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Film Research Project

Film Research Project

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Published by: Mrs. Nordstrom on Nov 15, 2012
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THE TASK: Work alone, with a partner, or in a group with up to three people to create a 5-7 minute presentation about a film genre or a film director. Some ideas for topics are listed below. Your presentation should include the following:    A brief history of the genre/director Short (school appropriate) film clips or still images to support your ideas. Explain what impact this genre/director has had upon the film industry, other directors, other films, and/or the world; OR explain how this genre/director has changed over time to meet the demands of a changing society

TOPIC IDEAS: Choose one of the following genres (or suggest one not on this list):        OR Choose one of the following directors (or suggest one not on this list):             Woody Allen Ingmar Bergman Charlie Chaplin Joel and Ethan Coen Francis Ford Coppola Michael Curtiz Federico Fellini Alfred Hitchcock Stanley Kubrick Spike Lee Fritz Lang George Lucas              David lean David Lynch Roman Polanski Martin Scorsese Stephen Spielberg Orson Welles Wong Kar Wai Peter Jackson John Lasseter Quentin Tarantino Ridley Scott Ang Lee Jane Campion Animation Avant-Garde Comedy Documentary Film Noir Musical Propaganda        Satire Science Fiction and Fantasy Teen Thriller War Western Silent

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