Energy Billing System: Energy Billing system is a system to maintain billing details in ERO. . It captures the data related to billing and doing manipulations like calculate bill and payment receipts.

Revenue Collection . Consumer Management 2.In this we can divide into two modules 1.

journals. debit respectively. These modules deals with consumer information details . deletion.1. processing bills. modification of consumer. Consumer Management: To design front-end forms according to consumer specifications it was like Addition of new consumer.

This module deals with collection of payments through collection centers by online or offline each consumer wise. . Revenue Collection: Billing is done by spot billing machines and updated to billing database.2.

Meter and other Service related changes. division. Category. load.Modules 1. Change Requests:  The proposed system allows the end-user to change the consumer master data like Title Transfer. Phase. It generates a unique consumer Identification number based on the DISCOM.1 New Consumer Acquisition: The proposed software allows the end –user to add the new consumer with his personal service (meter and Deposit) details. Circle. Address Changes in case service shifting. Subdivision. Consumer Management 1. Section and Distribution to which he belongs. .

Interfacing with Hand Held Computers (HHC) outputs:   Basis on the billing route for the day. The system would be capable of interfacing with HHC data for uploading metering data. Collection and change information etc. Metering Functionality Create Meter Reading Routes:  The proposed software end-user to create meter-reading routes.) of the consumer to track his particular from services release stage to permanent dismantlement. the consumer information is loaded in the hand held computers. Billing.Consumer Account Management: The proposed software maintains the entire history (metering. .

customer code.Interface with spot metering and Billing system:  The system will support data down loading and uploading with handheld devices used for spot metering & billing . Manual inputs: The system would be capable of capturing meter reading data from a meter reading book for traditional Billing. Maintain current data: The system would keep past metering data online for period specified by the DISCOM and electricity Regulatory Commission guidelines from time to time. meter reading. and billing amount.The devices would provide information about the meter number. System would have the flexibility of providing checks to minimize data entry errors. .

the system would generate an Exception Report highlighting possible inconsistencies in the metering data.Metering Exception reporting:  After data entry. Tracking customer Exceptions: • The system would be able to track customer behavior in terms of exceptions. In case any discrepancy is found the system will allow the data to be edited. . Metering Data review facility:  The proposed software allows the Eros personal or other designated officials to review the metering data. These fields are inserted into constable. with proper access rights and audit trails.

2 Modification of Consumer: If any particulars has modified with consumer details. 1. this sub module is used to modify the consumer details. MRT/TC seals missing.  Meter readers while taking meter reading observe these abnormal meter conditions. Meter Struck up Meter Burnt or metering glass broken etc. 3.  Abnormal meter conditions. . 2. 1.Accepting abnormal meter condition Details:  The software allows the end user to enter the abnormal meter reader observation details.

Deletion is made is based on some rules like the payment details will be nil.3 Deletion of consumer: If any consumer disconnect the connection then we have to delete the consumer related information from system. Bill. calculator and PMTTAT tables. Meter part. deposit tab. This deleting record is first entered into watch table. This module is used to delete the consumer.4 Query Consumer : When ever we need to see the details of any particular consumer then this sub module will invoke the details and will display on the screen. Message is displayed as do you want to delete the record. Then this record is deleted from Cons table.1. . 1.

The difference between Meter Change and Meterpart Change is when ever Meter will change Meter Change sub module will use and Meter will not Change but Meter Characteristics will change then Meter part sub module will use.1. If meter will change then the meter details will be change in database. . This sub module is used to update meter details.6 Meter part Change If any changes occurred in meter particulars then this sub module is used to update.5 Meter Change: Every consumer is having meter for reading details. 1.

It is also same as online receipts. It will show the consumer bill details and based on that we will know the bill details which were belongs to consumer whether consumer is having arrears or not. . 2.2. who know the RC (Revenue Collection) password. It is done after the consumer paid the bills offline. who know the RC (Revenue Collection) password.2 Offline Receipt : This sub module is user to offline bill payment receipts. This is used by the persons. This is used by the persons. It will show the consumer bill details and based on that we will know the bill details which were belongs to consumer whether consumer is having arrears or not. It will provide the entry fields to accept payments. Revenue Collection : 2. It is done on the spot when the consumer comes to pay bill. but it is used when consumers will pay the bill at general counters.1 Online Receipt This sub module is user to online bill payment receipts.

This is used by the persons. interest on electricity duty levied on particular consumer no. which was done still by particular RC Counter. If we enter consumer no corresponding name should be displayed and rest of the fields we should enter. who know the RC (Revenue Collection) password. It should be updated to Journal.3 Receipt Cancel : This sub module is allows the user to correct the mistakes done in using online receipt and offline receipt. credit amounts to pay . In this lccode should present in journal. 2. It will show the receipt details. . electricity duty. It will provide the entry fields to cancel the payment receipts only.To that bill if any additional charges.4 Journal Entry : Journal entry done when a consumer had any debit.2.

2.5 Cancellation of Journal : If we want to cancel that particular person cancels any journal. voucher date should match lccode. This journal is cancelled with field Jtcancelid=y. .6 Change RC Password Every ERO is having RC Counters to receive online payments. This sub module is allows the user to change his Password for security purpose. Then fields we be selected into corresponding text boxes. Now the field is cancelled from journal. voucher no and then date field is selected. It should check lccode. Each RC Counter is hiving RC Code and RC Password.2. voucher no should match lccode.