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Thesis - Step Capp

Thesis - Step Capp

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Published by: lanpx81 on Nov 17, 2012
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While a feature is a physical entity that makes up some physical part, an
attribute (property) is a characteristic or a quality of a thing. So one can say that
attributes are characteristics or properties of features, features are constituents of
parts, and parts are constituents of assemblies. Attributes can be used at any level
from characterizing a feature, or a collection of features, to characterizing a whole
part, or an assembly. Attributes may also record characteristics of relations among
features or collections of features. Assembly attributes may include such information


as mating surfaces, fits/clearances, depth of insertion, or relative orientation vectors.
Part attributes may include material specifications, part number, or administrative
data. Feature attributes may be position, orientation, dimensions, shape, or size
tolerances. Feature-feature relation attributes may have information about relative
positioning, geometric constraints, or compatibility. Entity attributes for the
individual entities making up a feature could include surface finish or form tolerance
(Shah and Mantyla, 1995).

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