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spring 2013

Celebrate the holidays in handmade style!

Add inspired seasonal style to your gifts and decorations with help from Mollie Makes, the hot new crafty magazine and website. Use your knitting, crochet, mixed-media, and sewing skills to craft unique handmade presents, cards, and decorations. This whimsical book provides step-by-step instructions for over 30 all-new holiday ideas and projects that will help you deck the stuff the stockings, 1 halls,your Christmas crafting and get all wrapped up in no time.
MoLLIe MAkeS has more than

Living and loving a handmade holiday


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crafty holiday inspiration. Find more lovely projects at molliemakes.com.

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Mollie Makes Christmas
Living and Loving a Handmade Holiday

Mollie Makes Christmas is packed with over 20 projects to make for the holiday season as well as ideas and inspiration for decorating with handmade holiday flair. With brand-new designs from your favorite contributors to the magazine, readers will learn how to stitch up a felt wreath, create paper-cut ornaments, crochet a tiny reindeer or two, make custom holiday cards, and even create a set of 5 adorable stocking-stuffer finger puppets. detailed instructions as well as a complete set of templates will help readers hook, cut, stitch, and fold their way to a truly handmade christmas for themselves, their friends, and their family.

Mollie Makes fast became one of the hottest crafting magazines when it released its first issue in spring 2011. interweave is pleased to be working with the Mollie Makes brand and will continue to be publishing a series of branded books in the coming seasons.
sewing/Crafting Hardcover plc 7.87 x 7.87, 96 pages isBn 978-1-62033-101-9 $12.95 october 2012 Us & canada rights only


Dora Ohrenstein’s
designs and articles have been published in Interweave Crochet, Inside Crochet, Knit Simple, Crochet Insider, Yarn Market News, and Crochet Today, as well as in several books. she is the author of Crochet Insider’s Passion for Fashion (leisure arts, 2008), Creating Crochet Fabric (lark, 2009), and Custom Crochet Sweaters (lark, 2012).

The new Tunisian Crochet

Contemporary Designs from Time-Honored Traditions

Tunisian crochet is hot! Open the door and discover many designers and 30+ Tunisian stitch patterns. tunisian crochet, a technique dating back to the nineteenth century, has recently been making its way back into the hands of crocheters. Here, author dora ohrenstein presents more than 30 tunisian stitch patterns and 11 projects, updating historic concepts and introducing innovative techniques using contemporary styles and yarns. the door has officially been opened for those interested in rediscovering this treasured craft. in The New Tunisian Crochet, you’ll begin with tunisian stitch patterns to create a variety of beautiful fabrics you’ll love. next, follow the inspiration of some of crochet’s masters with projects that showcase these stitches in a variety of garments, accessories, and home décor projects. get ready to explore a craft that’s received a fresh jolt of inspiration and insight in The New Tunisian Crochet.

Crochet paperback 8½ x 10¼, 144 pages isBn 978-1-59668-553-6 $24.95 January 2013 World rights available

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natsuno Hiraiwa,
author of Shape Shape (interweave, 2012), is a graphic designer who studied fashion in paris and currently designs a clothing line in Japan. visit her website at natsunohiraiwa.jp.
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shape shape isBn 978-1-59668-335-6 $24.95

shape shape 2

Sewing for Minimalist Style

shake up your wardrobe! Create 19 unique fashion-forward garments with simple sewing techniques. graphic designer turned fashion designer natsuno Hiraiwa returns with patterns and instructions for 19 innovative women’s garments and accessories in classic minimalist Japanese style. Many of her signature vests, collars, and shrugs are cut from a single flat piece of cloth, then ingeniously draped and fastened around the body. other pieces are artfully twisted and folded like origami, giving a unique shape to the resulting blouses, tops, and skirts. all her designs create the striking silhouettes that epitomize her fashion collections and result in oneof-a-kind garments suitable for all ages. these pieces are uniquely constructed in a Japanese style but modified for the more Western figure with the pattern grading and sizing adjusted accordingly. sewists will be fascinated by the novel minimalism of Shape Shape 2.


