challenges From jacket to boots, here are our you to complete this killer upper picks for cool weekend winter wear. body circuit.



Amanda Freeseman










44 Eat Up, Slim Down
From leaving the house prepared to learning how to order when dining out, here are 12 important tips for getting the most out of your nutrition and fitness goals.

56 Fat is Good
Max Muscle's Essential Omega products not only taste sinfully delish, but they boast great health benefits for your heart, for sports performance and for kids!

48 Dare To Braise
With colder weather descending upon us, here is a delicious, hardy recipe for braised beef.

14 Forever Young 34 Max Champ 60 Ask Dr. Harvey
As an athlete, your body demands fuel to help you perform your best. Athlete’s Choice has formulated a superior line of sports nutrition products specifically for athletes to provide cutting edge science-based ingredients to fuel your training, help build and maintain lean muscle mass and accelerate overall muscle recovery.

50 Healthy Comfort Foods
We all crave those home-cooked comfort foods. So we put two yummy comfort food ingredients – pumpkin and sweet potato – to the healthy-eating test. You're going to love the results!

4 6 10 12 16 62 Editor’s Note President's Point Contributors Feedback Buzz Health Beat What's Hot


pg. 56

I lOsT OVER 60 lBs! MaxFORM
The Ups & Downs Winning Workout Delicious Recipes
T Old Me! he







pg. 44

Compliments of:

pg. 18

Mentally Fit: Overcoming Frustration
in Your Weight Loss Journey
NOVEMBER 2012 2012

Photographer: James Patrick, JamesPatrick.com Model: Amanda Freeseman, 2012 MaxForm Life Challenge Champion Stylist: Kim Miller Photo Assistant: Jason Black Makeup: Elspeth Polt Apparel: Elisabetta Rogiani, Rogiani.com

For more information or to find the store nearest you, visit us online at







Your Solid Nutritional Foundation
Available Exclusively at:

with Amanda Freeseman by phone shortly after she'd won Max Muscle's 2012 MaxForm Life Challenge, I instantly warmed to this enthusiastic, sincere gal from Minnesota who lost more than 60 pounds in seven months. When I met her in person in California, I was blown away by her stunning beauty. But she's not all looks. Her ready smile, humble openness (I'm an open book, she says), and fresh sincerity all bestow her with this radiating glow. You can't help but love her! Amanda's husband, Lance, is equally sweet – very smart, too (he's an engineer). They make a beautiful couple, both inside and out. It is my utmost honor to be able to share Amanda's amazing transformation story with you. She, like so many individuals, battled with yo-yo dieting, doing all the wrong things to lose weight only to gain it all back – plus 10. But she found out the right way to eat and get ¿t through her local Max Muscle store. She learned that she needed to eat MORE not less, but of the right foods. And that's the beauty of Max Muscle. They teach you how to change your life, not just how to follow some miserable diet that you'll end up hating. There's no magic bullet – it takes work and dedication – but just ask Amanda, or anyone else who's gotten great results with Max Muscle's effective way of getting ¿t and healthy, and they'll quickly tell you that it will change your life! Thanks to Max Muscle as well as her own unfailing dedication, Amanda made some major changes in her life and kept going with all her might to the ¿nish line. It paid off. Read about her journey on pages 22-25. Then check out her "killer" upper body circuit routine on pages 28-30. Also in this issue are important stories about how to understand health research so you're not left panicking about the latest health headlines (pgs. 18-20) as well as how to combat weight loss frustrations (pgs. 32-33). And, if you're considering starting on your own weight loss journey, then don't miss the article on how to get the most out of your nutrition and ¿tness plan (pgs. 44-46). If you love comfort foods, but don't know how to incorporate them into a healthy diet plan, then check out the article on healthy comfort foods where we put two ingredients – pumpkin and sweet potato – to the test (pgs. 50-53). Lastly, if you haven't been getting healthy fats in your diet, Max Muscle has made it super simple with its tasty Essential Omega products. Find out more on pgs. 56-57. Until next time,

LaRue Novick

LaRue Novick is Editor in Chief and Creative Director of MS&F.



was a key factor in helping me

lose over 60 LBS. during
my personal transformation!”

Amanda Freeseman
2012 Maxformation Champion

7-Keto is a non-stimulant thermogenic weight loss ingredient that safely and naturally increases metabolism and burns stored fat.

Total Weight Loss Over 8 Weeks

Total Weight Loss

6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Source: Kalman, 2000 p=0.01 00 p=0 01

Placebo 7-Keto 7-Keto 7-Keto

Percentage of Change in RMR


Documented by Clinical Trials (n=65)

Source: Zenk, 2002 p=0.038

1.5 1.0 0.5 0.0 -0.5 -1.0 -1.5 -2.0 -2.5 -3.0 -3.5 -4.0

Documented by Clinical Trials (n=45)

Change in Metabolism

Placebo 7-Keto
Source: Zenk, 2007 p=0.001

Quadra Cuts Night Time is Available Exclusively at

L E A R N M O R E AT M A X M U S C L E . C O M

*Amanda Freeseman’s results are not typical. Amanda used Quadra Cuts Nighttime as part of a comprehensive nutrition program that included healthy eating and exercise.
7-Keto® is a registered trademark of Humanetics Corporation and protected by U.S. Patents 5,585,371; 6,153,606; 6,489,313; 7,199,116; 7,553,829; 8,124,598.


Life Challenge Champions over the years. Each has had a unique and truly inspirational story behind his or her incredible life transformations. We have had MaxForm Champions from every part of the country. They have been different genders, their ages have ranged from early 20s to late 40s and they’ve come from all walks of life. This is what is so great about the MaxForm Life Challenge: anyone can win! There is no set criteria, such as age, sex or background. The only criteria that matters are those before and after results and the story behind them. Amanda Freeseman, our newest $25K MaxForm Life Challenge Champion has raised the bar again. Not only did Amanda have an incredibly inspirational life transformation, losing over 60 pounds and completely reshaping and toning her body in the process, but she is also a genuinely nice person. After Amanda’s photo shoot during her trip to California, every one of our staff told me what a nice person Amanda is and what a pleasure it had been to work with her. I think what surprised everyone the most was you typically don’t expect someone who looks the way Amanda does to be so incredibly nice and down to earth. When you see the cover shot of Amanda for this issue it’s hard to believe that she hasn’t been doing this her whole life, and just a year ago she was 60+ pounds overweight and not happy with where she was in her life after letting herself go to the point that she had. The ¿rst time I saw the cover proof that our editor sent over, I was blown away. I just couldn’t believe how Amanda had transformed! And that this was the same person I had seen in those before pictures just a short time ago. I love the MaxForm Life Challenge because it offers hope and motivation to all of those out there who just need a little push to get them going and bring out the best in them. Everybody has that champion’s desire burning down in them somewhere: that desire to do their best, to be recognized, to get noticed. Amanda certainly had it and now in addition to all of the prize money and experiences that she has already received, she can add cover model to her list. Get ready Amanda, the ride is just beginning!

We’ve had a lot of great MaxForm

Publisher Joe Wells Enterprises, Inc. Executive Editor Sean Greene Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director LaRue Novick Proofreader Tariq Ahmad advisory Board
Rand McClain, DO; Ron Higuera, DC, MS, ART; Robert Goldman, DO, PhD; Gary Brazina, MD, FACS; Charles Poliquin, BS, MS; Phil Harvey, PhD, RD, FACN

Contributing Writers
Lisa Maiorana, Joe Wells, Amanda Freeseman, Linda Hepler, Abby Hoeffner, Jennifer Lee, Susan Irby, Corry Matthews, Rochelle Marapao, Dana Robinson, Jessica Wyland, Dr. Phil Harvey

Contributing Photographers
Frank Fontanilla James Patrick

Max SPortS & FitnESS
210 W. Taft Avenue City of Orange, CA 92865 (714) 456-0700 www.maxsportsand¿tness.com
Max Sports & Fitness Magazine is published monthly by Joe Wells Enterprises, Inc. and may not be reproduced without express written permission, all rights reserved. No liability is assumed by Joe Wells Enterprises, Inc. or Max Muscle regarding any content in this publication. It is vital that before implementing any diet or exercise routines, you must ¿rst consult with a quali¿ed physician. Max Muscle is not responsible for advertiser claims. Joe Wells Enterprises, Inc. and Max Muscle do not promote or endorse the use of steroids or other illegal substances. For more information concerning diet and nutrition, recalled products, steroids and other related products and issues, please visit the Federal Food and Drug Administration’s Web site at www.fda.gov. We reserve the right to refuse advertising without explanation.

Sean Greene is President of Max Muscle and the Executive Editor of MS&F.



Most of us have heard of Low-T and the negative effects that it can have on men. What most men don't realize is that testosterone doesn't just start declining once you reach your forties and fifties. Several cases have shown that men as early as their late twenties and early thirties experience low testosterone levels. This was the case for Duane Franzen of Cordova, Illinois. For 10 years, Franzen's testosterone levels had been decreasing, causing him reduced energy levels, lower self-esteem and less stamina which overtime lead to muscle loss and fat gain. He was officially diagnosed with Low T in June 2011. “When I found out, I wanted to hide it from the world out of shame,” he admits. Duane fought this unknown demon every way he could. He had ballooned to 245 pounds with 36 percent body fat. After he was diagnosed, he was prescribed 50,000 IU of vitamin D per week to treat depression and was placed on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). These remedies only made a minor improvement with his condition. Then in October 2011, Duane's life was forever changed when he was introduced to Max Muscle and 2TX. Duane stopped his TRT treatments, began supplementing with 2TX and started on a Max Muscle Customized Nutrition Plan. Today Duane is down from 245 lbs. and 36% bodyfat to a lean and mean 177 lbs of muscle. His energy levels, stamina, sex drive and self esteem have all improved and he feels better than ever before. Duane says he owes it all to the change in his lifestyle, Max Muscle and 2TX. Try 2TX and feel the difference it can make in your life.

Duane Franzen with his old self at 233lbs. and now, 8 months later at a lean and muscular 177 lbs.

BEFORE you resort to prescription medication, try 2TX for a natural solution that really works!



*Duane’s results are not typical. Duane used 2TX as a part of his overall Nutrition Plan.


*November Special Offer Expires November 30, 2012. Cannot be combined with Frequent Buyer Points or any other discounts.

Available Exclusively at:


Corry Matthews has an MS in
Sports Medicine and is a Max Muscle franchisee, published author, certi¿ed personal trainer, nutritionist and pre/ postnatal exercise specialist. She is also a member of Max Muscle's Team Max, an IFBB ¿gure pro and the promoter of the NPC Max Muscle VA Classic. She is married and the mother of two young girls! Visit CorryMatthewsInc.com for more information.

James Patrick earned his bachelor’s in journalism from the University of Arizona and has been a contributing photographer and writer for multiple ¿tness publications throughout the United States, Canada and internationally. He has received multiple ADDY Awards from the American Advertising Federation for color photography. His photography work and regular writings appear on his website at JamesPatrick.com.

Dana Robinson is new to Max Sports & Fitness. She is a Los Angelesbased freelance writer. In addition to covering ¿tness, she also writes about her other loves, including food, relationships and fashion. When she’s not clicking away at her laptop to meet a deadline, you’ll most likely ¿nd her, where else, at the gym. To learn more about her work, visit DanasWebPage.com or follow her on Twitter @DanaRobinSays.

