Field names NIC Field description Mandatory Please enter formatted NIC numbers, like 501-66-714255 NEW_NIC 42301-7711574-7 Mandatory Please enter formatted CNIC numbers, like 42101-1388199-5 Muhammad Rehan Mandatory F/H NAME Mandatory RELATIONSHIP CODE Mandatory GENDER Mandatory DATE OF BIRTH M F Abdul Rasheed


19/02/1987 Mandatory An employee should be less than 60 years (for male) and 55 years (for female) at the time of registra

DATE OF JOINING EMPLOYER 28/10/2011 Mandatory An employee can only join employer when he/she is 18 years or more


D1-7 Rabia flower Abul hasan isphani road Gulshan e iqbal 4A Mandatory Please avoid special characters and inserting permanent address in this coulmn Karachi Mandatory


PROVINCE Mandatory


PHONE 3453050238 Not mandatory but preferred Landline or cell

Code. 0768 .DETAILS FOR EMPLOYEE REGISTRATION WITH EOBI (Form PE-01) (For sending details as 'Soft copy' only) EMPLOYER NAME: EMPLOYER REGISTRATION NUMBER MUHAMMAD REHAN 0768 EOBI NO (If you have EOBI Card. otherwise leave it) NAME MUHAMMAD REHAN NEW NIC OLD NIC F/H NAME RELATIONSHIP CODE 42301-7711574-7 ABDUL RASHEED F GENDER DATE OF BIRTH M 19-Feb-87 DATEOF JOINING EMPLOYER 28-Oct-11 POSTAL ADDRESS OF EMPLOYEE-(CURRENT) D1/ 7 Rabia flower abul hasan isphani road Gulshan e iqbal 4A CITY Karachi PROVINCE Sindh PHONE 0345-3050238 Department Maintenance Emp.

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