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Corporate Salary Accounts

Corporate Salary Accounts

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Published by: MdIrshad Khan on Nov 16, 2012
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Corporate Salary Accounts

Features & Benefits

Zero balance account
All your employees can now avail of all value added services and freebies without maintaining any minimum balance in your account.

Salary Advance facility
Your employees can avail of loan equivalent to one month net salary. Repayment in 3 EMI's.

Salary Overdraft facility
Your employees can avail of overdraft equivalent to one month net salary. Repayment in 12 EMI's.

Preferential Pricing on other products
Your employees can avail of preferential pricing on our loan schemes. IndusInd Bank Ltd. also offers Car loans, Personal Loans, Home Loans and Credit Cards.

Joint Account facility
Free to open salary account with a member of the family or any other person you may wish.

24 hr ATM facilities:
IndusInd Powers your employees account with a free ATM card that allows him/her to withdraw cash up to Rs 20,000 per day, deposit cash and cheques, get a 'quick look' statement of the last five transactions. Ordering a new chequebook or an additional statement was never easier.

Bank by phone service
Should your employees wish to bank on the telephone, they can ask for bank drafts, Open fixed deposits, Transfer funds within their accounts or check their balance, order new cheque books, etc. they just need to call our Phone Banking Officers, and they shall be at your service!

MailBox Service
Your employees don't have to visit the bank for every small need. They can use our mailboxes, situated at 180 convenient locations across the city. All they have to do is drop their cheques, documents and instructions and they'll be cleared within the day.

Mobile Banking
Your employees can make enquiries on account balance, get a mini statement, request cheque books, request a complete statement etc on their mobile phones.

Demat Account
All savings accounts come with a free demat account.

Internet Banking
All account holders can check their balances, verify their past transactions and post financial transactions independently on the internet.

Free courier pickups of cheques
Your cheques (and documents) can be picked up/ delivered from your office/ establishment once every day for your convenience.

Cheque Protection Facility
By authorising us to 'sweep' funds from your fixed deposits or another account in case your balances are inadequate, your cheques will be protected for clearing. Convenient Movement of Funds Across the country Local cashiers' cheques delivered as per your instructions at all IndusInd Bank Ltd. branches.

Cash Delivery
Cash Delivery for upto Rs.25000/- at your office address. Nationwide Clearing Free clearing of instruments drawn on locations where our branches operate

Multi City Banking
Bank account at one city gets recognized at 42 centres across 29 major cities in India.

Multi-City Cheques
Cheque books payable at par at all IndusInd Bank Ltd. centers on request.

Flexi Fixed deposits
Fixed deposits can be partly encashed without affecting the interest on the rest

Fixed Deposits
Your fixed deposits were never more accessible, or more liquid. Placed in units of Rs 1,000 each, you can encash a part of your deposit without affecting the interest on the rest. Additionally you can ask for Account statement options (weekly, instead of monthly, for current accounts; monthly, quarterly, for savings), Personalised cheque books and Flexible loans against Fixed deposits. Eligibility Employees of Corporate Organizations

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