The Top Selling Protein For 20 Years*

Jennifer Lee has had a successful
career in the ¿tness industry. She is a Certi¿ed Nutritionist, a Certi¿ed Fitness Nutrition Coach, a Certi¿ed Personal Trainer and a proud Max Muscle franchisee. Jennifer is driven to show others how they can make their health and ¿tness dreams a reality. She owns the Max Muscle in Las Vegas at Centennial Hills and plans to open another store in Las Vegas. She is married and is the mother of two boys.

*Based on Sales in Max Muscle Store Locations


For more information or to find the store nearest you, visit us online at


Want to contribute to MS&F? Send story ideas/pitches to editor@maxmuscle.com.





MAX GLUTA-MATRIX is an advanced form of glutamine delivery developed by the Research and Development Team at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition. Gluta-Matrix's proprietary Gluta-Tri Triple Fusion™ technology surpasses what regular glutamine can do by combining three unique forms of glutamine to enhance the uptake and absorption of glutamine into the body for optimal muscle recovery and repair. The specialized glutamine peptides in Gluta-Matrix have been shown in studies to be more than 2 times as effective as regular glutamine.* Gluta-Matrix is flavorless and can be added to any protein drink or sports beverage to ensure that your body is getting what it needs to maximize performance.

Gluta-Matrix is turbocharged glutamine!

Wang Y, Jiang et al. The glutamine dipeptide-supplementation * 1.meta-analysis ofZM, Nolan MT,clinical trials.impact ofJ Parenter Enteral Nutr. 2010;34:521-9.parenteral nutrition on outcomes of surgical patients: a randomized JPEN 2. Cruzat VF, Tirapegui J. Effects of oral supplementation with glutamine and alanyl-glutamine on glutamine, glutamate, and glutathione status in trained rats and subjected to long-duration exercise. Nutrition. 2009;25:428-35. 3. Asprer JM, Llido LO, Sinamban R, et al. Effect on immune indices of preoperative intravenous glutamine dipeptide supplementation in malnourished abdominal surgery patients in the preoperative and postoperative periods. Nutrition. 2009;25:920-5.



L E A R N M O R E AT M A X M U S C L E . C O M

While on vacation in Lake Tahoe for my wife Alexandra's birthday, I got a cool shot of her with the magazine and her two favorite products. Thought we should share. Keep up the great work on the magazine!

–Jason Mayol, franchisee Max Muscle San Mateo, CA via email

Tina Linden

Phil Heath

As a mother of twin boys (13 months) and a little girl (3 years), I am back at my competition weight of 147 pounds and body fat of 8.75 percent thanks to the support and guidance of Max Muscle Huntington Beach at Gold's Gym. As most moms can attest, the journey back to your ˝normal self˝ after childbirth is not an easy road. It takes time for your emotions to adjust back, your hips and glutes to – if you're lucky – go halfway back to their normal size and then train on four to five hours of sleep each night if that (not to mention breast-feeding). After my twins, I had 61 pounds to shed. But through hard work, prayer and staying committed, I am proud to represent Max Muscle Huntington Beach and all mothers who think they can't do it – because it can be done. No magic pill, just hard work. With my arsenal of Max Muscle supplements (Max Liqui-Carn, Max CLA, MaxPro, Max Glutamine and Max Pro BCAA), I was fueled for my workouts. I ate right, trained hard and now my children understand that their mother will never quit and hopefully they won't either. To all mothers and women: NEVER QUIT.
–Tina Linden, 39, Huntington Beach, CA

Take your picture with a copy of MS&F or your favorite Max Muscle product(s) and email it to us at editor@maxmuscle.com for a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue!
year’s and prior year’s event through the Pyrenees Mountains of southern France. We are pictured here upon completion of one of our many climbs at the top of Col de Portet d’ Aspet. We spent 8 months preparing for this trip with the help of Nick Juran and Adam Sweet from Max Muscle, Coralville, IA. They provided us guidance in building strength and developing proper nutrition plans to assist our mountain climbing that included many 10 percent average grades for 10+/- miles. The four of us have become stronger and leaner thanks to Nick and Adam. To help us prepare and maintain our improved fitness levels, we use EnduroMax, Max Gluta-Matrix, Xtinquisher and MaxPro along with our daily nutritional supplements Essential Omega and Vit-Acell.
–Tom Gantz, via email

Riding the Tour de France

My wife Peggy, twin brother, Tim, sister, Cathy, and I spent our vacation watching the 2012 Tour de France and bicycling many of the routes that were featured in this


FitExpo a Huge Success

San Jose’s FitExpo took place July 14 and 15 at the San Jose Convention Center. TheFitExpo brought together thousands of fitness enthusiasts from Northern California and around the world. Over 100 companies were on hand to display their products, offer show discounts and give away complimentary samples. It was the first of its kind in San Jose and your Max Muscle San Jose team (Lance Tomlinson, Chris Law, Jon Cornelious and Josh Atkinson) were there to represent. We purchased three booths at a prime location to ensure a quality flow of traffic. We featured several key Max Muscle supplements including Emerge, Lipo RED, 2TX and Vit-Acell – all at a buy 1 get 1 50 percent off. After day one, we had done roughly $5K in business. Day two was a little slower, but we managed another $3K. The sales were great but the connections we made and the brand recognition were outstanding! To say that the FitExpo was a success would be an understatement. We hit a home run at one of California's largest and best known fitness events. A special thanks to Max Muscle corporate for supplying us with such a professional looking booth. Also, a thank you goes out to our Regional Director, Mark Sarale, for a ton of work behind the scenes.
–The guys at Max Muscle San Jose, CA

Duane Franzen

Many awards were handed out at this year's Max Muscle convention in August. Here are the awards for Outstanding Stores of the Year. The winning franchisees are standing in between Max Muscle President, Sean Greene and Max Muscle CEO, Joe Wells. Be sure to check back next month for more awards and photos!

Hamming It Up

I recently ran in a Make a Wish 5K in polyester bellbottoms and matching vest. Not my typical race wear. I was trying to look like Steve Martin from his SNL skit with Dan Aykroyd: two wild and crazy guys.
–Duane Franzen, via email

Inline Skate Team

Max Muscle San Jose guys at the San Jose FitExpo in July.

Here is a picture of the Max Muscle Inline Speed Team at the Northshore Inline Marathon held September 15. The team was the largest of its kind in the event of more than 3,000 skaters. In addition to the many single medals awarded to team members, the team won the Team Challenge, an event that awards the team with the top five skaters’ best aggregate time. Our youngest skater is 15 (my son Keaton) and the oldest is 70. Both of those skaters took a top 3 finishing time.
–Phil Moen, via email

Mike Pringle, Franchisee Outstanding stOre OF the Year: eastern ZOne

From a Fan

I have been a participant in the bodybuilding lifestyle for more than 33 years now. Between sets, I found myself smiling at the achievements of the featured athletes within your magazine. As a father of 3, and a grandfather of 3, the fitness lifestyle has brought richness, depth and friendship to my life. Keep up the good work with your magazine. Perhaps your goodwill, motivation and inspiration will have your young readers under the iron... 33 years from now.
–Mark Allen, 52, Cynthiana, KY, via email

the BOYens, Franchisees Outstanding stOre OF the Year: central ZOne

Mark Allen


We want to hear from you! Send comments, photos, questions, likes, dislikes to editor@maxmuscle.com.

BrYan cash, Franchisee Outstanding stOre OF the Year: western ZOne




By Joe Wells, Max Muscle Founder and CEO

with Cleanse & Lean Advanced!”
—Amanda Carrier, Los Angeles, CA g ,

that will help you formulate steps and a strategy to accomplishing your goals. You need to visualize the end result and use that as your motivation to get started. Write down the goal. For example, I want to lose 20 pounds in four months. That’s a realistic goal. Twenty pounds in four months is entirely possible if you really want to do it and take the steps necessary to do it. Now, begin formulating a plan and your short-term goals that will lead you to success. Writing all of this down helps you visualize better and ultimately helps you make it happen. Plan out your short-term goals: These will be your daily and weekly goals. These can be as simple as work out every morning for one hour. Or, you can make it more detailed, such as do 20 minutes of cardio and 40 minutes of weight training ¿ve days a week. You decide how detailed it needs to be. Once again this can be modi¿ed, and more creative ideas for training can change your speci¿c goals. And that's OK. Change will sometimes make it more fun and lead to a greater chance that you will not burn out! Start with realistic goals and make sure you get off to a good start. Experts agree that changing any habit takes at least 2-3 weeks to start getting easier. So if getting up a little earlier and getting to the gym is hard for you, then really focus on doing it for the ¿rst 2 weeks! Stay on track and these steps will become a part of your daily routine before you know it. Make sure you check out our website, MaxMuscle.com. Consider joining our 2013 MaxForm Life Challenge. We have thousands of people just like you competing for $25K in prize money. We also have an online social website (MyMaxMuscle.com) that will help you ¿nd many others with the same goals and challenges as yourself. As I mentioned earlier, make your goals realistic. Stay mentally positive and visualize yourself accomplishing your goals and being a happier person. Good luck and hopefully I will see some of you in the all new 2013 MaxForm Life Challenge! MS&F

Attainable goals are the keys to success! As you read through this inspiring

issue focusing on the MaxForm Life Challenge, I decided to place my focus on that of getting started. Many of you will be inspired, but may be hesitant to start. Here are some goal-setting tips that can help get you started today!

Start by Visualizing your Goal: I am a big believer in visualization. You need to see the new you every minute, every hour and every day. The mind is a powerful tool and can be very effective in keeping you motivated. See yourself ¿tting into those jeans that are hanging in the back of your closet! See yourself in that swimsuit this summer or sporting a new set of abs. These visualizations can help you ¿ght those late night cravings that demolish your daily efforts. See it, believe it and be it!


Start with a Long-Term Goal: The long-term goal serves as the main motivation for goal setting. You have to make that general statement

For more information or to find the store nearest you, visit us online at


Joe Wells is the founder and CEO of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition.




Science Based Nutrition

Max Muscle Sports Nutrition offers a comprehensive and complete line of nutraceuticals Every nutraceuticals. Max Nutraceutical includes the Quality Ingredients Guarantee. Max Nutraceuticals are available exclusively through Max Muscle Sports Nutrition.



By Linda Hepler, BSN, RN


If you’ve been a couch potato for awhile and you’re ready to start an exercise program, you don’t need a doctor to tell you that this is a great idea. But according to the Harvard Medical School, you may need a doc to make sure it’s safe for you to begin exercising. While most people can safely start a low intensity exercise program such as walking, it’s always best to check it out if you’re a man age 40 and older or a woman age 50 or older. And those who are unsteady on their feet, have dizzy spells or have a chronic health condition like heart disease, asthma, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, any other bone or joint problem, or diabetes should always check with a doctor before starting an exercise program. When given the OK, it’s a smart move to work with a professional who can help you to develop an exercise program tailored to your own needs. A personal trainer is a good start. Look for one accredited through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) or the American Council on Exercise (ACE). If you have chronic health problems, it may be a good idea to work with a specialist such as a physical therapist to help you work with limitations posed by your condition.


