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born in my heart

born in my heart

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Published by amir

art photography book

art photography book

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Published by: amir on Nov 16, 2012
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born in my heart

amir bajric
novembar 2012

my family, friends and all the people ...

beautiful morning

Life is the only true magic

Live in the present moment

Now ...

live love

waterfall Kravice,Bosnia and Herzegovina

mountain Vranica,Bosnia and Herzegovina

mountain Vranica 2112 m,Bosnia and Herzegovina

think positively

nature is waiting for you

lake Modrac,Bosnia and Herzegovina

You can be happy now...

change your life ...

Follow your dream...

Follow your heart ...

you are unique...

like a flower ...

you have the power ...

to change the world

netko čeka vašu ljubav...

Deep within you is the true power ...

duboko u vama je istinska snaga...

forgive those who have hurt you ...

love yourself ...

Respect yourself ...

release fear

otpustite strah,strah je objava potrebe... you have everything you need

Be happy, do not worry ...

mountain Konjuh,Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tulovići,Banovići,Bosnia and Herzegovina

Počitelj,Bosnia and Herzegovina

mountain Vranica,Bosnia and Herzegovina

Srnica,Treštenica,Banovići,Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rudenik,Mrdići,Banovići,Bosnia and Herzegovina

Handalići,Banovići,Bosnia and Herzegovina

Handalići,Banovići,Bosnia and Herzegovina

lake Modrac,Lukavac,Tuzla,Bosnia and Herzegovina

lake Modrac,Lukavac,Tuzla,Bosnia and Herzegovina

Prokoško lake,mountain Vranica,Fojnica,Bosnia and Herzegovina

lake Modrac

lake Modrac


river Bosna,Sarajevo

old mosque Mostar

sunset,Modrac lake

village Handalići,Banovići,Bosnia and Herzegovina

river Buna,Blagaj,Bosnia and Herzegovina


mountain Vranica

Boračko lake,Prenj mountain


Hutovo blato,Bosnia and Herzegovina



lake Modrac

lake Modrac

Bosna i Hercegovina je bogata prirodnim ljepotama....

pray in silence

mountain Vranica

mountain Vranica

lake Modrac

mountain Jahorina

old house Tulovići

mountain top Šiljak,Vranica


mountain top Tikva,Vranica

Amir Bajrić photos

I am eternally grateful to my family and nature, which teaches me every day of my life ... vječno sam zahvalan svojoj porodici i prirodi koja me uči svaki dan životu...


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