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My Angel...

My Angel...

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Published by Chad Ward
My Angel!
My Angel!

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Published by: Chad Ward on Nov 16, 2012
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Beth… “My Angel”

I call you MY angel, my sweetheart, and dear friend I will try to describe my feelings but where to begin? I could borrow another’s words, but I’m not that type Words like “I love thee to depth and breadth and height” I am a simple man yet I have seen a great many things Yet I am complex person because I write my dreams I told you one morning that I dreamed of you that night In that dream I had, everything was perfect and right I will use the word comfort, because that is what I felt You in my arms, with a memory of when I ask and knelt Our little families had completely merged and joined We laughed as the younger as the older ones they annoyed Your head on my shoulder, our fingers entwined I felt in my soul that I had found my love of a lifetime… ~CW 2012~

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