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Letter from governors on wind energy

Letter from governors on wind energy

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From the Governor's Wind Energy Coalition.
From the Governor's Wind Energy Coalition.

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Published by: pbgrist on Nov 16, 2012
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The Bonoiable Baiiy Reiu The Bonoiable Iohn Boehnei
Najoiity Leauei Speakei of the Bouse
0.S. Senate 0.S. Bouse of Repiesentatives
S-221 0.S. Capitol Builuing B-2S2 0.S. Capitol Builuing
Washington, BC 2uS1u Washington, BC 2uS1S

The Bonoiable Nitch NcConnell The Bonoiable Nancy Pelosi
Ninoiity Leauei Ninoiity Leauei
S-2Su 0.S. Capitol Builuing B-2u4 0.S. Capitol Builuing
Washington, BC 2uS1u Washington, BC 2uS1S

Beai Leauei Reiu, Leauei NcConnell, Speakei Boehnei, anu Leauei Pelosi:

We wiite to again expiess oui suppoit foi a multi-yeai extension of the
ienewable eneigy piouuction tax cieuit (PTC). Thousanus of jobs in the winu
inuustiy have alieauy been impacteu by the cieuit's looming expiiation anu
thousanus moie aie at iisk. We uige you to take swift action to extenu the PTC
befoie the enu of this congiessional session.

As goveinois fiom uiveise aieas of the nation, we shaie a common inteiest
in hainessing affoiuable anu homegiown ienewable iesouices to powei oui towns
anu cities. As the winu eneigy sectoi has uevelopeu, a iobust manufactuiing sectoi
to builu the components foi winu tuibines has also uevelopeu anu iesulteu in6u
peicent of a winu tuibine's value being manufactuieu in the 0.S. at neaily Suu
facilities. Ameiica's winu eneigy inuustiy has geneiateu up to $2u billion in
piivate investment annually in each of the past five yeais anu employeu 7S,uuu

The winu inuustiy uigently neeus a PTC extension to uiveisify oui nation's
eneigy poitfolio anu fuel these high-tech jobs. While the inuustiy has loweieu its
costs significantly ovei the past uecaue, we believe the inuustiy to will be
competitive in the not-so-uistant futuie with othei well-establisheu fuel souices.
As you uelibeiate on the PTC extension, we encouiage you to account foi the 18 to
24 months of time neeueu to plan anu finance piojects. The bipaitisan bill passeu
by the Senate Finance Committee accounts foi this necessaiy business timing. In
shoit, a multi-yeai extension woulu be moie effective foi manufactuieis.

Without a PTC extension, it is estimateu that the 0.S. economy will lose
S7,uuu winu inuustiy jobs anu the oppoitunity to leveiage ovei $1u billion of
piivate investment. 0ui states aie alieauy seeing these impacts. Foi example,
winu tuibine manufactuiei vestas laiu off 182 of its employees, anu has stateu that
1,6uu of its employees ÷ most of whom aie Coloiauo-baseu ÷ aie at iisk. Clippei
Winu Powei has laiu off a 1uu woikeis at its plant in Ceuai Rapius, Iowa. Siemens
laiu off 4u7 woikeis at its blaue manufactuiing facility in Foit Nauison, Iowa.
Gov. Terry Branstad

Gov. John Kitzhaber
Vice Chairman
Tuibine manufactuiei uamesa fuilougheu 16S of its Pennsylvania-baseu
employees, anu veimont-baseu NRu Systems laiu off 18 employees fiom its winu
measuiement technology company. 0iegon-baseu pioject uevelopei Ibeiuiola
Renewables has laiu off Su of its employees anu has cancelleu seveial 0.S. piojects.
Without congiessional action now, winu inuustiy layoffs will acceleiate anu these
piivate sectoi investment uollais will go to othei countiies.

The 0niteu States has some of the best winu iesouices in the woilu, but the
lack of policy stability hinueis the nation's ability to uevelop them fully. Please
suppoit oui states in the puisuit of economic stiength, eneigy uiveisity, anu
consumei savings by acting quickly to extenu the PTC.


Teiiy Bianstau, Chaiiman Iohn Kitzhabei, vice Chaiiman
anu uoveinoi of Iowa anu uoveinoi of 0iegon

c: Nembeis, Eneigy anu Natuial Resouices Committee
Nembeis, Finance Committee
Nembeis, Bouse Ways anu Neans Committee
The Bonoiable Steven Chu, Secietaiy, 0.S. Bepaitment of Eneigy
The Bonoiable Ken Salazai, Secietaiy, 0.S. Bepaitment of the Inteiioi

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