Want to be successful in living a healthy lifestyle? It may take an attitude adjustment, according to researchers from the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research. Data analyzed on diet, exercise and personality types of more than 7,000 people determined that those who believed that their own actions influenced their health outcomes had healthier habits; they ate healthier foods, exercised more, smoked and drank less. Those who believed that good health was influenced by luck rather than personal actions tended to live more of an unhealthy life. The study also analyzed differences between men and women in attitudes about a healthy lifestyle, finding that men wanted physical evidence that practicing good health habits worked, while women enjoyed just the thought that they were leading a healthy lifestyle.

Invest in Your Future Emotional Health With Exercise

We’ve all heard that physical activity can enhance our mood. But new research at the University of Maryland School of Public Health suggests that exercise can help to reduce anxiety over a prolonged period of time. Study participants were divided into two groups: one given a 30 minute period of quiet rest, and the other participating in 30 minutes of moderate intensity cycling. Both groups were tested for anxiety levels by using an anxiety inventory prior to rest (or exercise), post rest (or exercise), and afer viewing a variety of anxiety-provoking photographs. While both exercise and quiet rest were equally efective at reducing anxiety levels initially, those who exercised maintained their calm afer viewing the photographs – while those who had rested experienced increased levels of anxiety.


Don’t let pain hold you back from your active lifestyle. Now you can do what you love without any fear of soreness from troublesome joints. Max Muscle introduces MAX JOINT RELIEF. This product was scientifically designed to provide relief for sore and overworked joints and contains the precise amounts of Glucosamine Sulfate (1,500 mg) and Chondroitin Sulfate (1,200 mg) to support optimal joint movement and flexibility.† MAX JOINT RELIEF also includes MSM that provides beneficial Sulfur to the joints along with Turmeric and Ginger for additional support and helps promote a healthy immune response.† • Scientifically designed to bring safe and effective relief to sore and overworked joints.† • Max Joint Relief contains the precise amount of Glucosamine and Chondroitin tin based on the study done at Boston University School of Medicine.† • Includes ingredients that have been shown to be very effective in the treatment of joint problems related to inflamed and sore arthritic joints.† • Additionally contains MSM, Tumeric and Ginger which have been shown to have an anti-inflammatory affect on joints.†



By Linda Hepler, BSN, RN

Are You Suffering From Health News Anxiety?
How To Read THose 'scaRy' RepoRTs wiTH a GRain of salT
f a recent report by consumer watchdog The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) linking caramel coloring in soda to cancer had you dumping your favorite cola down the drain posthaste – you’re not alone. It’s easy nowadays to have a bad case of health news anxiety. After all, it seems as if every time you turn around, something that you’d previously considered to be relatively harmless is found to be capable of striking you dead – if you don’t watch out. But it may not be quite as bad as it sounds. Nothing sells the news as quickly as fear, says Elizabeth Lyster, MD, a California obstetrician/gynecologist who specializes in hormonal issues. And people seem to have a morbid fascination with scary things. Yet the underlying reason behind the interest in health news, she believes, is a real need for health information and education – a need that is not always met by physicians. “In times past, people used to know, like and trust their doctor,” explains Dr. Lyster. “Or even if they didn’t like him, they at least knew and trusted him. Today, people feel less connection with their doctors.” In large part, according to Dr. Lyster, this lack of connection has to do with the limited amount of time doctors have to spend with their patients these days. According to a recent Medscape survey, the average length of a physician visit is about 13 minutes – enough time for a quick history and


physical examination, but not nearly enough time for the quality of health education that many people want. So most of us – some 80 percent, in fact – go online to search for health information, according to Nancy Hicks, Associate Director of North America Healthcare practice, a branch of Ketchum, a global communications company. What is more, says Hicks, a full 60 percent of those who seek health information online say that what they ¿nd there affects the decisions they make about their health. But it’s hard to make health decisions when there’s so much information out there that seems controversial or conÀicting, or that changes frequently. Alcohol, for example, has been linked to an increased risk for breast cancer, yet many studies show red wine to be heart healthy. Calcium supplements, long considered to be essential in the treatment of osteoporosis, have recently come under ¿re as a risk factor for heart problems. And the prostate speci¿c antigen (PSA) test, used to screen for prostate cancer, and once a routine part of a 40-plus male physical, is believed by many experts to be unnecessary, perhaps even harmful, as it may lead to needless needle biopsies for those who do not have cancer. How to be a savvy health consumer and keep from spinning in circles when you read the latest health reports? Consider this advice from the experts:


The research team at MAX MUSCLE has come up with a product that not only improves your health, but also helps shed excess weight fast! MAX CLEANSE & LEAN™ (MCL) offers a solution to digestive issues as well as a way to remove excess water and waste from the body. You work out hard to stay fit and you want to see the results every day, that’s what MCL can help do. Often stress, poor diet, and everyday life affect the body’s ability to deal with extra fluid and waste causing numerous problems. MCL addresses the water and bloating that many of us hold just under our skin, in our hips, abs, legs and feet. MCL helps naturally release this excess fluid and flush it from the system to help drop weight quickly and lean up. MCL also helps promote regularity, which is essential to health. If you’re backed up, MCL will get you back on track and in the process help you to lose unwanted pounds!†




W W W . M A X M U S C L E . C O M

What to knoW: Scary news headlines feed our fears.
After all, who wouldn’t be terri¿ed to learn that a mosquito bite or even an affectionate lick on the face from Fido may cause a deadly disease?

What to do: Keep in mind when reading health news that it can be more sensational to report things in relative or absolute risk, depending upon the situation. What to knoW: One study (or even two or three) is not
cause for changing your lifestyle. “People often overreact to one study,” says Dr. Jampolis. “You have to look at who the study was done on, how it was done and whether the results apply to you.” In other words, she says, a study done on animals won’t necessarily be replicated in a human population. And research results from a group of elderly, African-American men may not be relevant to a young, Asian woman. Something else to consider – “A study author has a pre-existing bias. Of course, they think their conclusions are right. You need to read in a report whether other reputable sources are quoted, sources who are not involved in the study, to get a more balanced view.”

reality, and read them with a grain of salt, says Melina B. Jampolis, MD, a diet and ¿tness expert for CNNHealth.com. “Many health news reports incorrectly generalize, and the reporters don’t necessarily have the capacity to interpret the study the report is discussing,” she adds. Dr. Lyster agrees. “If you feel scared and concerned when reading health reports online, step away from the computer and review things with your doc. He or she may even be able to track down the original study and help you to understand it better,” she says.

What to do: Keep in mind that headlines don’t always reÀect

What to knoW: Your risks – or your bene¿ts – may not
be as great as the health news portrays. A big source of confusion in understanding how research data is presented, says Dr. Lyster, is the difference between relative risk and absolute risk. For example: 100 women are given a new drug that is thought to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, and 100 women are given a placebo drug (dummy pill). Three years later, two of the women who took the real medication develop breast cancer and four of those who took the placebo develop breast cancer. The results can be reported in relative risk reduction – the two women who took the drug and developed cancer are only half the number of those who took the placebo and developed cancer – or a 50 percent reduction in risk with the drug. If these results are reported in absolute risk, 2 percent, or 2 out of 100 who took the drug developed breast cancer, and 4 percent, or 4 out of 100 who took the placebo developed breast cancer, so the absolute difference is only 2 percent, or 4 percent minus 2 percent. Which headline would you pay attention to – a 50 percent risk reduction using a drug that reduces your risk for breast cancer – or a 2 percent risk reduction?

What to do: If you enjoy reading health news, do so, advises Dr. Jampolis. “But before making lifestyle changes, talk to your doctor or health care provider about your unique situation. You need to customize health advice to your speci¿c needs. No one size ¿ts all.” What to knoW: Different sources of information may give entirely different advice about the same health issue. What to do: If you read a health news report that is scary or that you don’t understand, use your common sense, says Dr. Jampolis. If you need more information, ask your doctor or health care professional. Or look it up using a credible source such as WebMD.com or MayoClinic.com, she adds. Another good source, according to Dr. Lyster – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC.gov. MS&F

hEadLInE: oMEGa-3s FLoP aGaIn
Rather than get spooked by alarming headlines and ditch our essential omega-3 supplements, we asked Max Muscle Sports Nutrition's head of product development, Dr. Phil Harvey, just how much weight these recent studies carry.
: I have seen recent headlines regarding at least two studies stating that Omega-3s are not showing significant heart health benefits. Why this change? What does that mean for Max Muscle products like Max EFAs and Essential Omega?


: If we consider the totality of all the published medical and scientific literature on omega-3 fatty acids, the

positive benefits far outweigh any negative ones. There have been thousands of published studies on the positive cardiovascular and overall health benefits of eating a diet rich in cold water fish or flaxseed oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These have involved epidemiological (population-based), observational, clinical and basic science studies. The vast majority have shown positive benefits of eating a diet rich in fatty fish containing omega-3 fatty acids or using omega-3 dietary supplements. The recently published meta-analysis in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is not even a clinical study, but a composite review of several small studies having many methodological flaws masking the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, authoritative bodies like the American Heart Association, National Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, National Academy of Sciences and others all recommend a healthy intake of omega-3 fats or omega-3 supplements to lower risk of cardiovascular disease, and this new study does not change any current guidelines. Our customers should not be swayed by these results and should continue using Max EFA, Essential Omega, Max Flax Oil or the other fine omega-3 products in our Max Nutraceutical line for cardiovascular, cognitive and overall health benefits.





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By LaRue Novick

UPS and DOWNS S of Amanda's
IncredIble Transformation
223 lbs.


Starting weight Ending weight
150 lbs.


34 percent

Starting body fat Ending body fat

22 percent

manda Freeseman, 27, of Champlin, MN, looks like the All-American girl next door: blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, big smile and tall – 6-foot-1 tall. After getting to know her, you’ll quickly discover she’s as sweet as she is beautiful, and just as sincere, too. Amanda is the newest champion in Max Muscle's annual $25K MaxForm Life Challenge contest. She shed the weight and got her life back in more ways than one. “We are beyond thrilled and excited to have Amanda as our winner,” says Corey Barke, franchisee of the Max Muscle store in Minnesota where Amanda shops. “She is a gem and inspiration to all our customers and myself.”