sewing paperback + pattern insert 8 x 10¼, 120 pages isBn 978-1-59668-757-8 $24.95 January 2013 World english rights only

i n t e rW e av e .co M


robyn Chachula
began her career as a structural engineer, which uses her ability to take big projects and break them into little items anyone can understand. she is the author of Blueprint Crochet, Baby Blueprint Crochet, Simply Crochet, and Unexpected Afghans (all interweave). visit her blog at crochetbyfaye.com.
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Blueprint Crochet sweaters
Techniques for Custom Construction Blueprint Crochet isBn 978-1-59668-072-2 $22.95

Learn the must-know basics of sweater construction and ways to achieve better-fitting garments! Best-selling author of Blueprint Crochet robyn chachula presents an approachable resource on the basics of crochet design. this friendly introduction to sweater and garment construction will give you a deeper understanding of working with crochet and help you make better-fitting garments in the process. in this collection of 16 patterns, robyn focuses on 4 basic garment types and their variations—“classic” construction (including raglan, drop-sleeve, and saddle-sleeve); unique construction (side-to-side or from the bottom up, around the shoulder, and back down); motif construction; and top-down (both round and raglan types). the perfect introduction to the building blocks of crochet sweater construction, Blueprint Crochet Sweaters breaks down intimidating garment design into easily digestible parts, offering a deeper appreciation and understanding of how to create projects that reflect your own personal style.
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Crochet paperback 8½ x 10¼, 160 pages isBn 978-1-59668-828-5 $24.95 March 2013 World rights available



Margaret rowan
studied textile design at camberwell college of arts and has been in love with textiles all her life. she now teaches knitting and sewing workshops for rowan yarns and liberty and has her own rowantree Workshop where she teaches textile crafts.


The Essential Techniques for Tailoring and Embellishment

Take handsewing to the next level! sewists are developing increasing interest in heritage handsewing techniques that add beautiful or couture-like finishing touches to the final project. Handsewn offers step-by-step instructions for a comprehensive collection of hand-finishing and embellishing techniques, including hems, edges, buttonholes, cuffs, tacking layers and linings, attaching or inserting fabric and trims, embroidery, quilting, appliqué, and cutwork, among others. in addition to the stitch-technique directory, a section at the beginning covers supplies, tips and tricks, and how to troubleshoot mistakes. the book also includes illustrations and templates of sample decorative motifs with advice for using, transferring, and combining motifs, as well as creating one’s own. Handsewn is the encyclopedic reference guide to all the hand-finishing techniques that elevate a good sewing project into something outstanding.


sewing Hardcover 8½ x 10, 256 pages isBn 978-1-59668-756-1 $29.95 January 2013 north american rights only

i n t e rW e av e .co M


ruth Cross started
her handknit company, ruth cross, in 2004. Known for innovative knitted design, ruth and her company have strived to develop knitting as a fresh and exciting contemporary craft. ruthcross.com

Knits at Home

Rustic Designs for the Modern Nest

A must-have for handknitting and interior-design enthusiasts. Makes a perfect gift, too! add personality and interest to any room with beautiful pieces from Knits at Home. you’ll enjoy exploring different handknit patterns—from throws to fitted covers, elegant wall hangings to floor rugs—that have a beautiful, organic feel. starting with the most basic stitches and progressing to add further texture and embellishment, author ruth cross guides you through a range of stitch patterns and techniques that can be adapted to different shapes and sizes. ruth also gives you the techniques to design organic and freeform home items of your own. taking an experimental approach, ruth combines traditional stitches with new stitches she has devised herself, with unexpected and striking results. With help from Knits at Home, you’ll create completely personal pieces that will light up any room.

Knitting paperback with flaps 8.27 x 9.84, 144 pages isBn 978-1-59668-794-3 $24.95 January 2013 Us & canada rights only

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sue Culligan
studied graphics and photography at Brighton college of art. a passionate knitter since childhood, she decided to start her own business designing and selling children’s knitwear. she also runs a bed and breakfast and knitting retreat in France.

Knits of Tomorrow

Toys and Accessories for Your Retro-Future Needs

Celebrate your inner geek with 20 fun and easy projects. the future was once a beckoning landscape where technology would make all things possible. space travel! robot maids! personal jetpacks! Mind-controlling ray guns! With Knits of Tomorrow, you can celebrate this ideal world-that-neverwas with original and creative projects that will appeal to any techno-geek—or those who knit for them. Knits of Tomorrow features a wide range of projects, all with a technological bent. they are mostly quick and simple—toys, accessories, and home décor items such as rocket-ship desk caddies, circuit-board scarves, and a robot pillow. there are practical projects as well—tablet covers, laptop bags, and ipod cozies. the playful and fun projects are primarily aimed at an audience with a nostalgic taste for sci-fi, video games, and electronic gizmos past and present.


