Dillon Seeks Stiffer Dirt Bike Penalties

Dillon Seeks Stiffer Dirt Bike Penalties New Haven Independent by Staff | Nov 16, 2012 6:51 am

State Rep. Pat Dillon Thursday announced she has filed legislation to increase storage fees on seized dirt bikes and ATVs. The announcement comes two days after an aldermanic committee resolved to ask the state legislature for such a bill. Neighbors in New Haven have long complained about the scourge of illegal dirt biking on city streets. Dirt bikes and ATVs are not street legal, yet riders tear around town on them each summer, flouting traffic laws and even hitting people. Police have had a hard time tackling the problem because of a no-chase policy that prevents them from pursuing the bikers. If they are caught, riders can retrieve their bikes from tow lots fairly easily. State Rep. Dillon’s bill plans to change that. State law currently caps towing and storage fees for impounded dirt bikes at $250, according to a release from Dillon. She is looking to increase that penalty. “Current state law limiting penalties to $250 is outmoded, and should be increased,” said Rep. Dillon, who represents Westville. “I will work with city officials and law enforcement to make sure we have a law with realistic penalties to protect public safety.” Dillon’s proposed bill is expected to be introduced during the 2013 legislative session. Meanwhile, local anti-illegal-dirt-biking group Stop Illegal Traffic Thursday launched an online petition to pressure the mayor and state legislators to crack down on dirt bikes.

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