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Published by: Mat Wilson on Nov 17, 2012
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School of Computing and Information Sciences Florida International University Slides Prepared by: Vagelis Hristidis (CS Assistant Professor) Fernando Farfán (CS PhD Student) Stephen Bromfield (CS Undergraduate Student) Juan Duarte (CS Undergraduate Student)

Computer Science Misconceptions

Some preconceived ideas & stereotypes about Computer Science (CS) are quite common. These Misconceptions present a negative image of the CS field. Discourages students, especially females, from pursuing a course of study or career in CS

Intro to Computer Science - Florida International University

Florida International University .Computer Science Misconceptions 3 Intro to Computer Science .

Florida International University . Do not be deterred by some of these common misconceptions. they are misleading! Intro to Computer Science . putting it in a more positive light.Overcoming the Stereotypes 4     Important that we rebut negative preconceived notions of CS. One of our goals is to clear such misconceptions and instill interest in CS field. We aim to promote more progressive notions about CS.

Florida International University .Computer Science is the bee’s knees! 5     CS field is in very high demand. CS works closely with a growing amount of disciplines. With the ongoing rise of technology’s popularity. allowing for a large number of various research areas. Abundance of challenges to investigate in CS. CS encompasses much more than just programming. Intro to Computer Science .

Telecommunications. Medicine. • The world has been changing to capitalize on the success of computer technology and Computer Science is leading the change! Intro to Computer Science . Security. Mathematics.6 Computer Science is Facilitator of other Disciplines  Areas of research/development in Physics. Entertainment. Chemistry. and Finance are using CS to advance their research and manage their data. Robotics.Florida International University . Bio-medical Engineering.

Information Technology (IT) is the study. design. development.  .Computer Science Career Paths  Computer Science vs. particularly software applications and computer hardware. implementation. support or management of computerbased information systems. Information Technology Degrees  Computer Science (CS) is the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures.

programming languages. and more. Information technology: data management. databases. the administration of entire systems. algorithms. computer graphics. and more. software design. Intro to Computer Science . networking.Florida International University . data structures.What do we study? 8   Computer science: Theory of computation. artificial intelligence.

What can I do with my CS degree? 9     Software engineer Computer teacher Computer graphics animator Embedded system programmer (cell phones and robots) Intro to Computer Science .Florida International University .

What can I do with my IT degree? 10     Network engineer Database administrator Customer support technician Computer security Intro to Computer Science .Florida International University .

000 a year  Network engineer $40.000 a year  Database administer $50. starting salary is usually over $100.Florida International University .000 a year After a PhD Degree in Computer Science. at university or research lab.000 a year  Computer graphics specialist $40.11 But how much can I make out of college? Software engineer $60.000 a year.  Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Intro to Computer Science .

workstations & PCs on high speed networking Intro to Computer Science .Florida International University .D.12 Computer Science at Florida International University  Degree Programs    ABET Accredited Computer Science Bachelors program Research intensive Computer Science Masters and Ph.200 students 30+ Faculty members 25+ dedicated research and instructional labs 500+ servers. programs Industry Focused Information Technology Bachelors (single and double major)     Over 1.

edu) Intro to Computer Science .fiu.fiu.edu) Latin American Grid and the IBM Center for Grid and Autonomic Computing (lagrid.fiu.cis.edu) Distributed Multimedia & Information System Laboratory (dmis.edu) Center for Advanced Distributed System Engineering (cadse.edu) High Performance Database Research Center (hpdrc.cis.Research Centers and Laboratories 13       NSF CREST Center for Advanced Information Processing and High Confidence Systems (crest.cis.fiu.Florida International University .fiu.fiu.edu) Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Laboratory (cis.

14 Degrees from FIU School of Computing and Information Sciences     BS in Computer Science BS in Information Technology MS in Computer Science PhD in Computer Science Intro to Computer Science .Florida International University .

15 D. Medical informatics Computer Security Databases.Florida International University . Data mining Robotics. Data management. Computer Science Research: Areas of Study        Artificial Intelligence Bioinformatics. many more… Intro to Computer Science . Automatization Search Engines Technology Many.

Who needs a search engine?   Almost every human being! Business.16 Computer Science Research: Search Engines Technology What is a search engine?  A software tool used to search information on the WWW. Intro to Computer Science .Florida International University . games. sports. etc. arts.

Blogs. Search over Text.Florida International University . More than 10 billion Web pages. social networks… family guy • • cave family guy Intro to Computer Science . Images. Archie: Only titles of files were stored in one central server. Video.17 Searching the Web Throughout the Ages Why is so difficult to make a good search engine?  Early 90’s: •  2009 • Few hundred Websites.

Florida International University .How to Find What I Want on the Web? 18    Web crawlers (spiders): Little programs built by search engines to visit all the pages in the WWW. Don’t forget: 10 BILLION WEB PAGES!!!!! Intro to Computer Science . Make an INDEX: what words appear on what web page.

How do we Search the Web. Simple User interface Use the INDEX. Luke!  What  pages contain the query keywords  But???  How do we order the results? Intro to Computer Science . Anyway? 19   A query? Yes! A keyword query.Florida International University .

Ranking Search Results 20  Term Frequency  How many times does the terms appear in every page?  Document Frequency  How common is the term in the entire document collection?  Document Length  How long is the document? A shorter document is more concise! Intro to Computer Science .Florida International University .

Ranking Search Results (Cont.) 21  Hyperlink structure  PageRank by Google: Important pages link to important pages! Intro to Computer Science .Florida International University .

Intro to Computer Science .22 Nowadays. Many Types of Search Engines  Search engines for specific purposes  Use “domain” knowledge to make a better search.Florida International University .

Friendship connections   Personalization: Learn users preferences.Florida International University .23 Computer Science Research: Search Engines Technology Open Research Issues in Web Search:  Incorporate knowledge from social networks like Facebook:  Trust propagation among friends  Handle Page Hyperlinks vs. Answer natural language questions: “who invented penicillin?” Intro to Computer Science .

Florida International University . pages with black font are better than ones with color fonts?) Intro to Computer Science .E.g. Project Description 24   Part A: Show evidence that the four above ranking factors are used by Google Part B: Propose and investigate your own ranking factors (e..

Intro to Computer Science .edu/hs-outreach/ Project supported by National Science Foundation Grant IIS-0811922.Florida International University .fiu.cis.Our Website and Contact Information 25   Our Website http://dbir.

is/netid/ http://www.profissionaisti. html http://es.com Intro to Computer Science .com/ http://en.com http://blogs.guinness-enterprisectr.hugi.org http://www.carnegiesciencecenter.com http://www.Florida International University .org/wiki/Entityrelationship_model#Free_software_ER_diagramming_tools http://www.ahlersgifts.zdnet.wikipedia.References 26 http://www.sharebase.com.engadget.com/product/C02/Address_Book__All_Designs.com/category/redes/ http://www.irprogrammer.br/2009/10/parabens-a-todos-osprofissionais-de-informatica/ http://www.

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