Knitting paperback 8¾ x 8¾, 144 pages isBn 978-1-59668-836-0 $17.95 January 2013 north american rights only

i n t e rW e av e .co M


nicole Vasbinder
owns and operates the california-based sewing studio stitchcraft and was one of the founding teachers at stitch lounge in san Francisco. she continues to teach at stonemountain and daughter Fabrics in Berkeley. she has designed and operated the independent accessory line Queen puff puff since 2003, and her designs have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Adorn, JoAnn, Venus Zine, and Craft.

sewing Machine secrets

The Insider’s Guide to Mastering Your Machine

get the most out of your sewing machine and learn tips and tricks from an expert! Sewing Machine Secrets is an indispensable resource for sewers of all levels, showing you how to choose, use, and maintain your sewing machine, master essential sewing techniques, and learn handy tips along the way. the book is divided into two sections. section one provides an overview of each type of sewing machine, instructions on how to use it, its advantages and limitations, necessary and optional accessories, parts, and maintenance. section two uses a more technique-based approach, identifying the most versatile and commonly used presser feet and providing step-by-step techniques for all the results you can achieve using them. Sewing Machine Secrets will teach you the tried and tested tricks you need to get the most out of your machine.
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sewing paperback 8.07 x 8.97, 176 pages isBn 978-1-59668-603-8 $24.95 February 2013 north american rights only



geraldine Warner
is a knitting novelist who has been knitting and crocheting since the age of seven. she has contributed articles to Let’s Knit, Knit Today, and Knitting magazines and writes about her adventures in vintage knitting on her website: skiffvintageknittingpat terns.co.uk.

Vintage Design Workshop
Knitting Techniques for Modern Style

Discover knitting techniques that allow you to adapt vintage patterns into the perfect fit for modern-day style! Vintage Design Workshop is the guide that retro-loving knitters have been waiting for—a welcome relief for those who have been frustrated by vintage patterns that come in one size only. divided into two sections, the book first teaches how to update any vintage pattern to accommodate modern sizes and gives advice on yarn substitutions. the second section demonstrates how to adapt modern patterns to create a vintage silhouette, including how to mix and match sleeves, necklines, or collars to a pattern to achieve a vintage look. the author uses one vintage pattern throughout as the basis for separate tutorials on yarn substitution, sizing and gauge, deciding on alterations, adjusting shaping and length, and adding or altering details. Vintage Design Workshop is a key resource for any knitter who is keen on learning how very simple it is to update or customize patterns for vintage style.
Knitting paperback 7.87 x 9.69, 176 pages isBn 978-1-59668-839-1 $24.95 February 2013 north american rights only


i n t e rW e av e .co M


Martin storey is
a renowned knitwear designer and author. a designer at rowan for many years, he has masterminded their classic range of yarns and brochures, as well as authored or coauthored several books. He lives in devon, england.

scottish Knits

Colorwork & Cables with a Twist

Discover 24 exciting and contemporary design projects that explore a variety of traditional stitches using a rainbow of colors. What happens when traditional knitting techniques meet a designer known for his colorwork and whimsy? you get an exquisite book of scottish-influenced designs that knitters will crave, created by renowned knitter Martin storey. scotland has a rich tradition in handknitting thanks to the exquisite hand-dyed yarns that have been spun in the scottish islands for centuries. traditional techniques have been handed down through generations, resulting in a treasure trove of stitch patterns, textures, and colors.
Knitting paperback 7.48 x 9.84, 152 pages isBn 978-1-59668-851-3 $24.95 February 2013 Us & canada rights only

in Scottish Knits, Martin pays homage to beautiful celtic cables and colorwork with 24 stunning and innovative handknits accessible to knitters of all skill levels. the projects include garments, accessories, and home goods, many of which feature different color patterns or textures in a single piece.
spr i n g 201 3



g Best-sellin s serie

nancy Brown
is the author of the original edition of The Crocheter’s Companion. a crocheter for almost 40 years, nancy served as executive vice president of the crochet guild of america and was the West coast representative for skacel collection inc. she lives in the pacific northwest.