T Old M e! he

Apparel: Publi




Photos by Frank Fontanilla

dark years’ I like to call them,” Amanda recalls. “I honestly hated every moment of them.” Being injured all the time, Apparel: BodyRio.com not being able to play, not being as good at volleyball as she once was – all took a heavy toll on her. “It was embarrassing to me how unathletic I The Downs felt,” she admits. “No one wanted me on Amanda’s diet struggles began long before her college their practice team and I really missed the roller coaster ride of yo-yo dieting and a tear-inducing, competitiveness of the game.” life-changing moment in a public women’s bathroom Amanda turned to sweets for comfort. when a stranger asked the non-pregnant Amanda And since she was no longer practicing for when her baby was due. volleyball, the pounds began to pack on. Amanda's journey began when she was just a Then a trip to the store to buy a bathing child. She wasn't overweight; quite the opposite: suit for a weekend getaway in 2006 shocked thin and super athletic. She’d burn countless her into action. She, like so many people calories playing sports like soccer and softball, who don’t know how else to lose weight, practicing gymnastics for hours at a time and dodrastically reduced her caloric intake and ing three-a-days with her club volleyball team. got down to a comfortable size to wear But Amanda had a secret. When no one else a bikini. This started a multi-year yo-yo was around, she liked to binge on sweets. diet battle. She’d lose, then gain it “I remember riding my bike back. Lose. Gain. Lose. Gain. several miles to the nearest gas “I really had no idea what I was station and buying doughnuts, doing,” Amanda admits. “In order candy bars and sugary drinks to lose weight, I would eat very Monday: biceps and triceps; 30 min. cardio and eating all of it in one sitfew calories and do a ton of cardio. Tuesday: quads and calves ting,” says Amanda, admitting I did zero weight lifting and surely Wednesday: back; 30 min. cardio that this trend continued into didn't get enough protein. No Thursday: hamstrings and calves high school and college. “Lookwonder I kept gaining it back!” Friday: shoulders; 30 min. cardio. ing back, I realize now that I A ¿nal surgery on her injured knee Saturday: chest; 30 min.cardio would eat as much bad food as in December 2010 left Amanda I could get my hands on whenSunday: Rest in crutches for three months and ever I was out of the house recovering for a year. She was because my parents didn’t keep so afraid of how much weight For cardio, I either do a spin class, elliptical, stair sweets in the house. My parents she would gain because of being climber or jog slowly or walk on an incline. I vary the didn’t know I was doing this.” immobile that she hardly ate. She cardio intensity based on my energy level that day. If I have This way of eating became got skinny – “way too skinny,” she a lot of energy I will do intervals, otherwise if I am feeling the norm for Amanda. She says. never realized the devastating sluggish I will do moderate intensity the entire 30 minutes. But as she got back into her effects of such a sugar-¿lled, regular routine of eating poorly, nutrient-robbed diet until an downing sweets and not working old knee injury permanently Top 10 Playlist out, she ballooned out. As a result, benched her from playing colshe fell into a heavy depression. 1. Drop It Low Ester Dean lege volleyball her sophomore “I had gotten so thin before and 2. Ni** as in Paris Jay-Z & year. She’d earned a scholarKanye West had gotten a lot of compliments ship to Iowa State University at that weight that I was VERY 3. Whip My Hair Willow Smith and was only ever able to play embarrassed when I started to 4. Shots LMFAO one game due to a torn ACL get heavy again,” she says. “The 5. Bulletproof La Roux and medial meniscus and four heavier I got, the more depressed 6. Starships Nicki Minaj painful knee surgeries. With her I became. My binge eating spiraled 7. Rack City Tyga assistant coach by her side and out of control and before I knew 8. Turn Me On David Guetta Amanda in tears once again at it, I had gained all the weight back 9. You Make Me Feel Cobra the doctor’s of¿ce, she realized plus 10 more pounds by October of Starship her athletic days of competi2011, reaching my heaviest weight 10. Look At Me Now Chris tive sports were over. “Those of 223 pounds.” Brown, featuring Lil Wayne two years in college were ‘the The road to success is never smooth. Inevitably, challenges arise and we have to make important decisions, we have to decide if we’re going to ¿ght or give up. Amanda proved in the long run that she is a ¿ghter. This is how her weight loss journey story unfolds:

Amanda's Current Workout Routine




Winning SupplementS

The reason my binges got so bad was I kept telling myself that I would get back on track 'next week,' so that week I would eat soooo much knowing that I wouldn't be able to have the 'good food' for a long time when I was getting back in shape. Problem was, I told myself I would start 'next week' week after week! So, I was just on a continuous binge. I honestly didn't think it was even possible to gain weight that fast, it was crazy! – Amanda freeseman
In October 2011, Amanda could no longer ¿t into her “fat pants.” Then the “when are you due” comment happened, and after another round of tears, she ¿nally realized she had to stop the craziness.

The Ups
Amanda met her husband, Lance Freeseman, after her sophomore year in college. Meeting him and then marrying him four years ago certainly top the charts in Amanda's book. Lance has always been one to encourage and love her for who she is. He was there for her when she had her ¿nal knee surgery. He was there for her when she binged and yo-yo'd. He was also there for her when she decided to join a ¿tness/weight loss competition at her local gym in October 2011, which she also won, by the way. For the contest, the gym had partnered with Max Muscle in Brooklyn Park, MN to do the contestants' weigh-ins and body composition scans. It was at Max Muscle that Amanda learned about proper nutrition and exercise. “I was told all about the importance of getting enough protein, lifting weights, proper calorie intake and supplementation,” she says. “It was a real awakening, that’s for sure.” On her visits to Max Muscle, Amanda noticed the signs on the wall featuring previous MaxForm Life Challenge champions, Maria Adelus and Don Dona. At the prompting of store owner, Corey Barke, and with feelings of intrigue of doing a competition for six months, Amanda of¿cially joined the MaxForm contest on December 3, 2011 and subsequently posted her before photos online on MyMaxMuscle.com for the world to see.



Amanda tried many different Max Muscle products during the MaxForm contest. The stack pictured here proved to be the winning combination in helping her win the contest and take home $25,000!

My favorite diet food is

Greek yogurt mixed with

blueberries, flax and steel-cut oats. My favorite supplement is MaxPro because it tastes great and I can cook with it!


The Downs

Amanda got great advice from the staff at Max Muscle. She scoured the Internet for more tips on how to get in shape the right way. She also learned that a major key to weight loss success was to eat more (of the right foods), not less. Inevitably, however, she faced some challenges. One them was diet saboteurs. “I faced a ton of peer pressure to eat bad and drink alcohol,” she says. “My way to overcome this was to never give in. ... It was very

Amanda freeseman readily admits she has a serious sweet tooth, something that in the past has worked against her. But now, she has found healthy ways to satisfy that sweet tooth with delicious recipes such as these two:
protein pancakeS

Recipe foR


(Makes 1 pancake) Ingredients: • scoop Maxpro Vanilla protein powder 1 • small banana, mashed or blended with food ¾ processor • tsp. cinnamon 1 • large egg white 1

hard to say no, though, and at times, it was hurtful how unsupportive some people were by trying to take me off track. I heard 'Oh, one time won’t kill you!' A LOT.” Amanda's other greatest challenge was the dreaded weight loss plateau. But she kept pushing through by changing her exercise routines or nutrient ratios. “I never stayed at a plateau for too long doing this,” she says.

The Ups

Despite the challenges, Amanda kept her chin up. She never lost focus. And she relied on the tremendous support she received from her loved ones and those online at MyMaxMuscle.com who were also competing in the 2012 MaxForm Life Challenge contest. From November 1, when Amanda weighed 223 pounds at the beginning of the gym competition she started (of¿cially joining the MaxForm contest a month later), to June 16th, Amanda lost a total of 73 pounds. She went from a size 16 to a size 6. A perfect example of Amanda's before and after results came with her friend's wedding. In October 2011, Amanda was ¿tted for a bridesmaid dress for her dear friend Mary Ball's wedding. In June, when the dress came in, Mary asked Amanda if she remembered what size she’d ordered. Amanda said, “I can’t remember, I just know I had to buy a size fat.” The size 16 dress of course didn’t ¿t and she had to have the dress remade. “This story makes me laugh,” says Mary, 25, of Savage, MN. “I think it shows that Amanda is a very humble person, which is rare in people as beautiful as she is, and she never takes herself too seriously.” When Amanda got the call from Max Muscle President Sean Greene informing her that she'd won the MaxForm Life Challenge, she says she was in shock. And as the tears sprung to her eyes, this time they were tears of joy. Since her total body transformation, Amanda says she is different. She no longer binges, she is more con¿dent in her appearance, she feels healthier, her marriage to Lance is stronger than ever, and overall, she is a much happier person. Her friends and family agree. “Amanda has always been an outgoing, enthusiastic person, but I think winning the contest has enhanced that,” says Amanda's best friend Shelly Mootz, 26. “Also, on top of that, I think Amanda has gained a sense of control over her life. She knows what she needs to do to be happy and healthy, and I think that is a great accomplishment that many people wish to have.” Amanda says that winning this contest made her realize she can do anything she sets her mind to, giving her a lot of hope for future possibilities. Are you ready to start your journey? MaxForm 2013 starts December 1. MS&F

Amanda's husband, Lance, steals a kiss during a photo shoot at Max Muscle headquarters in Orange, CA.

WHAt otHerS Are sAying
Q: How has the MaxForm Life Challenge and weight loss changed Amanda in your eyes? A: Amanda's built for the long haul, and it has nothing to do with her physique. She is much more confident now in her ability to set a goal, and then to actually go out and obtain that goal. – Amanda's husband, Lance Freeseman Q: What do you think are some characteristics that helped Amanda win this contest? A: Amanda is hard working, persistent and positive. I don’t think anybody can win a contest like this without possessing all three of these valuable characteristics. – Amanda's friend, Mary Ball Q: Is Amanda a different person today because of her transformation? A: She’s back to her old confident self again. – Amanda's mom, Sheri Amon Q: Has Amanda inspired you in any way through this process? A: Yes, by proving nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself, and you should never give up and always keep trying. – Amanda's dad, Marty Amon

I am well accustomed to losing weight and gaining it back, but this time I feel like I have a whole new Max Muscle toolkit now to help me keep it off for good. I have never had a support system before like I do with the Max Muscle online community; I actually enjoy going to the gym to lift weights, which keeps me going; and because I get to eat a lot more calories now to build and maintain muscle, I rarely feel deprived, which keeps the cravings at bay. – Amanda Freeseman

Directions: Mix together all ingredients until it resembles pancake batter (small amounts of water may be added if it appears too thick or powdery). Pour batter into a skillet on medium-low heat and cook 2 minutes on both sides. the banana can cause it to burn easily, so watch it closely. enjoy! Note: Can be eaten plain or topped with "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray, sugarfree syrup or a serving of blueberries or strawberries. ChoColAte Protein "Cookie" (Makes 1 pancake) Ingredients:

• scoop MaxPro chocolate protein 1 powder • oz. unsweetened applesauce 2 • large egg white 1 • tbs Hershey's Unsweetened ½ Cocoa Powder • tsp vanilla extract ¼ • tbs water ½ Directions: Mix together all ingredients until it resembles pancake batter. Pour batter into a skillet on medium-low heat and cook 2 minutes on both sides. this cooks just like a pancake, but tastes like a moist chocolate cookie! enjoy!






ra XX is an ult l Blown X Ful la orkout formu trated pre-w , concen rgy, strength support ene designed to tive a. The bioac r, and stamin powe lown XXX ts in Full B ide ingredien ase nitric ox hown to incre have been s e ilation, provid tion & vasod produc ance on, and enh ffering functi bu nd r explosive a y & power fo energ outs. intense work
rs: XX Delive l Blown X Ful

affeine!* ES MORE C • 2 TIM reatine!* % MORE C A • 50 r 1,3 DMA ranium o • No Ge ree! • Sugar F


*As compared to leading brands.

