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20101110_Avery Final Report for COS

20101110_Avery Final Report for COS

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Published by Mark Dierolf

Organizational Assessment for the City of Salinas by Avery & Associates.

Organizational Assessment for the City of Salinas by Avery & Associates.

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Published by: Mark Dierolf on Nov 15, 2012
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Human Resources is currently staffed with three positions plus an Interim Human
Resources Officer. A survey of other jurisdictions revealed that most have HR dedicated
staff and an Officer or Director in a separate HR Departments or as an office or division of
the City Manager’s Office and were staffed at higher levels than Salinas.

Given limited financial resources, we proposed in another section of this report that a
current position be reclassified to a high level professional classification and that HR would
be under the supervision of a deputy city manager which would be created through a
transferred position from the Parks and Community Services Department. This function
would remain a division of the City Manager’s Office. Complex labor negotiations would
continue to be done by contract.

We believe that HR and Finance are specialized areas with little overlap, and the needs of
both functional areas are best addressed with focused attention by a top manager dedicated
to each. This approach could be evaluated again in a year to confirm the value of
maintaining HR as a separate division in the City Manager’s Office.


There are many challenges facing the proposed Administrative Services Department.
Considerable attention and additional resources will be needed to strengthen its core
services, particularly as staff reductions have made it increasingly difficult to serve the City
with outdated, inefficient systems and procedures. Addressing these problems in a timely,
well-planned way will provide the entire organization with the tools and information it will
need to successfully implement many of the recommendations in this report.


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