The Crocheter’s Companion
Revised and Updated

Over 65,000 copies of The Crocheter’s Companion sold! get more stitches, over 70 new illustrations, and step-by-step techniques in this new edition. this indispensable resource includes all of the essentials, plus a few exciting extras you’ve been longing for: more tools, stitches, and techniques, as well as updated yarn information, complete abbreviations and symbols, and additional information on reading stitch diagrams. also, due to popular demand, the section on tunisian crochet has been expanded. still in its handy pocket-sized, spiral-bound format, the updated edition covers all the basics (and then some!). thread and hook charts, stitch instructions with clear illustrations, and lots of helpful hints from one of crochet’s most experienced authors will inspire beginners and serious crocheters alike. With impeccable illustrations, an easy-to-understand format, and the most updated information available, The Crocheter’s Companion will soon become the only crochet resource you’ll need.


i n t e rW e av e .coM

Crochet case/plc with fully concealed wire-o 7 x 5, 136 pages isBn 978-1-59668-829-2 $19.95 March 2013 World rights available


Ayumi Takahashi
is a regular contributor to Stitch magazine. Her blog, The Pink Penguin (ayumills.blogspot.com), averages upward of 10,000 unique visits a month. she lives in Japan.

patchwork, please!

Colorful Zakka Projects to Stitch and Give

get fresh inspiration with 19 quick and colorful projects! in Patchwork, Please!, Stitch magazine contributor ayumi takahashi has created playful and practical patchwork projects for the home and the people who live in it. sewing should be fun, and ayumi takahashi’s patchwork projects embody this happy, playful approach. Known for both her distinctive use of patterned fabrics and her quirky interpretations of vintage style, ayumi brings this signature approach to 19 sewing projects. the book begins with basic techniques in patchwork, paper piecing, raw-edged appliqué, and machine and hand embroidery. then it’s straight into an appealing assortment of projects for the kitchen, home, family, and friends.

sewing paperback 8½ x 10¼, 144 pages isBn 978-1-59668-599-4 $22.95 March 2013 World rights available

spr i n g 201 3



Vicki square has
been an award-winning knitwear designer and instructor for more than twenty years. she is the author of Knit Kimono, Knit Kimono Too, Folk Bags, Folk Hats, and the bestselling The Knitter’s Companion with DVD (all interweave). she is also a contributor to Lace Style, Simple Style, and Knitting Green, and her work has been featured in magazines such as Interweave Knits, Knitter’s, and Spin .Off. vicki lives in Fort collins, colorado.
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Light & Layered Knits

19 Sophisticated Designs for Every Season

Create fluid, fashionable garments you’ll wear over and over again! Best-selling author vicki square returns, this time creating beautiful garments made from comfortable fibers and lightweight yarns. these are more than simply projects to make—they are knits to truly live in. the 19 patterns of Light & Layered Knits work in all climates, can be layered and removed at will, and are equally at home in a casual or workplace setting. Working with lightweight yarns in fibers such as silk, linen, cotton, and bamboo, vicki creates pieces that will appeal to knitters of all ages. these versatile wardrobe staples—shells, fluid tops, draped tunics, light cardigans, wrap sweaters, and more—reflect the way that women dress today. What’s more, most of them are conveniently sized for up to a 46” to 48” bust circumference.

The Knitter’s Companion with DVD isBn 978-1-59668-314-3 $24.95


Knitting paperback 8½ x 10¼, 160 pages isBn 978-1-59668-795-0 $24.95 March 2013 World rights available

i n t e rW e av e .coM


Tricia Waddell
is the former editor in chief of Stitch magazine, which she founded in 2008. a longtime veteran of the crafting and publishing world, she is currently attending the Fashion institute of technology in new york city.