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By LaRue Novick

Amanda's KILLER

Upper Body Workout
Photos by Frank Fontanilla • Apparel by Elisabetta Rogiani

Complete the following circuit once through with no rest, then rest 3 to 5 minutes and repeat circuit 2 more times. Note that the active rest comes after each exercise.
Dumbbell Shoulder Press on Stability Ball
With back straight, feet on floor, rear end planted firmly on a stability ball and dumbbells in each hand, raise arms up to 90 degrees, palms facing forward. Press the dumbbells up until your arms are straight overhead and then return arms to 90 degrees. Do 12-15 reps. ACTIVE REST: MoCk JuMp RopE foR 1 MInuTE

Alternating Dumbbell Curl on Stability Ball
With a dumbbell in one hand, rest your elbow against your inner thigh and let your arm extend straight down toward the ground. Slowly curl the dumbbell up toward your shoulder, really isolating the bicep. Return to start and repeat for 12-15 reps. Switch sides. ACTIVE REST: 30 MounTAIn ClIMbERS

Arm Raises on Ball
(Note: this is a three-move exercise.) Lay down on the ball, steady yourself with toes on ground, legs locked in place. With dumbbells in your hands, raise arms straight back behind you, then lower and raise them back and up straight out from your sides, then lower and raise them straight up ahead of you. Do 10 to 12 reps (all three points of the exercise combined is one rep). ACTIVE REST: 20 JACkknIfE SIT-upS




Upright Row with Band
Take a dumbbell and wrap an exercise band around it, then secure the handles under your feet. Grip the dumbbell with both hands at gut level, then raise straight up to the level of your chin. Make sure you feel it in your shoulders at the top of the move. Return and repeat. Do 12-15 reps. ACTIVE REST: 20 STAbIlITy bAll Pull-InS

Standing Tricep Overhead Extension
With feet shoulder-width apart, start with your right arm up next to you ear, elbow bent behind your arm, and then slowly straighten your elbow. Really squeeze your tricep at the top. If you need to, use your other hand as a spotter for the working arm. Do 12-15 reps. ACTIVE REST: PlAnk foR 1 MInuTE

Dumbbell Chest Flys on Stability Ball
With your shoulders/upper back resting on a stability ball, legs out and shoulder-width apart, start with dumbbells in hands, arms straight out to your sides. Raise your arms up over your chest, palms facing each other. Make sure you feel a good stretch in your chest each time you lower your arms. Do 12-15 reps.




The secret to a killer upper body is building muscle while blasting fat at the same time. When you combine strength training with periods of active rest movements, your heart rate remains elevated throughout the entire circuit, revealing a lean upper body quicker than you ever thought possible! – Amanda Freeseman, 2012 MaxForm Life Challenge Champ

Like everything in life, things evolve and your protein powder is no different. With the escalating cost of whey and milk based proteins causing consumers to cringe, the Product Development team, headed by chief researcher Dr. Phillip Harvey, was tasked with two main objectives. Formulate a protein that would perform for our customers and exceed their expectations in terms of quality, efficacy and taste. Second - deliver it to our customers at a lower cost. After nearly 8 months in Research & Development, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is proud to introduce the next evolution in protein technology and performance, C.O.M.P which stands for Composite Oligomeric Matrix Protein! C.O.M.P delivers a precision hybrid of multiple high quality proteins featuring Whey Protein Concentrate 80% (WPC 80%). This unique formula includes protein sources with long and short chain peptides comprised of all essential and non-essential proteinogenic amino acids. In addition to WPC 80% which drives the C.O.M.P formula, the Product Development team included modern and synergistic plant-based proteins including Wheat Protein Isolate, Pea Protein Isolate and Brown Rice Protein. You can expect the same high quality that you do with every Max Muscle protein while at the same time benefitting from a more economical price in order to make it easier to meet your daily protein requirements. C.O.M.P is available in delicious Vanilla and Chocolate flavors. Coming Soon to a Max Muscle Store near you or at www.maxmuscle.com





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By Dana Robinson

Don't Get Defeated
MAYbE iT wAs THE dAY you realized that your favorite pair of jeans had grown a bit snug. Or a sideways glance in the mirror revealed a little bit more width in the tummy area. it may have even been that big red circle on the calendar marking your sister’s wedding next month. whatever it was, it got you off the couch and into the gym, and gave you the strength to “Just say No” to the Monday morning bagel and donut buffet at the office. buT THAT wAs THEN, ANd THis is NOw. Now it seems that mixed fresh fruit cups with low-fat yogurt aren’t quite as appealing as a bowl of ben and Jerry’s. And skipping the gym last week? well, you were tired. Like it or not, you’ve fallen victim to some of the frustrations that often come with jumping on the health and fitness bandwagon – the classic bumps in the road that can hinder and sometimes completely destroy your efforts to get fit. but there are ways to circumnavigate these frustrations that can get you back on track before you know it!

Frustration No. 1: “I Just Can’t Do It.”

After a few too many weeks of slow to non-existent weight loss, your initial battle cry of “Yes, We Can,” may have morphed into a sobering whimper that more closely resembles, “I Give Up.” But this particular frustration requires a little bit of mental strengthening in order to overcome its potentially devastating impact.

How to Fight It: DEvElop pATIEncE

“i’ve never trained or worked with someone who’s lost over 100 pounds who didn’t have a week where they gained a few pounds,” says certified personal trainer danny-J of Thesweatybetties.com. “it happens.” The key, danny-J says, is to be patient with the weight-loss process and think of it as a long-term stock market investment (not day trading). “There may be some dips and losses from time to time, but in the long-term, keeping your money in the stock market is bound to earn you more.”


Frustration No. 2: Lose it. Gain it Right Back
How to Fight It: slow Down

Perhaps the only thing worse than gaining the weight in the ¿rst place is losing it and then gaining it all back. So, if you’re trying to get lean and healthy for the second, third or even fourth time, feelings of frustration may set in before you even get started.

Frustration No. 4: Bored Beyond Belief

If you consume one more plate of grilled chicken you’ll scream. And yes, you’ve already tried experimenting with new healthy, Àavorful foods. But sometimes you just can’t beat the occasional healthy-living blahs.

Chris Cianciulli, exercise specialist at the American College of Sports Medicine, believes that when people charge full-force into a strict diet and exercise regimen, they often become “boomerangs.” “They go from being sedentary and never worrying about what they eat to exercising six to seven days a week,” says Cianciulli. “The pounds come off, but after a couple of weeks, the workouts become less frequent. Like a boomerang, the former habits come back and the old body returns.” Cianciulli instead recommends taking a slower-paced approach to fitness. When it comes to exercise, for example, try setting up a realistic schedule that you can stick to for about two months. You can then reevaluate your progress and modify your workout schedule accordingly, which may mean adding more time to your workout sessions or cutting back.

How to Fight It: cheat! But with caution

Frustration No. 3: Weight Plateaus

“Having a ‘cheat meal’ or a treat waiting for you at the end of the week may help you stick to your healthy diet,” says Rania Batayneh, MPH Nutritionist and America’s Eating Strategist. “Looking forward to something, whether it’s a slice of chocolate cake or a warm bowl of macaroni and cheese, could help your resolve during the rest of the week.” Just remember that a cheat is just that: a cheat! It’s a temporary burst of gratification that makes life all the more indulgent, not an excuse to drop your healthy living strategy cold turkey.

In the beginning the weight just melted off, but then the cylinders just seemed to stop ¿ring. Your weight loss has slowed considerably and sometimes you even gain weight! Yep, you’ve hit the dreaded weight-loss plateau. And when the scale’s not budging, it can be very tempting to just give up. According to Sara Haley, ACE-certi¿ed trainer and instructor and Reebok Global Master Trainer, there are many possible causes for weight-loss plateaus. These can range from a slower metabolism brought on by the loss of muscle to simply backsliding into poor eating habits.

Frustration No. 5: My Trouble Zones are Still Troubling

How to Fight It: Reassess the situation

“If you are experiencing a weight-loss plateau, you first need to identify the problem or see what’s missing from your new health regimen,” says Haley. “If you haven’t been weight-training, definitely add it in as it will help increase lean body mass.” Haley also recommends changing up the intensity, duration, frequency or type of exercise you do to keep your body from adapting to your exercise routine. “Changing up routines and styles of exercise is really what works for me,” says Don Dona, who lost 108 pounds to become Max Muscle Sports Nutrition’s 2011 MaxForm Life Challenge Champion. Dona’s workout program included a mix of DVD workouts with weight-lifting and cardio. “If you like to challenge yourself, it’s hard to get bored with so many different ways and styles of exercise that are available for us today.” Weight-loss plateaus can also occur if you’re exercising too much or not taking in enough calories. “Your body can actually respond by decreasing the amount of calories you burn during the rest of the day,” continues Haley. In this case, the best way to get back on track is to ease up on your strict diet and exercise plan or unwind with a gentle yoga class.

Even though your shape is shrinking, there may be a trouble zone or two that doesn’t seem quite ready to get with the program. “In most men (and some women) the abdominal region is often the most dif¿cult area to trim, while the hips, buttocks and thighs tend to be a common trouble spot for most women (and some men),” says Jessica Matthews, an exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise.

How to Fight It: Focus on the Positive

"continue to stick with a program, as the results that you desire will occur in time."

The best way to avoid getting frustrated by those trouble zones is to focus not only on the positive physical changes that you’ve already made, but on the positive changes that aren’t reflected in the mirror. “Many of the psychological and emotional benefits of physical activity, such as improved mood, improved quality of sleep, increased concentration, decreased stress, etc., begin to occur almost immediately,” continues Matthews. “…continue to stick with a program, as the results that you desire will occur in time.” MS&F




By Amanda Freeseman, 2012 MaxForm Life Challenge Champion

empowered than I do right now. The steps it took to get where I am today will never be more clear in my mind than at this very moment; now is the time to capitalize on this opportunity! The 2012 MaxForm Life Challenge helped me develop a powerful toolkit of knowledge. Through journaling online about my struggles, what I ate, what I lost, how much I exercised, etc., I found out what works for me and what works for the many others in the online community at MyMaxMuscle.com. From the people at my local Max Muscle store in Brooklyn Park, MN I discovered invaluable information about nutrition and supplementation to help me be successful. Through many a trial and error coupled with my hunger for more knowledge about ¿tness and health, I gleaned enough information to not only help me lose more than 60 pounds and get my body and self-esteem back, but to win the 2012 MaxForm contest. It’s such an honor to be crowned “the champion,” but really, all of us who embarked on our weight loss journeys together are champions in my book! Now it’s my turn to pass on everything I learned on my journey to you. Just like anything in life, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Remember those algebra equations you once had memorized? I didn’t think so! Without a doubt, I will be challenged in the future – maybe even in this monthly column – to remember those tools in my knowledge toolkit, like when I will need to help my body bounce back from pregnancy some day, or learn how to cope with a slower metabolism as I age, or give advice to a friend on how to get back in shape. I

I have never felt more

know that if I fail to plan, I am planning to fail. So, how am I going to remember everything in my “toolkit of knowledge?” Lucky for me, I printed out every single journal entry I posted on MyMaxMuscle.com and have placed them in an easily accessible three-ring binder. Good thing I kept track of my daily food intake online because those have all been printed and added to the binder, too. My exercise logs, though they are a bit smelly from their home in my gym bag for so long, are in that binder as well along with the monthly weigh-in statistics that my local Max Muscle printed for me. Most of what I learned has been recorded in some fashion throughout my journey in the MaxForm competition. It would be nice if I could summarize everything into a one-page “¿tness bible,” but seeing as how most of my journey was trial and error, that one-pager probably isn’t possible. What I can do, however, is analyze all of my journals, logs and statistics and put together a bulleted outline of tips and tricks that I can easily look back on in the future and think to myself, “Oh yeah, I remember that!” whenever I need a ¿tness or health re-awakening. So, when that baby comes one day, when my metabolism seems to have come to a halt, and when my friends ask me for help, I will be con¿dent in knowing that I might not remember exactly what tricks I used to get in shape, but I will know exactly where to ¿nd the information to spark my memory! Here is the good news for everyone reading this article – I love to help others! Be sure to check each issue of Max Sports & Fitness for my latest column. Are you a part of the Max Muscle online community? If so, send me a friend request and let’s connect! I hope in some way I cannot only help myself with what I have learned, but can also help others achieve their ¿tness and health goals as well. MS&F

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o by








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By Jessica Wyland • Photos by Frank Fontanilla



Max Muscle Franchisee and longtime bodybuilder Austin Browne is no doubt a tough guy, but he lives to help others get fit and get healthy for life.


