Covalent Molecule 3-D Project Rubric

The Basics  Name of molecule  Molecular formula of molecule  Shape of molecule (unless stated that you not need the shape for your molecule) Lewis Structure  Correct  Includes resonance structures or indicates resonance structures if molecule has resonance  If the molecule is polar, the net dipole is drawn Four of the following:  State of matter at room temperature (~ 22°C)  Solubility in water  Melting point  Boiling point  Density  Health/safety hazards *Be sure to include units where needed* Interesting Facts:  At least two interesting facts about the molecule (this could include uses of the molecule) 3-D Model  A 3-D representation of your molecule  Atoms must be clearly indicated (either in the model or with a key, ex: red is a hydrogen atom)  You do not have to show lone pairs of electrons in your 3-D model (doing so will not earn you any extra points)  Bonds accurately depicted (IE single bonds do not look the same as triple bonds, perhaps you use one of something to represent a single bond and three of something for a triple)  If the molecule has resonance you may pick one of the resonance structures to represent in your 3-D model  Shape of molecule accurately depicted (if multiple central atoms, each should have the shape that would be predicted by their connections) Neatness  How neat is your sheet depicting all of your information  How neat is your 3-D model Timeliness  Did you turn in all components of your project on time Total

Points Possible

Points Earned






5 80

Due Dates:  Lewis Structure Rough Draft to be approved by Mr. Norris  by Friday November 16th o This will include any resonance and net dipole if the molecule has it o You may turn this in sooner which would be a wise decision as I would strongly recommend against starting on your 3-D model prior to having your Lewis Structure approved  Final Project  Friday November 30th

Four of the following d. Interesting Facts e. Any key that is necessary to read/decipher your 3-D model **This may be typed or written in hand neatly** **You can organize the information however you like so long as all of it is there and it is neat and legible** 2. The Basics b. Lewis Structure c. 3-D model .Final Project 1. Poster/sheet of paper with the following: a.

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