Best of stitch
Bags to Sew

Express your unique style with 20 fun and fabulous bags to stitch! Welcome to a selection of the best bags from the popular Stitch magazine, plus 5 brand-new projects chosen by its editors. the book features designs from Malka dubrawsky, ayumi takahashi, Kevin Kosbab, carol Zentgraf, and many more. techniques include patchwork, appliqué, pleating, creating dimension with fabric, and embroidery. Bags of a variety of shapes and sizes were selected, including coin purses, gadget bags, clutches, slouch bags, and messenger bags, so you are sure to find something to make for yourself or give to your friends and family.
sewing paperback + pattern insert 8½ x 10¼, 144 pages isBn 978-1-59668-602-1 $26.95 april 2013 World rights available

inside you will find all of the best bags from Stitch magazine in one place, plus 5 brand-new designs—there’s something for everyone!

spr i n g 201 3



Lisa shroyer is the
editor of Knitscene and the author of Knitting Plus: Mastering Fit + Plus-Size Style + 15 Projects (interweave, 2010) and The Best of Knitscene: A Collection of Simple, Stylish & Spirited Knits (interweave, 2011). she lives and works in north carolina.
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Free-spirit shawls
20 Eclectic Knits for Every Day

indulge yourself in the dramatic beauty of 20 modern shawls and shawlettes. Many projects require just a few skeins of yarn! What is actually more popular than knitting socks? Knitting shawls! and who better to devise a collection of these trendy-yet-classic designs than the editor of Knitscene, lisa shroyer? Free-Spirit Shawls features 20 shawl projects in 4 themes: color (simple colorwork), lace (infinite possibilities with simple yarnovers), simplicity (variegated yarns and simple stitches used to create striking designs), and texture (cables and knit-purl combinations). technique features focus on special areas of expertise such as shetland construction and the anatomy of semicircular shawls. lisa has curated a contemporary collection that will reach far beyond simple trends and will continue to inspire for years to come.

Knitting plus isBn 978-1-59668-237-5 $24.95


Knitting paperback 8½ x 10¼, 144 pages isBn 978-1-59668-904-6 $24.95 april 2013 World rights available

i n t e rW e av e .coM


simona MerchantDest (left) has over
28 years of experience in knitting and crochet. she has worked as a designer and project coordinator for Mission Falls yarns and has contributed patterns to Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits, Interweave Crochet, Knitter’s Magazine, Knit.1, Knit Simple, and Knit ‘n Style as well as numerous books.

Faina goberstein
(right) is a full-time professor of mathematics in chico, california. a knitwear designer for over 45 years, she has had patterns featured in Interweave Knits, Knit ‘n Style, Knitscene, Interweave Crochet, and a variety of books. she also designs patterns for Bijou Basin ranch, cascade yarns, Manos del Uruguay, and claudia Handpainted yarns.
Knitting paperback 8½ x 10¼, 184 pages isBn 978-1-59668-788-2 $26.95 april 2013 World rights available

The Art of seamless Knitting
go beyond the basics! Learn how to convert flat patterns to circular techniques with 12 classic, beautiful projects suitable for all ages. With The Art of Seamless Knitting, take your knowledge of top-down, bottomup, and seamless knitting to a higher level by adapting lace, cable, and color patterns to circular knitting and shaping techniques. the book delves deep, showing different modes of construction and stitch pattern adaptations for seamless (or nearly seamless) knits while also offering a sophisticated collection of elegant and timeless designs that knit up quickly, give a custom fit, and do not require sewing. The Art of Seamless Knitting is the go-to hands-on reference book that will be a staple in any knitter’s library.

spr i n g 201 3


M ay

Brett Bara is the
author of Sewing in a Straight Line (potter craft, 2011), editor of Clever Crocheted Accessories (interweave, 2012), and host of the emmynominated television series Knit and Crochet Now! she blogs about crafts, diy, and food at brettbara.com.
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Crochet at Home

25 Clever Projects for Colorful Living

get cheerful crochet projects from top designers. Add color and spice to your home! in Crochet at Home, editor Brett Bara and a team of crochet experts bring 25 exciting home projects to life. explore a collection of practical, pretty pieces for your kitchen, living room, and bedroom: from a riotously colorful blanket, to a delicate bunting of crocheted snowflakes, to flower-inspired trivets that are anything but dull—and even a full-sized ottoman! techniques such as felting, lace, and crocheting with wire will appeal to beginner and advanced crocheters alike. projects are made in affordable yarns, especially for large pieces and ones that take a beating, such as kitchen accessories. Join Brett and her team of all-star crocheters in this cheerful, affordable, and occasionally humorous take on home décor in this new and approachable resource.