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eople notice Austin Browne because of his impressive physique. They talk about him because, not only is he ¿t, he is also 50 years old. For Austin, the owner of two Max Muscle Sports Nutrition franchises in the Southern California cities of Riverside and Moreno Valley, it’s not about staying in shape. It’s about being happy. “I love life,” said Austin. “The whole thing about life is to be happy. If you’re not happy, then change something.” ‘Change something’ is just what Austin did 10 years ago when he injured his back and his doctor recommended surgery. Instead of heading to the operating table, Austin AUSTIN'S MeAl PlAN hit the gym. By building up Breakfast: egg whites and oatmeal auxiliary muscles, Austin Second meal: brown rice healed his back injury and with ground turkey avoided surgery. Lunch: Chicken with yams Then Austin made another or sweet potatoes and dramatic change. He walked vegetables away from a lucrative career Fourth meal: 4 percent as a heavy equipment meground sirloin with brown chanic to become a Max Musrice cle franchisee. Dinner: chicken with yams Austin had always been or sweet potatoes and vegetables dedicated to ¿tness – he Before bed: MaxPro with 2 had worked on the side scoops Max Glutamine as a personal trainer and made meal plans for his 3 fAvorITe clients. Once he jumped into franchise ownership, Austin exercISeS earned certi¿cation as a  Deadlifts personal trainer and nutrition  Incline Press specialist.  Squats Now he is happy to have the opportunity to help clients MAx MUScle make healthy life changes. “I SUPPleMeNTS love to teach people what I  MaxPro have learned,” Austin said. “It’s  Max Glutamine always been my love to see  Pro BCAA people losing weight, taking  Tribustak less medication and lowering  Max Anabol their cholesterol.”  Max CLA and L-Carnitine Austin believes that everyone (to stay lean and keep has time to exercise and burning fat the healthy way) change the way they eat.  FBXXX (his favorite They just need motivation. For product) to fuel workouts many people, himself included,  Max Vit-Acell, Essetial motivation comes from family. Omega and Max The healthier you are, he Nutraceuticals Prostrate reasons, the more time you Health & Liver Support (for will have to spend with your overall health, which he says children and grandchildren. are important because having Austin looks forward to a nice physique is one thing, enjoying many more decades but being healthy inside is with his son, Cody, 21, and what really matters most.) daughter Kalee, 24. As for his personal regimen, Austin goes to the gym a minimum of ¿ve days per week. He does 45 to 60 minutes of weights and 30 minutes of cardio. The gym is his time to himself where he can listen


to music and, as he says, “go for it.” He’s been going for it, in terms of competing as a bodybuilder, since age 42. Of course racking up hours at the gym counts for plenty, but Austin maintains that exercise is only 20 percent of the story. “The secret to this is that it all comes down to nutrition,” he said. “It’s always good to exercise, but if you want a body change, you have change your life.” When he says ‘change your life,’ Austin is talking about eating habits. He eats six to seven meals per day – roughly one meal every three hours – which he prepares ahead of time during the weekend. If he is having a busy day, he can replace any of the meals with a Max Pro shake. For clients, Austin offers speci¿c advice: “Have a meal plan you enjoy so you’re never hungry,” he said. “I don’t believe in counting calories. I use measuring cups and a food scale. Quit reading labels. Eat healthy food you enjoy and weigh your portions.” Of course there is room for a splurge now and then. “I always have a cheat meal on weekends,” Austin said. “I believe in a cheat meal, not a cheat day – that will just mess you up. For me, if it’s a football Sunday, I might have pizza and beer. Otherwise, my cheat meal is a burger and a milkshake.” MS&F

At age 50, Austin Browne competed at the June 2012 NPc West coast Classic. He Ànished 4th In Masters 40 and older and 2nd in Heavyweight Novice.




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By Lisa Maiorana


Add a little pop of color to any outfit with fall's most versatile fashion accessory.
1/ Old SchOOl charm


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Be a beacon of light in this cheery Rock Thready Infinity scarf by Lulu’s. The soft fabric knit scarf can be wrapped around the neck two or three times for a cooler look that is oh so chic. $21at Lulus.com

2 2/ Edgy and Fun

3 4

Enjoy an early morning run with the What the Fluff scarf by Lululemon. Created with 800 premium goose feathers, this cozy and weightless scarf will keep you warm without bogging you down. A hidden zipper pocket allows for smallitem storage. $68 at Lululemon.com

3/ light aS a FEathEr

4/ carvEd tO PErFEctiOn

This fringe oblong scarf in Firefly Pumpkin complements the fall season effortlessly. Its punch of color and lightly printed detail turns a boring outfit into a smashing one! $29 at Lindsay-Phillips.com


Perfect for a quick coffee run! Swirl this scarf around your neck just once to oblige the hand pocket benefits and keep your hands warm in addition. $55.50 at SanDiegoHat.com (Search: Women’s Knit Scarf)

5/ cOzy and SimPlE


Take any bland outfit and liven it up with the Kirby scarf by Nobis. The Nordic design featured on this knit scarf creates a classic outdoors look without the need for a roadtrip. $55 at Nobis.ca

6/ PattErn dElight


(with Max Liqui Carn)
• Efficiently Burns Fat for Optimal Weight Loss† • Provides Energy for Muscles During Exercise† • 1250mg of Active L-Carnitine per Serving† • Supports Accelerated Fat Metabolism† • 100% Natural, Safe & Effective† • Available in 16 OZ & 32 OZ • Tastes Delicious!




By Abby Hoeffner


COLD WEATHER weekend wear
The chill factor may be dipping but that’s no reason for your weekend wardrobe to suffer. Incorporate the items we’ve gathered here for a look that’s polished with a manly, rugged edge.


A plaid Amicale cashmere scarf keeps your neck warm without being too heavy. $57.50 at Amazon.com This Black Sheep Irish Fisherman’s Sweater from Orvis combines undyed, naturally brownish-gray color of black sheep wool with a bit of white wool to get this distinctive, heathered color. $109 at Orvis.com Hilfiger Denim designed a detail-loaded cotton jacket heavy enough to keep out the chill, but light enough to wear over a sweater. $344.92 at US.ASOS.com Jeans work in all seasons, but we recommend a darker wash for autumn and winter days like this indigo Citizens of Humanity “Sid” straight fit pair. $205 at Bloomingdales.com These classic, sheep leather Nappa Gloves from Gant have timeless appeal that can be worn with everything from suits to jeans. $137 at US.Gant.com Toes will stay dry and toasty in these cotton and wool blend Lands End Fox River Ragg Socks with memory-knit construction that holds form, wash after wash. $29.00 (2 pack) at Landsend.com






4 3 6


We love the Tackhead 8-inch boot by Timberland Boot Company for its weathered appearance and lightweight, go-anywhere soles. $295 at Shop.Timberland.com



ı NOVEMBER 2012 012

During sleep, catabolic processes take place in our bodies, which minimize the positive effect of training. MAX ZMA promotes the secretion of anabolic hormones, thus assisting your body to increase muscle repair, reduce fatigue, and replenish your body with essential nutrients. By combining zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B-6, MAX ZMA also boosts your body’s production of testosterone, which not only helps your body heal itself during rest, but also promotes a refreshing and thorough sleep. A breakthrough study at Western Washington University has found zinc monomethionine may be absorbed better than other forms of zinc and improves zinc levels without adversely affecting copper levels (Brilla and Conte, 1999)*.

*L.R. Brilla and Victor Conte; Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, Vol. #31 #5; May 1999


By Rochelle Marapao

Eat Up Slim Down 12

wAys To geT The mosT ouT of your NuTrITIoN PLAN (ANd Lose The mosT weIghT, Too)!
For many of us, losing weight would be easy if it wasn’t for that motivation killer – hunger. Not surprisingly, hunger is the number one reason why most diets fail. Research has shown that when it comes to fueling your body, less isn’t necessarily better. It’s all about making smarter choices and sticking to a consistent workout routine. Here are 12 tips to help you eat up and slim down!


EAT MORE FIBER Fiber doesn’t just prevent constipation, it’s also credited with reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and diverticular disease. “Even though ¿ber intake can help us to maintain or lose weight and help with the overall performance of our bodies, most of us are ¿ber de¿cient,” says author, celebrity trainer and TODAY Show ¿tness correspondent, Kathy Kaehler. The average American adult eats only

15 grams of ¿ber per day, but according to an Institute of Medicine study, men need 38 grams per day while women need 25 grams per day. Five top natural sources of ¿ber include berries, legumes, vegetables and seeds, such as Àax, sunÀower and pumpkin. Kaehler adds that there are ¿ber powders available that easily dissolve and can be added to water, shakes, baked goods and other foods. “This is a delicious and simple way to get your ¿ber intake without having to give it much thought,” she says.




IT’S NOT A DIET! There’s a stigma attached with the D-word that ultimately leads to failure in most people. Stop thinking of it as a “diet!” Learning to make intelligent food choices is a lifestyle change that takes time and dedication. Dianne Carlos, franchisee of Max Muscle Natomas in Sacramento, CA says, “We have choices to make every day that either support our ¿tness goals or don’t. When you want something not so healthy, ask yourself, ‘Is this going to help me achieve my goal?’ If the answer is no, then you have a choice to make. If you choose to eat unhealthily, don’t beat yourself up and throw in the towel. Get back to healthy eating with the next meal. One bad meal won’t sabotage your result, but a series of them will!”

Protein is a vital part of your daily diet. Choosing healthy protein sources is important for many reasons, including the decreased consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol. The American Heart Association recommends that 10 to 15 percent of your calorie intake should come from a source of protein. “Protein builds muscle and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn,” says Hollywood Nutritionist and Registered Dietician Lisa DeFazio. “Choose lean protein such as chicken, tuna, salmon, egg whites, turkey and lean beef. Greek yogurt is also a good source of protein and protein powders are great for smoothies to increase daily protein consumption. Protein gives you satiety so you eat fewer calories and maintain or lose weight.”

KEEP A FOOD JOURNAL A food journal is an invaluable tool when you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight. Celebrity trainer Jarrett Del Bene, whose clients include Lindsay Lohan and Lauren Conrad says, “The simple act of recording what you eat, when you eat it and how you’re feeling physically and emotionally can improve your eating habits and help you to make lifelong changes. Regardless of the diet you choose, keeping a food journal can help you to stay committed, motivated and on track.” For those who don’t want to keep a manual log, there are also many mobile apps available such as MyFitnessPal.com to make it easy!


KEEP HYDRATED. Almost two thirds of the human body is made up of water. Its roles include everything from removing waste to regulating body temperature to lubricating joints. Water is calorie free, helps the body rid itself of toxins and also helps you feel fuller faster while eating. Drinking lots of water has been proven to increase metabolism and helps your skin look more vibrant and clear! Lack of water can lead to dehydration, a condition that occurs when you don’t have enough water in your body to carry out normal functions. Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you tired. The Institute of Medicine has determined that an adequate intake (AI) for men is roughly 3 liters (about 13 cups) of total beverages a day while the AI for women is 2.2 liters (9 cups) of total beverages a day.


DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST Skipping breakfast is a common strategy for people who are trying to lose weight, but unfortunately, it’s usually not a successful strategy. Research studies show that people who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. Breakfast should include a healthy source of protein and plenty of fiber; the combination will help satisfy your hunger and will keep you feeling full until lunchtime. “Getting breakfast is very important to get ourselves out of a catabolic state and to get our metabolism rolling,” says Max Muscle Moline, Illinois and Bettendorf, Iowa franchisee, Scott Herkes. “Some people find it hard to make time as they rush out in the morning, so I have a couple of ideas I share with clients to help. Put these ingredients in a blender: ¼ cup of oats, 1¼ cup of skim milk, 1 scoop of Max Pro chocolate protein, 1 teaspoon peanut butter and ½ banana. Blend well. This takes literally two minutes to make and will give you great nourishment. To make it even more healthy, add Max Green Synergy.”




STAY AWAY FROM EMPTY CALORIES Empty calories are everywhere. Beware of the following items that have no real nutritional value and will add inches to your waistline: Soda and other sweetened drinks, such as lemonades, sports, fruit and energy drinks Fancy coffee and tea drinks (hot or cold). Did you know that a 9.5 ounce bottled coffee drink contains around 190 calories and almost 8 teaspoons of sugar? cake syrup, ketchup, Condiments. Pancake syrup ketchup relish and mayonnaise can add to the calories if you are heavy handed. ar

LEAVE THE HOUSE PREPARED The key to success is taking your meals and snacks for the day with you. Planning and preparing your food ahead of time guarantees three important things: you stick to your healthy meal plan; you’re less likely to overeat; you’re controlling your caloric intake. Easy delicious “power snack” suggestions: apple slices dipped in peanut butter or raw, unsalted almonds. MAKE YOUR WORKOUTS A PRIORITY Exercise helps with weight control, strengthens muscles, keeps bones strong, battles stress, enhances sleep and mood and may even improve immune function. You don’t have to limit yourself to the gym to get a good workout. Take it outdoors to change things up a bit to take advantage of the nice weather and crisp air. Go for a run, work out at the park, or take a bike ride and enjoy the scenery. People tend to think that they need to spend hours working out, but you can achieve healthy bene¿ts with a 20 to 30 minute workout three to four times a week. MS&F

LEARN HOW TO ORDER WHEN DINING OUT One of the quickest ways to fall off the wagon is not knowing how to order when you go out to eat. “If you’re supposed to have a piece of lean meat and two types of vegetables, ask your waitress for it. Don’t be shy, that’s what they are there to do,” advises franchisee and Certi¿ed Fitness Nutrition Coach Jamie Free of Max Muscle Cool Springs in Franklin, TN. Avoid foods that are deep-fried, laden in heavy cream sauces and high in sodium, sugar and fat content. Ask for your meal to be prepared in the same way you would normally eat.


EAT SEVERAL TIMES A DAY If you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. But when you’re hungry all the time, eating fewer calories can be challenging. Studies show that people who eat 4-5 meals per day are better able to control their appetite and weight. Divide your daily calories into smaller meals or snacks and enjoy as many of them as you can early in the day.


you're doing great!

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH SUPPORT Going the healthy lifestyle alone is a road that ends before you begin. Surround yourself with healthy eaters and gym goers and you will always have a helping hand when you need it. The results? Success!


What’s Her


Let's be honest. Maybe your first thought when you saw this picture of Tamara in her tight little booty shorts was, "Ugh! I hate her!" (Of course we know you don't really hate her, you just want to look like that in your own pair of booty shorts!) Afterward, you probably wondered, "OK, what's her secret?" Guess what? Tamara's secret has nothing to do with the latest, greatest fat burner. Sure, fat burners can help speed up your metabolism and help you burn fat, but if you want to know the real secret behind getting lean and staying lean, it's protein. That's right. Protein! Contrary to the erroneous belief that protein bulks you up, the truth is, protein actually helps slim you down. Repeat: protein slims you down! You need to eat quality, lean sources of protein every 2 to 3 hours throughout the day to keep your metabolism churning and help your muscles get the toned definition you crave. Max Lean Protein is Tamara's secret! Boasting high-quality protein, Max Lean Protein is a low-calorie, deliciously creamy shake chock-full of fiber that helps curb your appetite, too. It's the perfect protein to help you get lean. Best of all, Max Lean Protein comes in two decadent flavors: Chocolate Mousse and French Vanilla. Try a free sample today at your local Max Muscle store and make Max Lean your secret, too!


L E A R N M O R E AT M A X M U S C L E . C O M


By Susan Irby

Copyright Susan Irby, the Bikini Chef™ 2012

(Serves 10)
•6 lbs. beef chuck, excess fat trimmed •2 Tbs steak seasoning •¼ cup canola oil •¼ cup Cabernet wine •1 white onion, cut into 2 inch chunks •3 garlic cloves, roughly chopped •5 carrots, peeled and sliced into 1-inch thick slices •5 parsnips, peeled and sliced into 1 inch thick slices •3 celery stalks, cut into 1 inch thick slices •1 teaspoon sea salt •1 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper •1 28-ounce can diced tomatoes, with juice •3 14.5-ounce cans beef broth •1 large Granny Smith apple, cored and sliced into 8 slices •3 bay leaves •15 sprigs fresh thyme •2 tablespoons whole peppercorns

Nutritional Information Per Serving

Calories: 517.8 Fat: 23.0g Carbohydrates: 17.8g Protein: 56.7g Fiber: 4.1g Sodium: 753.2mg

1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Pat beef dry, then rub steak seasoning on both sides of beef. 2. Heat canola oil in cast iron skillet or other heavy roasting pan over medium high heat. 3. When oil is hot, but not smoking, add beef and allow to cook for 5 to 7 minutes. Turn beef over and cook other side for another 5 to 7 minutes until beef is browned on each side. Remove beef from pan and set aside. 4. Reduce heat to medium. Add cabernet wine and allow to simmer about 30 seconds to 1 minute. 5. Add garlic, carrots, parsnips, celery, sea salt and ground black pepper and sauté for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. 6. Add beef, diced tomatoes, beef broth, apples, bay leaves, fresh thyme sprigs and peppercorns. 7. Cover roasting pan with lid and place in oven. Cook for 4 to 5 hours until beef is fork-shredding tender. 8. Serve hot.

raising is a cooking technique that may sound intimidating but simply means combining a dry heat cooking method with a wet one. Typical foods used for braising include beef and pork but can also include vegetables like Brussels sprouts and artichokes. In braising, the featured ingredient (beef, pork or vegetables) is ¿rst seared to create a browned appearance, sealing the outer layer. This browning process adds Àavor. Once browned, the protein or vegetable is then transferred to a roasting pan or crock pot to which liquid is added. Over a period of time cooking at lower heat, the protein breaks down, creating a tender, fork-shredding deliciousness. This recipe for Braised Peppercorn Beef results in a pot roast-like dish that incorporates nutrient-rich parsnips in place of carb-dense potatoes and gets added natural sweetness from Granny Smith apples. Parsnips are high ¿ber, low calorie and packed with vitamins and minerals. Combined with protein-rich beef, parsnips help breakdown the protein which builds muscle. A warming comfort food perfect for cooler days, make ahead for quick, easy meals. Use the shredded beef in tacos the next day! MS&F
Susan Irby, the Bikini Chef, is a radio host for Bikini Lifestyles on 790 KABC, an author and specialist in healthy “bikini” cuisine. Follow her at twitter.com/thebikinichef or visit her online at thebikinichef.com.


Power Your Adventure


For Wholesale Inquiries call 1.800.447.4795


By Corry Matthews, MS

Pumpkin vs. Sweet Potato
It’s chilly in the air and you feel cold. Your body is craving something comforting to make you feel all warm and fuzzy! For most of us, we turn to something that’s full of carbs, creams, butter and oh-so full of calories! However, good ol’ comfort foods don’t have to destroy your waistline (even though we know it is under wraps for the next few months) or your calorie budget for the day thanks to two very yummy and very healthy ingredients. Say hello to the pumpkin and the sweet potato! OK, we know what you’re thinking: these two foods are purees that we add sugar, butter, whipping cream, marshmallows and pie crust to! Well, think again! Try the recipes in this article and you are sure to keep your waist and weight in check, while allowing your taste buds to rejoice!

Comfort Food At Its Best

Sweet Potato Pumpkins may not be as easy to ¿nd year round, unless
in a can, but sweet potatoes are! Like its partner, pumpkin, sweet potatoes are loaded with nutrients. Similar to pumpkin, the sweet potato is high in carotenoids and vitamins B, C and E. Additionally, sweet potatoes are high in vitamin D, iron and magnesium. Vitamin D, traditionally known as the “sun” vitamin, is responsible for our energy levels, building healthy bones, nerves, blood vessels, skin and teeth. It is critical to consume this vitamin during the colder months of the year when we spend less time outside in the sun.



• Delivers 1,000 mg of essential o omega-3 fatty acids per serving • Provides 100% Daily Value of Vitamin D per serving • Pharmaceutical grade fish oil without the worry of mercury, contaminants, or fishy taste • Gluten free & Sugar free • All natural fruit flavor • Also Available in Lemon Twist and original Peach Mango Smoothie! AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT:



Sweet Potato Protein Shake (perfect for post workout)
• 1 scoop chocolate MaxPro or Triple Whey protein powder • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk • 1/3 cup cooked sweet potato • 1 Tbs natural peanut butter • Cinnamon to taste • Handful of ice cubes Instructions: Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender. You can add water for a thinner consistency. Nutritional breakdown: 1 serving Calories - 188 Fat - 6g Cholesterol - 30 Sodium - 344mg Carbohydrates - 19g Fiber - 4g Sugar - 8g Protein - 30g


Sweet Potato

Ounce per ounce, there are quite a few differences between pumpkins and sweet potatoes, and these key factors are what will make you choose one vs. the other when it comes to cooking! Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet and have nine times as much sugar per cup, as well as five times more calories than pumpkin however, they are also higher in fiber, potassium, vitamins A and C, iron and calcium. Pumpkin, although not as sweet, is clearly the “low-carb” option. The most important choice for many will be taste! “The taste difference between sweet potatoes and pumpkin is noticeable in baking because the prolonged heat enhances the flavor,” says Trinity Perkins, a certified personal trainer, nutrition consultant and owner of Train with Trin in Woodbridge, Virginia. “The difference is slight but sweet potatoes simply taste much sweeter without the extra spice kick of the pumpkin.”

Pumpkin This fruit is one of the most nutritious fruits available. Not only is it low in fat and calories, but it’s also high

in ¿ber. Pumpkins’ disease and anti-aging properties are mighty impressive, too! The powerful anti-oxidants vitamin A, C and E found in pumpkin help to protect the cell membranes within the body, maintain the integrity of the skin and protect against lung and oral cavity cancers. Vitamin C also plays a vital role in bone and tooth formation, digestion and blood cell formation. The alpha-carotene and beta-carotene promote healthy vision, ensure proper immune function and may also reverse skin damage caused by the sun. The carotenoids further boost immunity and lessen the risk of heart disease. These facts lead many physicians and dieticians to recommend pumpkin to their patients with cholesterol issues. If that isn’t enough, pumpkin is also rich in minerals like copper, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.



