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Thesis - Step Capp

Thesis - Step Capp

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Published by: lanpx81 on Nov 17, 2012
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Neural network can be useful when rules are not known, either because the
topic is complex or because no human expert is available. If training data can be
generated, the system may be able to learn enough information to function as well as
or better than an expert system. This approach also has the benefit of ease of


modification by retraining with an updated data set, thus eliminating programming
changes and rule reconstruction. The data-driven aspect of neural networks allows a
system adjustment as a result of changing environments and events. Another
advantage of neural networks is the speed of operation after the network is trained.
Neural networks can be one of the best solutions for some of the problems that have
proven difficult for expert system developers, and can allow them to address
problems not amenable to either approach alone. Neural networks have the potential
to provide some of the human characteristics of problem solving that are difficult to
simulate using the logical, analytical techniques of expert system and standard
software technologies. For example, neural networks can analyze large quantities of
data to establish patterns and characteristics in situations where rules are not known
and can, in some cases make sense of incomplete data.

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