Clever Crocheted Accessories isBn 978-1-59668-827-8 $22.95


Crochet paperback 8½ x 10¼, 144 pages isBn 978-1-59668-837-7 $22.95 May 2013 World rights available

i n t e rW e av e .coM

M ay

Melissa Wehrle
studied at the Fashion institute of technology where she majored in Fashion design and for nearly a decade has worked as a knitwear designer in the fashion industry. Melissa’s handknit designs have been featured in Interweave Knits, Knitscene, and Yarn Forward. Find her online at neoknits.com.

Metropolitan Knits
Chic Designs for Urban Style

Big city. Big style. Discover knitting that’s fashionable yet timeless. Knit for uptown or downtown with a trendsetting new york city designer. With these 20 polished, sophisticated projects, knitwear designer Melissa Wehrle has created a collection that perfectly reflects the flavor and drama of city life. From a chunky cabled sweater and hat to a beautiful tunic and gossamer cardigan, Melissa’s designs are beautifully shaped, expertly finished, and ready to be shown off on the street. they feature a variety of construction and finishing techniques, including knit-in pockets, tabs, button details, slip-stitch edgings, and small slits and pleats.
Knitting paperback 8½ x 10¼, 160 pages isBn 978-1-59668-778-3 $24.95 May 2013 World rights available

projects are divided along three themes: Heart of the city (sleek midtown), Urban Bohemia (downtown bohemian), and city gardens (a sense of tranquility). these three looks balance out a complete picture of the modern woman. What more could a city knitter need?
spr i n g 201 3


M ay

sara Lamb is a longtime handspinner, weaver, and dyer with over thirty years of experience. the author of Woven Treasures, sara has also been published in Handwoven, Spin .Off, Weaver’s Magazine, and Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot. a highly sought-after workshop instructor and speaker, sara has won many awards—including the coveted Hga award, twice—in shows across the country. visit her website: saralamb.com.

spin to Weave

previous Best seller

The Weaver’s Guide to Making Yarn

For spinners and weavers alike! get in-depth information on fiber properties and color choices, as well as beautifully photographed samples. Spin to Weave is not simply a how-to-spin book, but a how-to-spin-exactlywhat-you-want book. Weavers who spin their own yarns have the ability to choose fiber type, method of twist insertion (woolen, worsted), twist amount and/or direction, finishing methods, and grist. author sara lamb focuses on the process of spinning for specific results, providing detailed instructions, a sampling of projects, variations, and a gallery of pieces by other spinners. sara takes the reader to the very source of woven fabric—introducing the thought processes and concepts related to choosing fibers and how to spin them with finished fabric in mind.

Woven Treasures isBn 978-1-59668-102-6 $24.95


spinning/Weaving paperback 8½ x 10¼, 144 pages isBn 978-1-59668-648-9 $24.95 May 2013 World rights available

i n t e rW e av e .co M

M ay

Best-sellin g series

Denise peck (left)
is the editor of Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine and the author of the best-selling books 101 Wire Earrings, Wire Style, and Wire Style 2. With Jane dickerson, she is the coauthor of Handcrafted Wire Findings. denise lives in pennsylvania.

Jane Dickerson
(right) is the author of the best-selling book Chain Style, coauthor of Handcrafted Wire Findings, and a freelance editor, writer, and jewelry designer. she was formerly the editor of Step by Step Beads, Creative Jewelry, and Bead Star magazines and a contributing editor to Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine.

The Wireworker’s Companion
Wireworkers of all skill levels—get this comprehensive guide packed full of illustrated techniques. a welcome addition to a best-selling series, The Wireworker’s Companion is a complete, compact resource for wireworking techniques. experts denise peck and Jane dickerson act as your trusty guides, first explaining in-depth about all the tools, materials, and wire-wrapping fundamentals you’ll need. they then cover more advanced topics, including texture and patina, chain maille, and even basic metalsmithing. Whether you are new to wire or a wireworking wizard, The Wireworker’s Companion is the essential reference for your wireworking adventures.