Pumpkin Spiced Oatmeal
• 1½ cup quick oats • 1 oz walnuts • 1 oz dried cranberries • Cinnamon and nutmeg to taste • ¾ cup pumpkin puree • 1 cup water • 2 cups unsweetened almond milk • 1/3 cup brown sugar Instructions: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients together. Spray an 8x8 baking dish with cooking spray. Pour oatmeal mixture in the baking dish Bake in the oven for 35 minutes. Remove and immediately stir the mixture. The texture should be thick and creamy. Nutritional breakdown: Makes four 1-cup servings Calories - 236 Fat - 8g Cholesterol - 0mg Sodium - 77mg Carbohydrates - 45g Fiber - 3g Sugar - 20g Protein - 5g

Pumpkin Spiced Pancakes
• ¼ cup vanilla Greek yogurt • ½ cup pumpkin puree • 2 Tbs cane sugar • 2 whole eggs • 7 Tbs gluten-free Àour • Cinnamon to taste Instructions: Mix all ingredients together and cook on a pancake griddle on the stovetop. Nutritional breakdown: Makes seven 3-inch pancakes Calories - 45 Fat - 2g Cholesterol - 32mg Sodium - 23mg Carbohydrates - 5g Fiber - 0g Sugar - 2g Protein- 3g

Loaded Sweet Potato
• 1 sweet potato • 1 tsp vanilla milk • Nutmeg to taste • ¼ cup walnut halves • 1 oz cranberries • 3 chopped dates • Drizzle of agave nectar

Instructions: Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Wash and cut the sweet potato in half vertically, not down the center. Wrap each half in aluminum foil and place in the oven. Bake for 30-45 minutes depending on the thickness (to save time, microwave the sweet potato on high for 8-10 minutes). Remove from the oven and let the potato cool. Scoop out the center of the potato from each half. Mix the milk, nutmeg, walnuts and cranberries, dates and sweet potato together. Place the mixture back in the sweet potato skins. Drizzle a small amount of agave nectar on each sweet potato. Nutritional breakdown: Makes 2 servings Calories - 158 Fat - 9g Cholesterol - 0mg Sodium - 36mg Carbohydrates - 15g Fiber - 3g Sugar - 3g Protein - 3g

Trinity Perkins, who shared these recipes and corresponding photos with MS&F, is an AFAA and AFPA certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant. She currently owns Train With Trin in Woodbridge, Virginia, and is quickly becoming known for her delicious healthy treats featured on her website TrainWithTrin.com.




By Jennifer Lee

Fat is EssEntial For optimum HEaltH
You know essential fatty acids should be part of your diet. Well, with Max Muscle’s three delicious EssENTIal OMEGa flavors, getting your healthy fats is not only a cinch, it’s a treat!
earing the word “essential” when it comes to health and nutrition is usually enough to make people sit up and pay attention. By now, most of us know what “essential” fatty acids are and why we need them. Yet for some reason a large segment of the population still are not getting enough for optimal health. Since essential fatty acids (EFAs) cannot be made by the body, we need to get them through our diet.


omega 3s have been shown to improve behavioral problem in kids including those with aDHD. studies have also shown that kids who take Àsh oil supplements have improved reading skills.


BeneÀts of Essential Omega for Sports Performance • Strengthens immune system

• Increases fat burning and “fuel partitioning” (important for both energy metabolism and improved body composition) • Strengthens joints and ligaments • Plays a postive role in growth hormone production • Speeds healing from injuries • Reduces inmammation
We have been buying Essential Omegas for a few months now. We started buying the product for our family of five because we are health conscious, active and have a little guy with some heart and skin issues. We have three boys ages 13, 6 and 5. They all take the Essential Omegas, and we have all noticed a difference since taking the supplements. My 13-year-old seems more focused and my husband and I notice that difference also. Our youngest has had some issues and we thought this may benefit him long term, so he takes it every day! His skin is clearer now and none of us have been sick since taking this! I think this has been very helpful for our immune system, and helping keep three boys focused! We love the taste. We buy the Lemon Twist and Peach Mango Smoothie because everyone likes a different flavor. It is so easy for the kids to take. They think it’s candy. Thanks Max Muscle for keeping us healthy!

If we know we need essential fatty acids and that they’ll improve our health, why do some of us still not take them? Could it be that burping ¿sh oil for hours is simply unappealing? Or, maybe you’re just tired of swallowing large soft gels. No matter what the reason is, we’ve got the solution for you: an essential fatty acid supplement that tastes like dessert, is fun to take and delivers the “essential” nutrition you and your family need. Essential Omega is ideal for both adults and kids. You’ll love the bene¿ts and the kids will love the taste. At a time when so many people are struggling to lose weight, going “low fat” can be detrimental to your health and to your weight-loss results. It is necessary to consume enough essential fats and doing so will actually increase fat burning. Increased fat burning means an improved body composition (less fat on your body and more muscle)! While low-fat diets and diets high in processed foods have led to lowered intake of essential fats, supplementation with ¿sh oil will provide Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), two essential fats imperative to optimal health.

Why Essential Omega?
• Sugar free and all natural • Pharmaceutical grade (eliminating the concern of mercury and heavy metal contaminants) • Each serving provides more than 1g of omega 3 • Each serving provides 200mg of omega 6 • Each serving provides 400 IU of pharmaceutical grade vitamin D • Delicious; zero lshy taste • Comes in three amazing mavors: Lemon Twist, Pina Colada and Peach Mango

The Blacks, Erie, Colorado Shops at Max Muscle Longmont, CO

Health BeneÀts of Essential Fatty Acids
¢ Improves blood pressure and cholesterol ¢ Improves skin health ¢ increases cognitive skills ¢ Better Eye function ¢ Supports brain function ¢ Supports hormone production ¢ Reduces risk of heart/ cardiovascular disease
Photo by Lauren McKissick

You’ll actually look forward to taking your ¿sh oil when you make the switch to Essential Omega. Start using it today and you’ll begin to burn more fat, improve your cardiovascular system, improve overall health and recover more ef¿ciently after training. Use 1 to 2 servings of Essential Omega per day for best results.

Living in an active state like Colorado, I try to take part in as many outdoor activities as the area has to offer. This requires an intense amount of cardiovascular endurance that is not easy to stay on top of without proper nutrition like adding Essential Omega to your diet.


Chad Martin, 31, Denver, Colorado Shops at Max Muscle in Colorado




Max Muscle Sports Nutrition (MMSN), is pleased to introduce L•TOX for adults to help sustain maximum liver detoxification and protective factors. L•TOX contains 20 specific and highly concentrated herbs and nutraceuticals to modulate the two main detoxification enzyme systems in the liver, known as the Phase I and Phase II pathways. L•TOX also contains important liver antioxidants and nutrients to nourish the liver for optimal function. KEY FEATURES • Promotes Liver Phase I and Phase II Detoxification Systems.† • Provides Nutrients For Balanced Detoxification.† • Antioxidant Protection.† • Advanced and Comprehensive Formula.

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By Dr. Phil Harvey, PhD, RD, FACN
Findings from a recent doubleblind, randomized clinical trial presented at the 2012 Experimental Biology meeting show that a blend of protein sources including whey, casein and soy is superior to whey alone for prolonging the musclebuilding anabolic response and recovery after exercise. This new protein study supports Max Muscle's long-time product development approach of using multisource proteins in our products. Whey, casein and soy all absorb at different rates and by using a protein blend results in increasing protein synthesis for a longer amount of time and supports the 24 to 48 hours muscles need to fully recover. Another important ¿nding from this study is that soy, with an intermediate assimilation rate, is also bene¿cial for maintaining muscle mass as we age in athletes, active adults and non-athletes.


Q&A with
with the Best in Concentrated Liquid Nutrition!
VIT-ACELL™ Anti-Oxidant formula gives you a high potency, great tasting way to get your daily nutrition. VIT-ACELL™ Anti-Oxidant provides 100% or more of the Daily Value of 13 essential vitamins and over 60 major, trace and ultra-trace minerals, beneficial anti-oxidants and other key nutraceuticals. This formula provides you everything you need to support athletic performance, muscle growth and recovery, as well as great overall health. For that extra punch, VIT-ACELL™ Anti-Oxidant contains a combination of healthy fruit concentrates and extracts with each fruit contributing its own unique blend of powerful anti-oxidants and beneficial phytonutrients for overall health and immune support.

Dr. Harvey
I have the Max Creatine Monohydrate and I play football. I heard that I can mix the creatine with my High 5 protein shake. Should I mix them both and drink it in the morning before school or right after practice?


Do you have anything that supports healthy estrogen and hormones without the appetite suppressant?


It is perfectly ¿ne to mix our Max Creatine Monohydrate with High 5. You did not indicate if you have already done the loading phase of creatine and I would recommend this. This information is listed on the label directions of Max Creatine Monohydrate in addition to the Product Data Sheet. It’s pretty simple. Take 1 scoop (5g) of Max Creatine Monohydrate four times per day for ¿ve consecutive days. On day 6 and thereafter, use 1 scoop with your serving of High 5 protein for your maintenance phase. It is perfectly ¿ne to take them both either before school or after your practice, it’s your preference. There are advantages after practice as this combination will help your recovery. Also important is to make sure to consume plenty of pure water during the day as well.


Which one is a better protein powder: one that is made from all whey or a multi-source protein powder?

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I would recommend the following within our Max Nutraceutical (MN) and MMSN lines: The ¿rst product would be our Soy Protein Powder. The bene¿cial phyto (plant) estrogens in soy are called isoÀavones and these compounds are supportive of healthy estrogen and progesterone levels in women. Our Soy Protein Powder is also a good source of ¿ber, calcium, magnesium and selenium and comes in both vanilla and chocolate Àavors. The second MN product is Black Cohosh. Our special Black Cohosh is standardized to 8 percent triterpene glycosides, which is the main bioactive constituent of the plant. This standardization assures you are getting effective and continuous hormonal support. My third recommendation is our MMSN Flax Oil. Many women overlook the hormonal bene¿ts of Àax oil. Flax Oil is an excellent source of lignans and these Àax lignans contain a special compound called secoisolariciresinol diglycoside (SDG) that research has shown supports healthy hormone levels in women. MS&F

Got a question for Dr. Harvey? Email it to him at drphil@maxmuscle.com.


Who is Dr. Harvey? Phillip W. Harvey, PhD, RD, FACN, is the Chief Scientific Officer for Max Muscle. A leading expert in nutritional biochemistry and sports nutrition, he has been involved in education, research and the nutritional industry for more than 25 years.




The Max Muscle Authorized Third Party Program ensures Max Muscle customers that the brands that appear on this page have passed the requirements in place to become authorized to be sold inside Max Muscle store locations nationwide. As a consumer you should demand that the products you are ingesting to help you accomplish your health & fitness goals do what they claim to do and adhere to the current Good Manufacturing Practice requirements that have been put in place by the Food & Drug Administration.

CNS Black’s Nocturnal Modulation Formula provides GABA and a balance of other key ingredients to support circadian modulation for a deeper and restful night’s sleep. CNS Black also provides precursors to support healthy levels of GH and IGf-1 along with neuromuscular optimization benefits and promote maximum recovery from exercise. COMING SOON to your local Max Muscle store!


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. Ro by J




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Team Max Muscle Athlete, NPC Bikini Competitor


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