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20101110_Avery Final Report for COS

20101110_Avery Final Report for COS

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Published by Mark Dierolf

Organizational Assessment for the City of Salinas by Avery & Associates.

Organizational Assessment for the City of Salinas by Avery & Associates.

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Published by: Mark Dierolf on Nov 15, 2012
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The City’s economic development efforts are generally recognized and supported by
Council, staff and public. However, in the seventeen months that have passed since the City
adopted the Plan, the City has seen: 1) a continuing downturn in the economy; 2) shrinking
revenues with cutbacks in staffing; 3) lack of private funding necessary to support a
regional program; and 4) a local and regional media focus on issues that detract from
positive economic development opportunities, primarily, gang violence in the community.

The Mayor and Council need to focus the very limited resources on primary elements within
the EDP that most directly and immediately affect the City. When the economy recovers --
which appears, based on widely accepted concepts like a "jobless recovery" and perhaps a
double-dip recession to be many months down the road -- the Council can emphasize and
underwrite the broader regional elements of the EDP.

The City must be precise in the allocation of limited resources and answer the following

• What are the specific Council priorities within the broad menu of programs


• How much of available staff time is going to be directed toward each activity? How
is success to be measured?

• Who is responsible for oversight of the program?

All of these questions must be answered in work plans that emphasize action, or else
worthy goals expressed in the EDP will never be attained. The three key elements in the
EDP—business retention, tourism and business attraction--- are described below:

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