Jewelry making case/plc with fully concealed wire-o 7 x 5, 136 pages isBn 978-1-59668-719-6 $19.95 May 2013 World rights available

spr i n g 201 3


J U ly

Jodi Bombardier
is the author of Weave, Wrap, Coil (interweave, 2010) and a regular contributor to Step by Step Wire Jewelry. Jodi is the creator of the handcrafted jewelry line Jewels By Jules. Her website, jewels-byjules.com, and her blog, online-wire-wrappinginstructions.com, offer tutorials. she lives in tucson, arizona.
previous Best seller

Artisan Filigree

Wire-Wrapping Jewelry Techniques and Projects

Heavy ironwork meets delicate filigree! get a collection of 20+ beautiful wire projects and learn exciting techniques for endless possibilities. inspired by the ironwork so prevalent in her native tucson, Jodi Bombardier fashions her signature heavy-gauge wire frames into sinuous shapes, coldjoining them with fine wire to form open, lacy filigree patterns. Jodi focuses on technique, including the correct ways to use tools, hold wire, and create shaped wire frames consistently and precisely. she teaches how to create airy pieces that are still strong and stable enough to withstand daily wear. the projects increase in complexity as the book progresses and the reader builds confidence in filigree. in addition to providing project instructions, Jodi demonstrates how scrolled designs can be manipulated, joined, or rearranged to create endless variations hampered only by the imagination.

Weave, Wrap, Coil isBn 978-1-59668-200-9 $22.95


Jewelry making paperback 8½ x 10¼, 136 pages isBn 978-1-59668-635-9 $24.95 July 2013 World rights available

i n t e rW e av e .coM

J U ly

a long-time veteran of the fiber world,

Marilyn Murphy
is the author of The Weaver’s Companion and a contributor to Handwoven magazine. she founded the textile arts centre in chicago, where she owned and taught at the Weaving Workshop. Marilyn is also a former coowner of isis designs, a handwoven outerwear and accessories company. in 2010, she was awarded the ten award by the national needlework association for her outstanding contributions to the needle art industry.
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Woven to Wear

17 Thoughtful Designs with Simple Shapes

Weavers love to create wearable garments. Here they’ll discover 17 designs and plenty of ideas for unique pieces to wear again and again. author Marilyn Murphy and several contributors at the forefront of handwoven wearables offer guidance for weaving scarves, wraps, shawls, capelets, and other garments, along with advice for finishing, cutting and sewing the fabric, adding edgings and closures, and combining woven fabrics with other techniques such as knitting and patchwork. the Woven to Wear designs are influenced by a global melting pot of traditional folkloric costume and ethnic fabric mixes in which silhouettes are roomy, layered, and flowing, and the cloth takes center stage.

The Weaver’s Companion isBn 978-1-883010-81-2 $19.95

Weaving paperback 8½ x 10¼, 144 pages isBn 978-1-59668-651-9 $26.95 July 2013 World rights available

spr i n g 201 3


recent releases

november Knits

inspired designs for changing seasons Kate gagnon osBorn and coUrtney Kelley
capture the essence of fall with 20 knitted garments and accessories. paperback 8½ x 9, 160 pages isBn 978-1-59668-439-3 $24.95 rights: W

Finish-Free Knits

no-sew garments in classic styles Kristen tendyKe
learn the techniques of stitchfree construction and create 20 classic designs that are shaped and joined during knitting. paperback 8½ x 9, 160 pages isBn 978-1-59668-488-1 $24.95 rights: W

French girl Knits Accessories

Modern designs for a Beautiful life Kristeen griFFin-griMes
15 intermediate-level knitting projects designed by Kristeen griffin-grimes bring a little French savoir-faire to your life. paperback 9 x 9, 120 pages isBn 978-1-59668-490-4 $21.95 rights: W

thoughtful projects inspired by Folk traditions lUcinda gUy
explore the traditional knitting techniques of northern europe with 20 knit accessories. paperback 8½ x 9, 128 pages isBn 978-1-59668-562-8 $22.95 rights: W

northern Knits gifts

shades of Winter

Knitting with natural Wool ingalill JoHansson and eWa K. andinsson
discover stylish knits in a winter wonderland with 35 projects that showcase the natural beauty of undyed wool. paperback 8½ x 9, 160 pages isBn 978-1-59668-786-8 $24.95 rights: na & UK

Clever Crocheted Accessories

The Finer Edge

25 Quick Weekend projects edited By Brett Bara
create 25 quick weekend accessories designed by today’s top crocheters. paperback 8½ x 9, 128 pages isBn 978-1-59668-827-8 $22.95 rights: W

crocheted trims, Motifs & Borders Kristin oMdaHl
a collection of 40 stitch and 12 garment patterns demonstrating the versatile applications for crocheted edgings. paperback 8½ x 9, 160 pages isBn 978-1-59668-554-3 $24.95 rights: W

