Round 1- “ReelSpin” Deliverables: 1. Write an alternate ending of any one from the list of videos/movies 2. Limit it to 200 words with emphasis on emotions, humour and the surprise  Rules: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Subject line should be <Name>_<Name of the institution>_<ReelSpin> Name the file as <Name>_<ReelSpin> Please don’t add any references, links, charts , tables and graphics Use Bell MT, Font 12 and Spacing 1.15 Submit it in a pdf only This round spans for 3 days; all submissions to editboard@iimk.ac.in This would be an elimination round. About 25% of entries move forward

Judging criteria: 1. Writing style (30%) 2. Plot quotient (50%) 3. Feasibility (20%) Deadline: 1. November 24th, 18:00 hrs Round 2- “Tirade” Deliverables: 1. A 250 word write up as ‘for’ or ‘against’ the motion. This has to be posted as a comment on the appropriate forum 2. The second phase would involve a rebuttal to the comments by peers. The word limit is again 250 Rules: 1. This would be elimination round. About 6-10 would proceed to the final stage 2. We would be giving you a ‘famous’ piece of poetry or an excerpt from a ‘famous’ prose as the motion 3. Please begin the argument by <I agree.>_<Your 250 words write up> 4. Please use the Facebook Editboard page for all discussions and updates. We would be updating the results and the further course of action in the page, don’t depend on email alerts for round 2 5. Please refrain from profanity, abuses and other caustic remarks

6. This round spans for 2 days Judging criteria: 1. 2. 3. 4. Initial stand (25%) Rebuttal phase (25%) Alignment with the topic (30%) Likes/Peer Plaudits (20%)

Deadline: 1. This round begins on November 25th , 1800 hrs and ends at November 27th , 1800 hrs Round 3- “Raconteur” Deliverables: 1. A 100 word story 2. We would upload it as a note in our page for fellow evaluation Rules: 1. We give you 4 images. You weave us a spell  2. Submit the word doc to editboard@iimk.ac.in 3. We would give you a 2 day window to tell the world your story  Judging criteria: 1. Alignment with the cues given (50%) 2. Writing skills (20%) 3. Likes/Peer comments (30%) Deadline: 1. November 28th, 1800 hrs Prizes Worth Rs 12000 for the Top 3 along with online certificates to each of the grand finalists (Raconteur round) Contact Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Write-O-rama-EditBoard-IIM-Kozhikode/283706401749609

Pragyananda Mishra | pragyanandam15@iimk.ac.in | 8943758149 Rashmitha Rao | neethipudirr15@iimk.ac.in |9497493010 Shashank Shekhar | shashanks16@iimk.ac.in | 8943693532 Srishti Tyagi | srishtit16@iimk.ac.in | 8943693310

Annexure (list of movies)

Please note that by an alternate ending we mean something more than a mere twist in the tale, a level of congruity with the movie would be expected nevertheless and please pick the point of the ending stage judiciously (as a rule of thumb we say ending could very well be the last 10 minutes of the movie or so)

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