The Beaded Edge 2

More inspired designs for crocheted edgings and trims Midori nisHida/ crK design
learn 18 new beaded edging patterns in this sequel to the bestselling book The Beaded Edge. paperback 8¼ x 10⅛, 90 pages isBn 978-15-9668-559-8 $17.95 rights: Usc, UK, aU, nZ


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recent releases

Bead Embroidery stitch samples
crK design/yasUKo endo
embroidery enthusiasts will be inspired to use nothing more than embroidery thread and beads to create three-dimensional designs. paperback 8¼ x 10⅛, 90 pages isBn 978-1-59668-706-6 $17.95 rights: W

tips and techniques for the savvy sewist nicole vasBinder
the essential sewing companion, covering basic techniques as well as troubleshooting tips. Flexibound 5¾ x 8¼, 192 pages isBn 978-1-59668-598-7 $19.95 rights: na

sewing solutions

29 stitched projects from yoko saito yoKo saito
expert Japanese quilter yoko sato offers 29 quilted projects featuring traditional folk themes and masterful handwork. paperback 7⅜ x 10, 144 pages isBn 978-1-59668-858-2, $26.95 rights: W

Japanese Quilting piece by piece

Vibrant Quilt Collage

a spontaneous approach to Fused art Quilts BetHan asH
learn to cut, fuse, layer, and collage with innovative quilting techniques. paperback 8½ x 10⅞, 128 pages isBn 978-1-59668-860-5 $26.95 rights: na

How to print, dye, and decorate your Fabric laUrie WisBrUn
explore how to print, dye, embellish, silk-screen, and alter your fabric to create custom textiles for all of your sewing and craft projects. Flexibound 7½ x 9¾, 176 pages isBn 978-1-59668-862-9 $24.95 rights: na

Embellish Me

simple soldering

a Beginner’s guide to Jewelry Making Kate Ferrant ricHBoUrg
the complete how-to guide for creating soldered metal jewelry, including tools, techniques, and 20 beautiful projects. paperback + dvd 8½ x 9, 160 pages isBn 978-1-59668-550-5 $26.95 rights: W

Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop

techniques and projects for Weaving with Wire Karen Karon
the ideal comprehensive resource for creating original chain maille jewelry, with in-depth instruction for creating 24 basic weaves and 8 beautiful projects. paperback 8½ x 10¼, 144 pages isBn 978-1-59668-645-8 $24.95 rights: W

Metal Clay for Jewelry Makers
the complete technique guide sUe Heaser

a beautifully illustrated encyclopedia of techniques for creating gold, silver, copper, and bronze metal clay jewelry. Hardcover 8½ x 10, 192 pages isBn 978-1-59668-713-4 $29.95 rights: na

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recent releases

Mastering peyote stitch
15 inspiring projects Melinda Barta

The Art of Forgotten Things
creating Jewelry from objects with a past Melanie doerMan

500 Acrylic Mixes

Master peyote stitch, combine with complementary beadweaving techniques, and create 15 projects in a range of styles. paperback 8½ x 9, 160 pages isBn 978-1-59668-633-5 $24.95

paint color recipes for artists sHaron FinMarK
the ultimate visual guide to achieving over 500 color combinations using acrylic paint. Hardcover 7½ x 7½, 176 pages isBn 978-1-59668-685-4 $22.95 rights: na

construct necklaces and bracelets using one-of-a-kind components to create imaginative jewelry designs. paperback 8½ x 9, 160 pages isBn 978-1-59668-548-2 $24.95 rights: W

rights: W

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andinsson, ewa K. 22 ash, Bethan 23 Bara, Brett 16, 22 Barta, Melinda 24 Bombardier, Jodi 20 Brown, nancy 10 chachula, robyn 3 crK design 22, 23 cross, ruth 5 culligan, sue 6 dickerson, Jane 19 doerman, Melanie 24 Finmark, sharon 24 endo, yasuko 23 goberstein, Faina 15 griffin-grimes, Kristeen 22 guy, lucinda 22 Heaser, sue 23 Hiraiwa, natsuno 2 Johansson, ingalill 22


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